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“!!!” Little Twisted Braids slapped the table and said: “Great!”

She knew the Great Beauty wouldn’t leave! Her cp is still true!!!


Yan Luqing didn’t think that she was much different from before.

After all, in the villa and in the car, her conversation with Gu Ci was even less than before, but they got along with each other almost as before.

They even had a little bickering in the morning.

But when Little Twisted Braids said this, she also took a little notice.

She used to feel annoyed when she saw PPT, but she can understand it a little bit now.

In class, she clearly didn’t understand the overall theory, but after understanding the professor’s jokes, she was able to laugh along for a long time.

Only after that did Yan Luqing feel puzzled——

Regarding the fact that Gu Ci did not go.

Is she really… so happy

On Friday, the time difference between Yan Luqing and Gu Ci’s last class was nearly an hour.

So usually, when she got home, Gu Ci was already watching TV while touching the Border Collie in the living room.

When Yan Luqing got home in the afternoon, as soon as she entered the door, she habitually looked at the sofa.

Only Wolf, who had just come back from a walk, and Big Black, who was panting after being walked by the Border Collie, were there and no one was sitting on the sofa.

Yan Luqing looked at Big Black and said: “When did Gu Ci leave”

Big Black counted the time and said while panting: “Mr.

Kang picked him up half an hour before you came back.”

Yan Luqing nodded: “Oh…I see.”

As she spoke, she walked over and threw her bag on the single-seat sofa.

Then she sat down on the couch where she usually sat and the Border Collie came over and rubbed her hand with its head.

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Yan Luqing rubbed its warm fur and lost herself in thoughts.

It seems that it is easy for people to develop deeper emotions in such a situation when they suddenly realize something.

Yan Luqing experienced this feeling for the first time when she was in her early teens.

It was the first time she went to the Dean and Dean’s wife’s house to play.

As soon as she entered the door, she saw a family portrait of a family of three hanging on the opposite wall.

Between the Dean and Dean’s wife stood a little boy about her age.

These two were the people she thought she loved most, and loved her the most too.

But at that moment, she was still a very emotional little girl, and she felt only one thing——No matter how close they were, they really were not her relatives.

They had their own children, and they were indeed the other party’s relatives.

She also has no home.

When she was suddenly enlightened, Yan Luqing felt very sad, but she said that to no one and she just held her tears back until she was alone, then cried to her heart’s content.

In the eyes of Yan Luqing who grew up, this was sad and naive, but she understood her feelings at that time.

Now, it seems to be very similar to that time.

Yan Luqing had a very happy day today.

She played games with Little Twisted Braids during her lunch break and listened carefully to the class.

The physics professor told a cold joke about physics.

She laughed for half of the class’ time and remembered it firmly.

She was still thinking in the car, that when she got home, she would tell Gu Ci about it and see how he would react.

Until just now, when she saw no one on the sofa, she remembered that he was no longer in this villa.

For the first time, Yan Luqing experienced the feeling that something was missing and empty in her heart.

And she thought again.

If Gu Ci ‘ran away’ with his uncle like in the original story yesterday.

Will she feel this way every day after that day

… Will, miss him

Yan Luqing recalled that yesterday, when Gu Ci responded to her half-joking ‘Congratulations, you are free’, he smiled and said that he did not want freedom.


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