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Chapter 28: Since When Were You Worried

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Fu Xiuyuan was already unwell, but he led a hectic life running a large company like the Fu Corporation and Shi Jin often did things to agitate him, so he failed to eat punctually.

Judging from the timeline, he ought to have already started to suffer from serious gastritis.

Sufferers of gastritis had to eat regularly, so Shi Jin made time to come home and made sure he did not skip his meals.

Shi Jin was not going to stand by and wait for tragedy to unfold like she did in her past life.


The combined singing competition was about to commence in a few days when Shi Jin received a call from the Shi family who told her to head to the hospital.

She called her talent agent to help her take time off from the program.

Yao Jiahong spoke lazily, “Since when were you worried about the production team missing you”

Shi Jin went speechless, “…”

Never mind. The production team was probably accustomed to her sudden absence.

She kept thinking about her grandfather, so she packed a few things and went to the hospital.

After she reconciled with Fu Xiuyuan, she had a lot more freedom. Fu Xiuyuan would let her leave the villa as long as she was not meeting Chu Ling.

Shi Jin still had ties with the Shi family. Other than her vendetta with them, she still cared about Old Master Shi a lot.

Shi Jin was born during the time when her parents were busy with their careers and did not have the time to take care of her.

Since Shi Jin was brought up by her grandfather, she was not very close to her parents.

Despite being a decisive family head all his life, Old Master Shi ended up becoming increasingly genial in his old age, so he treated Shi Jin well.

That was the reason her parents often got disappointed with Shi Jin and quickly became close to Shi Xuexin after reuniting with her.

After he lost his sight and was unable to support Shi Jin, life at the Shi residence became tough for her.


Benevolent Hospital was one of the best hospitals in the capital.

Old Master Shi was here recuperating.

Yu Xiuhua and Shi Xuexin routinely visited Old Master Shi about two to three times a month.

Old Master Shis condition was unstable today. Since he was unable to see, he was in a bad mood and kept throwing a temper, so Yu Xiuhua and Shi Xuexin only stayed in the room briefly.

Yu Xiuhua asked, “Why isnt Shi Jin back yet”

Someone replied softly, “I already called her. Shes probably on her way.”

“She is always in a hurry to get somewhere, but so slow when it comes to visiting her grandfather. To think he doted on her so much!” Yu Xiuhua was still upset after Old Master Shi scolded her out of the blue, so she naturally took it out on Shi Jin.

“Mom, Jin is appearing on Lings show now, so she probably doesnt have much free time. Dont blame her,” said Shi Xuexin gently.

Shi Xuexins delicate nose and mouth made her features look graceful and she strongly resembled Yu Xiuhua when she was young. She looked free of desire and had no care for material things, so she sounded particularly convincing when she spoke.

The moment she spoke, it sounded absolutely impartial.

Yu Xiuhua could not help saying, “Dont you know why Shi Jin is taking part in this show You have to keep an eye on Chu Ling and ensure that she doesnt get her way.”

“I trust that Ling wont betray me.” She implicitly admitted that Shi Jins actions were inappropriate, but she did not view her as a competitor.

Yu Xiuhua nodded happily. Although her biological daughter grew up in a tiny town with the Li family, she was always refined.


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