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Chapter 5: Village of Pirates

Its already noon when we arrived at the village.

As we walked towards the villages direction, the villagers greeted and welcomed us warmly.

This village seems peaceful, but it doesn mean we

e safe though.

But this villages people are generous and kind, unlike this pixie.

They are busy preparing for something, thats why its a lively village.

According to the villagers, they have a celebration for tonight. A festival for their goddess of Sea and for her abundant blessings.

"Ahahaha, todays a special day for all of us, please eat as much as you want. Astrea sama will always give us her blessings as long as we protect the ocean."

"Yeah, please don be shy and have seat here. By the way, whats your name?"

A woman asked me with a smile.

It looks like they don see me as anything or a weird person.

I don know how but I can understand their language.

Maybe its because of this self-proclaimed-goddesss work.

She keeps bragging that she will give what ever I want but she can return me to Japan, I can really understand what she told me about skills or magics.

All she can do is brag, brag, brag.

But I can blame her, in the first place, its my fault for entrusting her everything from the start without thinking the outcome.

The womans named as Martha and shes a wife of this villages chief, the man who invited me with a laughter, his name is Dorsal.

"Im (Ore).. I am (Buko) Ooichi Roujo..um.. thank you for having us."

"I (Washi) am Syldrya, the goddess of aaackk.."

I smacked her head with my hand to stop her brag.

"Ah...ahaha...Im sorry for her rudeness, she is Syldrya a simple pixie, actually she loves to joke around so please understand her hehehe.."

I smiled awkwardly as I clear their minds.

For goods sake, what does she think suddenly bragging that shes a goddess in front of other people.

Thankfully they seem to believe the story that I made.

Its only okay if she brag all of that stuff to me whenever she wants.

But its another story if its other people, I can help but be cautious because I have no knowledge about this world yet.

I don know whos her enemies among these people, shes a goddess after all.

"Ahahaha, so thats it. Don worry about that, I understand her because we

e the same nah? Sy-chan?"(Dorsal)


Heh? I didn think she love that name. She also love cute stuff huh? I now have clue about her, ahahaha

"Yes, yes, don worry about that. But don overdo it because it can cause some misunderstanding okay?"(Martha)

"Hai..I understand. Roujo you

e mean hmph."(Syldrya)

"I understand."(Roujo)

"But thats a rare names for you two. Normally, that name was forbidden to use because its a name of goddess."(Dorsal)

"Hmm..so you understand now that Im a oww."(Syldrya)

I pinched her cheeks to stop her.

This pixie really loves to boast herself.


e really cute..that makes me want to squeeze you nee..."(Roujo)

"Idai..idai yo.(Ow..ow!) Don do dat to man fez.."(Syldrya)

"Ahahaha!! Too much for the introduction. Lets start celebration!!"(Dorsal)



This village was so lively and peaceful.

At past, this type of scenery is only my dream, I never thought that someday I can experience it.

The celebration end in midnight.

The villagers now returned to their homes to rest.

I and this little Fairy was invited by Dorsal san in their home to sleep for now.

I don know why but hes so kind on strangers like me and this fairy.

He really is the chief, his house is big enough to live in.

"This will be your room okay? If theres something you need don be shy to ask. It must hard for you get out of that place. For now just rest and have your good sleep okay?"(Dorsal)

"Uh..yes, thank you very much for having us."(Roujo)

"Haii!! Uyasumi(good night)"(Syldrya)

"See you tomorrow morning."(Dorsal)

After he left the room, I begun to prepare my bed and sleep.

For some reason this little pixie lied to my chest.

"Oi..what are you doing?"(Roujo)

"Whaaz?? Haaim sleepy niya. Leme sleep na.."(Syldrya)

She sleep in my chest like its nothing, a careless girls.

Well lets sleep for now.




("....ya. I will give you this 4 powerful skills so that no one can have it but only you. If I was reborn again, give this skills to me on a right time. This skills can destroy even gods like you and Heavenly Realms, no matter what happens don give these skills except on me. Im counting on you ....ya.")(Roujo)

"Whats with that dream?"(Roujo)

"Wahh.. good morning Roujo kun tehehe."(Syldrya)

Now now.

This little Fairy seems to have a good sleep while I was struggling to move even an inch.

Why? Because anytime, I could end up crush her little body if I moved recklessly.

"Good morning too. Haaah..its a good day isn it?"(Roujo)

"Ohayo!!(good morning) Did you sleep well last night? Ahahaha, better to have l, if not I will smack you down so that you can sleep again kahahaha!! Oww!"(Dorsal)

Martha san hit his head with a ladle.

"What are you doing dear, youll scare them you know, don that again okay?"(Martha)

"Sorry, sorry, thats only a joke okay. I won do that again kahahaha!!"

"I apologise for my husbands behavior, please understand him. Hes not a bad person ufufu."(Martha)

After that we went to have our breakfast.

I felt this warm feeling inside me, maybe this is how it feels to have parents that preparing for you.

For me that didn have parents, this type of emotion was strange for me.

Their foods didn have much differences than the Earths, only the recipe and the flavor.

After the meal, Martha san walked us around the village and introduced us to the villagers.

This village really is lively, I can see any problems around them.

We went to the port near the village.

"Eh? Theres port in this village?"(Roujo)

"Yes, we do have it, after all its a pirates island ufufu, you didn know?"(Martha)

"Uh..erm, yes?"(Roujo)

I didn know how to answer her question, after all, I came from another world.

"This island is forbidden and dangerous for humans to live in because its very sacred, it was said that it was the place where the goddess of water resides. Until one person accidentally drifted here, according to him, theres a beautiful maiden inside of this island that helped him to make a new ship. After they successfully completed the ship, the man thanked the maiden and left with promise "I will back again!" and thats the reason why we, build this village."(Martha)

"Maiden huh, I hope someday I can also see her.."(Roujo)

"What? Im here at your side yet you still looking for another woman?!"(Syldrya)

"Shut up, maybe shes more beautiful than you."(Roujo)

"Huh? Im the most beautiful woman in this world you know! Im confident that Im prettier than that Maiden ufufu.."(Syldrya)

"Eh? Prettier you say? Its actually pittier, look at that tits of yours. So shameful Loli breasts Ha, Ha, Ha Ha, owww!!"(Roujo)

She poked my eyes as I was mocking her with a smug laugh.

"Nngghh!! Pittier huh? Just do what you want, I don care hmph!!"(Syldrya)

She leave us wearing a pouting face of her, shes mad, she can stand my mockery.

Me and Martha san continued to roam the village until noon.

"Martha san,"(Roujo)

"Whats wrong?"(Martha)

"that ship that arrived in the port, it looks like theres people who have scars on their necks and feet, what happened to them?"(Martha)

"Ah that one. They are former slaves, we rescued them from Empires slavery. To free them the pirates ambushed the boats and ships that transporting them and brought them here."(Martha)

"Slavery huh, so theres that kind of practice in this world huh? Better to be more cautious now."(Roujo)

"Huh you didn know? Oh thats right, around this villyou didn even know theres a port here, where did you came from? Are you an enemy?!!"(Martha)

"Ah? Eh??.. I..Im.. thats right, I was traveling with a ship and suddenly a great monster of the sea attacked that ship,,..and..and..I only noticed that I was on this island when I regain my consciousness."(Roujo)

Its a lie obviously, but to think that I will use monster as an exciset, I hope she will believe me.

Well this world have magics then that means theres monsters right?

"Hmm? Wait, if Im not mistaken, I also heard that story, that news was spreaded around this village. For now lets head back home, I will ask my husband about it."(Martha)

"Ahaha..eh.. thank you very much for your understanding."(Roujo)

Eh? Thats a coincidence right?

I didn know theres something like that here.

I hope I will never meet that monster.

We arrived at their place this noon.

Dorsal san greeted us with a smile infront of the door, maybe his waiting for his wife to come home.

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