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Chapter 3183: Yuan Tianyi Takes Action

When Huang Xiaolong heard what the female disciple of the Nether Spirit Palace said, he couldnt help but burst into laughter.

It had been a long time since he had last heard a threat.

Especially since he came from the Huang Long World!

Yuan Tianyi, Li Shuo, and He Zhen couldnt help but laugh out loud.

When the disciples of the Nether Spirit Palace saw four people laughing them off, the gaze in their eyes turned cold.

“Is this very funny!” The disciple who threatened Huang Xiaolong previously sneered.

“You can keep laughing if you like, but Ill give you three minutes to make a decision.

I hope that you will accept the offer.

Otherwise, Ill personally ensure that you wont be able to laugh after three minutes!”

“Also, the only person we are making the offer to is you.

The three slaves of yours wont even be able to step through the gates of the Nether Spirit Palace.

They are nothing more than dogs to our Nether Spirit Palace!”

“In fact, Ill allow them to be our slaves and wash our feet for us if you accept the offer!”

The female disciple continued.

When Yuan Tianyi, Li Shuo, and He Zhen heard what they said, their expressions turned cold as they glared at the four ladies of the Nether Spirit Palace.

Releasing a tiny bit of his aura, Yuan Tianyis terrifying strength was finally showcased to the world.

The entire city felt as though the heavens were about to fall on them, and all the experts stationed in the city were shocked.

The disciples of the Nether Spirit Palace felt as though they were rapidly approaching the gates of hell as a crushing pressure descended on them.

Under Yuan Tianyis aura, they felt as though they would be mashed up into some sort of human meat paste!

The four ladies were shocked, and when they thought about the Ghost Dragonfly Poison they had brought with them, they were terrified to realize that they couldnt even move, much less unleash the poison on Huang Xiaolongs party.

“Scram!” Yuan Tianyis voice boomed through the air, and it was like an explosion that shattered the heavens.

Everyone in the city heard his yell clearly in their ears, and the soundwave started to ripple through the entire region.

The four ladies of the Nether Spirit Palace felt like they were struck by a sledgehammer as they were sent flying out into the streets.

Their bodies felt like glass that had shattered into pieces, and the clothes and veils they wore were torn to shreds.

Their clothes were made out of a special material, and it was even reinforced with a special restriction from the Nether Spirit Palace! Even so, Yuan Tianyis yell was more than enough to send them packing.

Since the manor Huang Xiaolong had bought was located in the heart of the city, the sorry appearances of the four ladies was witnessed by everyone walking around.

Their naked bodies were gawked at by the various experts strolling about the street.

When they realized that the four ladies were disciples of the Nether Spirit Palace, they couldnt help but gasp in shock.

The Nether Spirit Palace was an existence that stood above everything in the Blazing Dragon World! No one dared to provoke them, much less humiliate them to the point of throwing them out on the streets, naked!

Of course, Yuan Tianyi had already shown great mercy.

The female disciples might be core disciples of the Nether Spirit Palace, and they might possess the ability to enter the top seventy ranks of the Extermination List.

However, strength at that level made them nothing more than slightly bigger specks of dust in Yuan Tianyis eyes!

Despite not killing them, Yuan Tianyi had to make them pay for their offenses.

They managed to keep their pathetic lives, but Yuan Tianyi shattered all their meridians along with their dao heart with his previous warning.

Not only did he do that, he even crushed the small world they had developed! It was clear that he crippled the four of them without giving them the chance to ever return to their peak!

As for the way he destroyed their clothes, it was more than intentional.

After all, they started it by calling him a slave.


The four ladies felt killing intent rising in their hearts when they were thrown out of the manor.

They roared at Yuan Tianyi through the barrier before hastily putting on a new set of clothes.

“All of you are asking to die!” The lady who made the threat previously roared and released the Ghost Dragonfly.

As the formless Ghost Dragonfly shot towards Huang Xiaolong, the ladies of the Nether Spirit Palace were greeted by a terrifying sight.

Huang Xiaolong casually reached out and several black insects with sinister looks on their faces appeared in his palm!

The faces of the four ladies changed as they could recognize the creatures in Huang Xiaolongs hand! Those were the Ghost Dragonfly they were so afraid of!

The young man before them actually discovered the Ghost Dragonfly!

When the insects flew through the air, they wouldnt cause any fluctuations in the void, nor the wind! Even peak-level experts wouldnt be able to discover them!

Huang Xiaolong not only discovered them, he even grabbed them in his hand! Could that mean…

The expression on their faces changed.

“Ghost Dragonfly…” Huang Xiaolongs face turned frosty when he looked at the insects in his hand.

When Li Shuo and the others heard that Huang Xiaolong had captured a handful of Ghost Dragonflies, they were shocked.

Even though they were strong, it would take a lot of effort for them to get rid of the poison if they were affected!

That was how terrifying the Ghost Dragonflies were!

“Thats right… The Ghost Dragonflies are pets of our Palace Master! If you dare to harm any one of them, youll die a horrible…”

That was as far as she got.

Pointing his finger at them, Huang Xiaolong pierced a hole through the bodies.

“Youre now affected by the power of absolute poison.

Go back and tell whoever you serve I will pay them a personal visit,” Huang Xiaolong muttered.

Absolute poison!

The ladies were appalled.

They stared at the Ghost Dragonflies in his hands, but they chose to remain silent.

Turning around, they ran away as quickly as they could.

Staring at the four of them, Huang Xiaolong didnt stop them from leaving.

After all, they would die even if they returned.

The power of absolute poison he had unleashed wasnt something they could counteract.

In one of the luxurious manors in the Exiled Dragon City, a young man turned serious as he retrieved his heavenly eye.

“Is that the young man who purchased a manor in the city for three hundred billion several days ago” He turned to ask the experts beside him.

Every single one of the cultivators standing around him held unfathomable auras, and one of them stepped forward to reply, “Thats right, Your Highness.

However, he changed the original name of the manor from the Mirage Sea Manor to the Purple Lightning Manor.”

“We are unable to verify his identity, and we only know that the Radiance of Spring Chamber of Commerce addressed him as the Purple Lightning Young Master.

The young man, also known as Third Heaven, nodded slowly.

“Your Highness, the youngster isnt weak and neither are his subordinates.

Should we recruit him Since he already offended the Nether Spirit Palace, he will definitely be looking for some sort of protection right now.

If we take him in, he will definitely jump at the opportunity!” another expert mentioned.

Shaking his head, Third Heaven sighed, “I dont lack experts.

He might be strong, but he might not meet my criteria.

You should know that every single one I accept as my subordinate should reach a perfection level in at least five elements.

There are too few experts at that level.

Moreover, I will need to stand against the Nether Spirit Palace if I choose to accept him as my subordinate.

Offending the Palace Master of the Nether Spirit Palace for a random expert isnt a wise move…”

“Forget it.”

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