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Chapter 16: Servant II

Master is a very kind person even when he was still a little kid.

Aside from that, hes also a smart and good kid that is why I have a great confidence that he will not pose any kind of mess or trouble.

He never shows any interest when it comes to other people, he even ignored me sometimes whenever I came to visit him at his apartment.

Well, that was expected because he is an orphan after all.

I know that I will never have an equal standing as a parent to gain his attention like any other kid have for their parents.

I expected all of this to come before because I don have any knowledges about raising a child, I didn even know what it feels like to have a parents that loves you unconditionally.

Maybe its because I am a slave at that time, everyone around me treated me as a disposable tool.

I don have any rights to choose something, I only exist to be used and to obey my master, I don have any emotions or dreams, even the knowledges were taken away from me.

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