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Chapter 1008: Wedding on scheduleTranslator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

After showering and lying on the bed, Fu Xiuyuan reached out to Shi Jin.


Shi Jin leaned over his arm.

Only then did he close his eyes and quieten down.

He fell asleep quickly, but Shi Jin was not too sleepy.

She looked down at his waist and found a serious bruise.

When he fell out of the car, Shi Jin knew that he was not completely fine, but he had insisted that there was nothing wrong.

Shi Jin had no choice but to hold back and wait until night.

In his opinion, this pain might not matter, but Shi Jin did not think it was a small matter.


She tried to get out of his arms quietly, but as soon as she moved, Fu Xiuyuan grabbed her waist.

Shi Jin smiled faintly.

Her heart ached but she couldnt bear it.

She had no choice but to lean against him quietly.

It was only when he was sleeping soundly again that she finally raised his arm and found an opening to slip out.

Taking the ointment from the cabinet, Shi Jin carefully applied it to his waist, gently, trying not to disturb him.

Fortunately, he had indeed drunk a little too much and did not wake up as usual.

He allowed Shi Jin to move without being disturbed.

Shi Jin carefully finished applying it to him.

Knowing that the bruise would disappear quickly, she leaned against his shoulder and fell asleep again.


After the bachelor party, the wedding was on schedule.

In the hotel.

Shi Jin woke up early in the morning and was ushered over by the makeup artist to do her makeup.

Actually, she really didnt have anything to put on.

Her distinct facial features were already very eye-catching and bright.

Sometimes, if she put on too much makeup, it would become distorted.

Her skin was also clear and very fair.

However, she had no choice.

Liang Xinran, who was in charge of makeup and clothes, was afraid that there would be any mishaps.

She had to do her best in all aspects.

“Although you dont need much makeup, lets give it a try first.

This is the most important day, so you have to do it well, right” Liang Xinran pressed her shoulder and let her sit down.

Shi Jin said to her reflection in the mirror, “Youre just afraid that youre going to mess up the process of your own wedding, arent you”

“My wedding is still early.” Liang Xinran pursed her lips and smiled.

“Im not just using you as a test subject.

I really want to see you hold a beautiful wedding.”

Lan Tian chimed in.

“I want to learn the process too.”

“Alright, Ill copy Shi Jins process, and then you can copy mine.

Well save it all for you.” Liang Xinran comforted her.

Fu Xiuyuan and Shi Jins wedding shook the entire S Nation.

Not because they wanted to make a big fuss, but because there were countless people who wanted to come to the wedding.

The entire wedding venue was filled with people from all walks of life.

Not to mention the four major families in the capital, they were Fu Xiuyuans best friends to begin with.

It was also normal for famous directors, producers, and award winning actors and actresses to come.

That was Shi Jins social circle.

The principal of the Imperial Capital University and the Imperial Capital Chinese Medical University came to visit personally.

It could be said that it was because of Shi Jins academic relationship.

However, even the Art Association, the Piano Association, Princess Charles, all the PhD tutors at the United Nations Medical Laboratory, the National Soil Research Institute, the Dance Association, the National Intangible Cultural Heritage Department, and so on had people coming to the scene.

It was really very shocking.

Countless brands took the initiative to provide various items.

After being rejected by Fu Xiuyuan, they did not give up.

They took the initiative to provide all kinds of flowers, gifts, and support items at the scene.

There were so many people from all walks of life present that it was dazzling.

It was hard to believe that so many people would gather to attend the same wedding.

On the stage, the host held a microphone.

“The auspicious time has come.

Let us welcome the groom, Fu Xiuyuan.”

Dressed in a black suit, Fu Xiuyuan appeared in front of everyone.

He was handsome and stunning.

His black clothes outlined his good figure.

His shoulders were wide and his legs were long.

He strode out.

Although he had deliberately restrained his cold and stern aura today, the pressure of someone who had been in power for a long time still made everyone reduce their volume after he appeared.

“Now then, let us welcome our bride, Shi Jin.”

As the host spoke, the doors opened on both sides.

Shi Jin appeared in the doorway.

The light came from behind her.

In the light, her beautiful facial features were so exquisite that they looked unreal.

She lifted the hem of her white wedding dress and looked at Fu Xiuyuan, who was standing on the stage.

A gentle smile appeared on his originally calm lips.

His eyes shone as he looked at the girl in the distance.

She walked toward him, the brightness in her eyes turning into scattered stars that lit up the room.

Fu Xiuyuan should have stood where he was and waited, but the moment Shi Jin took a step, he stopped waiting and walked straight towards her.

There was good-natured laughter and teasing all around.

He would always walk toward Shi Jin.

He would never stand still and wait for her to arrive.

Just as he could not define what happiness was, but knew that having Shi Jin was happiness.

Shi Jin quickened her pace as well.

There was a bright smile in her starry eyes as she raced toward him.

It was as if she had crossed space and time, the mountains and seas, and the eternal future.


The wedding ceremony was simple and dignified.

For the final segment, the groom hugged and kissed the bride.

Fu Xiuyuan held Shi Jins cheek and kissed her lovingly.

Amidst everyones cheering, he was reluctant to separate.

The cheers in his ears gradually grew out of control.

Only then did Fu Xiuyuan stop and let go, but in the next second, he tightened his grip on her palm, spread her fingers, and laced his fingers with hers.

Everyone could see how much he loved and cherished her.

This was a Fu Xiuyuan that no one had ever seen before, but they felt that this was how he looked alive.

More than ever, he looked alive.

Aloud, the master of ceremonies said, “Now, we have witnessed the happiness of the bride and groom.

Please let the bride throw out the bouquet and see who can receive the bouquet that represents happiness and blessing.”

Shi Jin turned away, her fingers still gripped by Fu Xiuyuan.

They looked at each other and smiled.

Below the stage, a group of single people had already occupied the seats.

They were about to vomit blood from this public display of affection and had to eat this endless amount of public display of affection.

“Ready to toss, Bride” the master of ceremonies asked.

Shi Jin realized that she had been looking at Fu Xiuyuan for a long time.

She looked away, held up the bouquet, and threw it behind her.

There was laughter and exclamations behind her.

Then, she heard Liang Xinrans voice.

“I got it! I got it!”

She held the bouquet aloft.

Initially, she did not come over to snatch the bouquet.

She only stood at the side with Gu Jingyuan and watched the fun.

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