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Chapter 8: Life Energy

Finally, we are near the village now, thank goodness that theres no monsters along our way to the village.

Im so tired because of that incident.

I don know if I can help them deal with monsters of we happen to deal with them.

(This tiredness is not normal, my head hurts, I can think clearly. I feel like my energy is draining. I want to sleep.)(Roujo)

Roujo fell to the ground and loss his consciousness.

The men around him got panicked because of the sudden change of the situation.

"Roujo!! Roujo!! Pull yourself!! Roujo!!"(Dorsal)

"Heyy!! Don joke like this!! Roujoo!!"(Syldrya)

They got carried by the situation that they forgoted what to do with this type of incidents.

"Please make a way, I will check his condition."(Aribal)

Aribal went towards them to find out what caused Roujos sudden loss of consciousness.

"This is bad, he doesn have much energy left inside his body. We need to take him to the village immediately to treat him."(Aribal)

"Those who have horses, take Aribal and Roujo to the village now!"(Dorsal)

"Yes sir!"

Hurriedly they returned to the village right after the order.

Aribal brought Roujo along with Syldrya, his daughter, and Dorsal at his house.

"You need to stay here outside okay? Make sure to tell everyone that they can enter this room."(Dorsal)

Its the girl that Roujo and Syldrya rescued that he commanded.

Fisca left the room and waited outside of the house to make sure no one can enter.

The four of them entered the room.

"We need to transfer some life energy to his body, if not his body will collapse with magic. I don understand it, but he have a great amount of magic power, he even surpassed mine. I know its a dangerous plan but this is only the way we can use. He can recover with just a healing magic and recovery magic."(Aribal)

Dorsal was shocked of what he heard.

For all of his life, he didn find someone who surpassed the magic power of his brother.

Aribal is the only person who have a great magical power he have known.

If theres really someone who surpassed his magic power, the only person he have in mind is the Intruder.

The person whom he and Aribal have studied for a long time, the person of the Legendary Era that united all the races and destroyed the plans of the gods.

He have these thoughts on his mind until he decided what to do.

"I will do it. Even if its dangerous, I will do it."(Dorsal)

Dorsal answered his proposal with a great resolve that can be seen in his eyes.

But Aribal didn accepted his resolve.

"You can do that, you will die in a second. I don know how to explain it but he even surpassed your power and even your life energy."(Aribal)

Dorsal is now convenienced about this.

He can believe that it wasn a dream.

(It really is true, its not a dream anymore. Im the only person in this world who have a great amount of power, the strongest man alive that is known as the Walking Calamity. So he really is real and not just a legend.)(Dorsal)

"This is hard to believe, even I, can believe its true, he surpassed the two of us in every terms of powers. Maybe you won believe me but the only person I can think of is the.."(Aribal)

"Intruder. The Intruder right? I even have that in mind."(Dorsal)

Dorsal interrupted Aribal that made him stopped from speaking.

"Yeah, you

e right about that. If we can find someone that have an equal energy with him, he will die."(Aribal)

"Its not a time to joke around Aribal! Just use my life to save him! Transfer all of my life energy to him, I know that I didn have enough time to know who he really is but it is the only way to our debt to him. He even saved my niece, I can let this opportunity to pass."(Dorsal)

"If you put it at that, it is I who needs to pay him, it was my debt to pay in exchange for saving my daughters life."(Aribal)

The two of them started to argue about the situation until someone interrupted them.

"I will do it. If you argue like that, Roujo will die before you get the answer."(Syldrya)

The two of them looked at each other, they can believe of what they just heard.

"Are you sure about that? This is a serious matter, I know how you feel but its not good for you. Yes Fairies have a long lives but its a different matter of we talked about life energy."(Dorsal)

Dorsal wanted to stop Syldrya but she didn want to wait.

"Thats right, please think about.."(Aribal)

"I already have enough of this argument, I will do it myself if you don want, hmph!!"(Syldrya)

"Please wait, let me do it for you."(Aribal)

Dorsal can stop them anymore, he got stunned by the lights that flows around Syldryas body.

A golden light that looks like a tiny stars that revolving around the small body of a fairy.

"A spirit?! Its beautiful!"(Dorsal)

Even Aribal can believe whats happening infront of them.

The whole room was engulfed by a blinding golden lights.

"I have never seen this before, what is this!?"(Aribal)

They forgoted about Roujo and got enchanted by the lights.

"Thats the real image of the life energy, its beautiful right?! Fufun! Hey!!! Do it now, why do you have to watch it!! Roujo will die you know!!"(Syldrya)

The two of them went back to reality after Syldrya yelled them.

"Ple.. please put your hands on the center of his chest, so that I can directly transfer your life energy to his heart."(Aribal)

Aribal can understand whats going on anymore.

Even the smart Aribal can explain how strong this life energy is.

(I have never seen such kind of life energy before, even the Saint can produce this types of life energy. Most of them are yellow lights, but its so rare to see the lights of life energy, to think that she emitts this lights to this extent. This two is abnormal existence.)(Aribal)

Aribal took the clothes of Roujo to execute the Life Transferring magic until he noticed something.

(What is this scar on his chest?)(Aribal)

"Hey!! Just hurry and do it now!"(Syldrya)

Aribal began to chant the Life Transferring magic.

Dorsal only watched silently in the corner while securing that theres no one can enter the room.

Syldrya seated in the center of Roujos chest and began to transfer the life energy.

Suddenly a magic circle formed under Syldryas position that illuminates yellow lights.

Almost half of an hour have passed after they begun the transferring.

"Its not done yet? Thats too much for Sy chan to continue."(Dorsal)

"Its not. He used all of his power that drained even his life energy. Maybe he have a fight with monsters inside the forest and he ended up using all of his energy."(Aribal)

"Im fine don worry about me. I can still continue this."(Syldrya)

"Are you okay? Tell me if you can do it anymore, I will do it."(Dorsal)

"But how did he ended up using all of his energy to this extent? Did you know something?"(Aribal)

"I can think of any. Even I can fully use my life energy. I can only think of one creature that can drain your life energy. Its a Mythical class of monster, or more like a guardian beast. Its name is Losla Ravias, the Guardian of this Island."(Dorsal)

"Losla Ravias? You mean that black bird that can destroy anything in its sight?!"(Aribal)

"Yeah, but its not only that. It can manipulate dark magic. It is said that its form is a black bird with a sinister aura. It resides inside of the Avanadel Dungeon, the lost dungeon."(Dorsal)

"Avanadel huh? If I remember correctly, back in our research about the Intruder, the Avanadel Dungeon is said to be somewhere inside of this Forbidden Island."(Aribal)

"Yeah you

e right about that. I remember that."(Dorsal)

"Finally its finished. Haaah.. Im so tired. But to think that bird will target him, I will make her pay for her pets sin!!! Damn that woman!!! She really doesn learn!!! Just you wait!!"(Syldrya)

Even though she just finished her job by transferring her life energies, she now began to yell like nothing happened.

"Please calm down Sy chan."(Dorsal)

"Why?!! Damn that woman!! I will kill her!!"(Syldrya)

Roujo began to regain his consciousness because of the the loud noises.

"Shut up.. you

e so noisy.."(Roujo)

"Roujo kun?!!"(Dorsal)

"Please don move. You need to get some rest. You just regained your strength to begin with."(Aribal)

"ROUJOO!!! Thank goodness you

e okay!!! Huhuhuhhu... Im so worried you know.. huhuhu."(Syldrya)

Roujo was dumbfounded of what is happening around him.

"Whats happened? Why am I here?"(Roujo)

"You lost your consciousness along the way here. Thats only is."(Dorsal)

Somebody is rushing towards the room where Roujo and others are.

"Captain!! Wheres Roujo?!! Is he okay??"

"Hes okay thats why calm down and don scream."(Dorsal)

"Thank you for concern Aristosa san. Im okay now"(Roujo)

"Thank goodness you

e okay. I will be lonely if you

e not you know!! Also please call me Ares, Captain and others used that to call me."(Aristosa)

"I said don be noisy. Your so loud you know."(Dorsal)

Dorsal smacked him in his head.

"Oww!! Sorry about that. Roujo kun, Im glad you

e okay now."(Ares)

(Author:I will now use "Ares" instead of "Aristosa")

"Yeah, thank you again."(Roujo)

"Our business here is finished now. Please excuse us and have a good rest, we will have a feast to celebrate tonight."(Aribal)

"Yeah. So have some energy for tonight okay? Ahahahaha!!"(Dorsal)

"Feast? Oh right, Syldrya, did give them that big chicken that I killed earlier?"(Roujo)

"No, I still have it here, why?"(Syldrya)

"Nothing, just give that thing to them, it looks delicious after all, I wanted to eat that chicken."(Roujo)

"A big chicken?!"

The three Knights asked in unison.

"Yeah, I killed it inside of the forest. Please cook it for me. I wanted to cook it myself but I can do it in my situation now."(Roujo)

"Are you sure?!!"(Ares)

"How did you manage to kill that chicken?"(Aribal)

"I kicked its head."(Roujo)

"I hope that Im wrong with what Im thinking now."(Dorsal)

"Give that chicken to them."(Roujo)

"Yes, yes. I will give it now."(Syldrya)

The four of them went outside of the room to take the chicken.

After they got outside, Syldrya began to pull something from the space storage.

The three Knights helped her to pull that thing outside of the storage.

"A Cockatrice?!!!"

"Yeah, make sure to make a good dish with this chicken okay?(Syldrya)

She leave the three of them and went back to where Roujo is.

They still can believe about whats infront of their eyes.

A higher class monster was killed by a single boy, normally this types of monster needed atleast four parties that consists of five or more members to defeat.

"But how? I can believe it."(Ares)

"You will know that someday."

Aribal and Dorsal answered him in unison, they now have clues about Roujo and Syldrya.

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