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“But now, I really envy you.

Can you understand my feeling of watching idol dramas every day”

Liang Xinran smiled.

“Alright, Ill treat you to milk tea and hotpot.

Ill let you experience the feeling of being doted on by the female lead of an idol drama, alright”

“Come on, get me some milk tea!” Her manager held out her hand.

Liang Xinran patted her palm.

Her manager laughed, turned on her phone, and said, “Look, its number one on the hot search list.

A lot of people are apologizing to you.

There are also a lot of people who are scolding Lihuan Ruoyi and saying that shes a sh*t stirrer who actually got involved in Kuang Bos mess.

And that Kuang Bo, I heard that the new crew hes in is already investigating his sexual harassment of female employees.

Theyve already called the police.

Hes in trouble too.”

When Liang Xinran heard this, she was very calm.

Her mind was filled with Gu Jingyuans handsome appearance.

As long as she thought of this, if these hardships were exchanged for Gu Jingyuan, she felt that she had really profited.

Seeing her expression, her manager knew that she was infatuated again.

She said, “Alright, alright.

Continue thinking about Doctor Gu.

Ill reply to one or two fans so that they can feel at ease.”

Eight hours later, her manager was asleep beside her.

However, Liang Xinran was still holding on.

When she saw the lights in the operating theater go out, she immediately stood up.

Her manager agent woke with a start.

“What is it Is it morning”

Liang Xinran ran towards Gu Jingyuan with warm milk in her hand.

After eight hours of surgery, his eyes were tired.

When he saw the girl running over, he smiled.

He took off his mask and said, “Dont come any closer.

I still smell like blood.”

Liang Xinran refused to listen and hugged him.

Gu Jingyuan raised his bloody hands and tried his best not to touch her.

The nurses and the other doctors burst out laughing.

‘Right, milk, drink it quickly.

You must be hungry

Liang Xinran inserted the straw and handed it to Gu Jingyuan.

Gu Jingyuan drank in large gulps.

Indeed, continuous surgeries tested ones physical strength and willpower.

He was so hungry that he had gone numb.

The warm milk gently awakened his sense of hunger in his stomach.

“Its delicious.” Gu Jingyuan had never drunk such sweet milk.

Liang Xinran held it up until he finished drinking.

Gu Jingyuan said softly, “Ill go eat something after I take a shower.”

Her manager ran over and turned around to look at Liang Xinran.

“So hows that Yuan Zhihui Was the surgery successful”

Her phone dinged and she received a big red packet from Liang Xinran.

“To treat you to hot pot and milk tea.

Enough for dozens of friends.

Now go.”

Her manager: “You guys want to spend some quality time together, so you ditch me Boohoo.”

Her manager: “Next time something like this happens, please remember to call me.

I hate being a third wheel! Ill definitely make room for you!”

Her manager accepted the red packet and ran away happily.

After Gu Jingyuan finished showering and changed into casual clothes, Liang Xinran asked, “So hows Director Yuans son”

“The surgery was a success.

At least it wont be a problem for the next twenty years.

Hell be safe and sound.”

“How impressive, Doctor Gu!”

Gu Jingyuan looked at her face that was still glowing after staying up for eight hours and said softly, “Are you tired Go back and rest after eating.”

“Im not tired at all.

Ive been sleeping before.”

Actually, she did not sleep for a second.

Her manager was the only one sleeping the entire time.

Gu Jingyuan believed her for now and held her hand.

“Lets go eat.”

When Liang Xinran returned to the set, she was warmly welcomed by everyone.

She was usually carefree and easy to get along with.

Most of the crew had a very good impression of her.

Besides, many people had eaten the various fruits that she had brought to the production team.

No one could hate such a girl.

The director walked over and said with a smile, “Xinran, get ready.

Were going to begin filming.”

“Alright, Ill go get my makeup done now,” Liang Xinran agreed.

Her manager brought over a fruit bowl and ushered everyone to come and eat.

Ren Xijie and his manager also came.

As soon as he arrived, he was summoned to Producer Fangs office.

Yao Jiahong also called Shi Jin.

“What do we do about Ren Xijie” Yao Jiahong asked.

“Switch him out,” Shi Jin said crisply.

“What kind of person is Liang Xinran He acted like that without even confirming anything If he runs into my gun, I have no choice.

I have to protect my friends.”

Yao Jiahong smiled.

“Sure, Ill talk to Producer Fang.”

“Its time for him to realize his mistake.

He should ask himself, this attitude towards Liang Xinran, this attitude towards the production team, is because he really dislikes this matter of doing drugs Is it really because hes a law-abiding good citizen who has a firm resistance to such things He knows his own selfishness!” Shi Jins tone suddenly turned stern.

Yao Jiahong knew that Shi Jin really could see through everything.

These people could only lie to themselves and use a cover for the outside world with dignified excuses.

When Ren Xijie arrived at Producer Fangs office, his attitude was very good.

“Producer Fang, Im so sorry.

I was a little busy two days ago, and I wanted to give the fans a positive lead, so I didnt come over to film.

From today onwards, Ill work overtime to complete my scenes and listen to the production teams arrangements at any time! Ill also express my deep apologies to Liang Xinran!”

His manner was devout.

It was obvious that he took this show very seriously.

Producer Fangs expression was unreadable.

He was also apologetic.

“Oh, Xijie, we chose you to be the male lead.

All of us still think highly of you, but youve delayed so much work these past few days that its caused a huge problem with the entire crew.

To be honest…”

Ren Xijie knew that Producer Fang had to show a strict attitude.

Otherwise, it would be difficult to manage others in the future.

His manner was even more sincere.

“It was my problem.

I apologize sincerely.”

“I accept your apology, and the investors behind it have always ignored these things.

However, after this intervention, they were very critical when they heard that our work had been affected by you for several days.”

“Well isnt it because of Liang Xinran…”

“Liang Xinran was trapped in the vortex of public opinion and yet hasnt missed a single scene a day.

You missed five days!”

“I apologize, I apologize.” What choice did Ren Xijie have

Liang Xinrans matter had already proven her innocence, so he could only give in.

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