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The Wandering Intruder Dream

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"Aaahhh!!! My child!! Don take her aghh"

"Ahahahaha..burn down their houses! Take those children and women!! Ahahah what a big money to have. We can sell them in a high price!!"

"Nooo!! Okaasan..don leave me..\

"Please spare my child!!"

"Hey, give that woman to me. I will make sure to have pleasure with her! Hehehe".

In the darkness of depair, theres someone in the corner praying for someone to help them out of the harsh reality.

"Great One.. we beg you please help us!!"

"Great One? Kahahaha what a nonsense. Like theres someone like that!!"

Declaredd by the greedy soldier holding a spear, when suddenly one voice answered the soldier without fear.

"One day, the Great One will pass his judgement on you and you will don have the will to defend against him."

It was an old man, he stood out and said it with a fearless eyes.

"Nandato!!! You dare to insult me, one of Emperors Knights?!! You think you can get away with that?"

The soldier with a spear attacked the old man but the Captain of the Emperors Knights stopped his spear in time with a sword.

"Yametoki,(just stop it) that spear is only meant to kill those stronger ones, not some peasant garbages."

Declared by the Captain

"But Captain, he insulted me.."(Soldier

"You dare to defy me?"(Captain)

Captain intimidates him.


"Good, then shut your mouth and do what I told."(Captain)


Chaos and grief can be seen everywhere.

In the city that was engulfed in fire, there was a small thing that gives a faint lights in the sky, it was a small creature with a little wings that emits those faint lights.

This tiny creature belongs to the fairy race, but a small sized one, suddenly this creature calls a name in the middle of chaos, because of that, theres no one heared the voice of this creature except me.

I saw that shes crying in behalf of those people. I see those tears flowing from the eyes of this creature as it rush towards me.

"Roujo kun..help them! Please help them!"

I don know why, but this little creature know my name.

I can clearly see the creature now and its a little girl, a Pixie fairy.

"Roujo kun..help them please!! Your the only one who can help them!"

"You can say that to me but, I don know how to help them, also rrrrrrrriiiiiiiinnnnnnnngggg..."

I waked up with a shock, I thought that I used an unknown language.

(What was that?)(Roujo)

I asked to my self.


I turned to look at the side of my pillow to confirm what it is, and saw the alarm clock in return.

"Haahhh. Yokatta, its only alarm clock, I thought I was speaking with a weird language. Wait is that a dream? It looks like a realistic one huh, and whos that pixie girl anyway, and how did she know my name? Well its only in a dream anyways. Lets not think about it that much."(Roujo)

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