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Chapter 14: Mock Battle

Its been 2 months since Ive had my training lessons with them.

Today, Aribal san said that I will have my first opponent in my mock battle, his a junior from the Royal Knights, he can also use magics to be precise.

They said that this person can use many magic spells and technics, why do I need to fight this type of genius?

I can already imagine his overwhelming power and victory against me.

Sigh, I hope I can put up some fight with him, hes a genius guy they said, I can let my guard down against him.

Well lets just go with the flow and put some fight as long as we can.

Syldrya seems to be composed and comfortable despite of my circumstances, well its not like I wanted her to cheer me though.

Really, thats not the real reason, believe me.

Here they are, at last, the three of them showed up here in training ground.


Aribal and Dorsal came along with a guy whose age didn have a great gap than that of Roujo.

His name is Dyco Gelgem, a prodigy knight whom swear his loyalty to his teacher and mentor Dorsal.

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