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  Lu Gu was the only one left in the courtyard. 


    It was already dark, and the Shen family didn't light any lights, but there were stars and moons in the sky, which illuminated the yard coldly. 


    A bowl of hot noodle soup with eggs and oily water made Lu Gu, who was often not full, felt a little warmer. 


    He washed his face and looked up at the semi-circular moon in the sky.

The surroundings were so quiet that he felt as if he was alone. 


    He was dumbfounded, stared at the bright moon for a long time, and finally thought to himself, wait until the fifteenth full moon to go to the grave, otherwise if he died, no one would go to his mother's grave. 




The sun was rising, and the sky was already bright.

In the Shen's firewood room, Shen Yan squatted in front of the haystack, stretched out a finger and gently poked the face of the person in the haystack. 


    Lu Gu, with the blood-stained linen cloth wrapped around his head, didn't wake up.

She was a little startled.

She subconsciously reached out and probed his nose for a while, and then she was relieved after breathing lightly. 


    The rest of the Shen family also got up.

Shen Xuanqing was washing his face when Wei Lanxiang called him into the room. 


    "Mother." He said while wiping his hands with the towel. 


    Wei Lanxiang leaned on the square pillow and sighed lightly when she saw her second son, and then asked, "What are you going to do with him" 


    It was self-evident who this "he" was. 


    Hearing this, Shen Xuanqing frowned slightly, obviously not thinking about it.

After thinking for a while, he said, "Mother, it's him." 


    Although it was an expected answer, Wei Lanxiang lowered her eyes in anger.

She couldn't even express her remorse, and her face was full of unwillingness and discomfort. 


    Shen Xuanqing knew what his old lady was thinking.

She originally wanted to marry him a good fulang, but he became Lu Gu, but after this incident, he no longer had any thoughts and expectations for marriage, and whispered: " I owe 10 taels of silver from my uncle's house and said that it will be repaid in May of next year.

Let's not mention this.

It will be the New Year's Day in half a year, and I will need money.

When will it be clear" 


    "Alas." Wei Lanxiang sighed, how could she not understand this truth, she was just unwilling. 


    For Shen Xuanqing's marriage this time, the 20 taels of dowry could barely get together, but the marriage was not only a dowry, but also other expenses.

After the account was calculated, the money in her hand was not enough to see, so she could only borrow from her mother's family.

From the eldest brother got 10 taels of silver. 


    In fact, if Shen Xuanqing was unwilling to ask Lu Gu, it was not impossible to find the money when the debt was repaid, but the men in the countryside who couldn't marry a wife when they were old would be ridiculed, and the older they were, the worse and would be hard to find.


    When Wei Lanxiang saw the expression in her second son's eyes, she knew that he had made a decision.

No matter what, it was not too bad to take Lu Gu to make up the number, the money was gone, at least he could get a person. 


    She rubbed her forehead and said, "Okay, I understand, you can go to work." 


    At this point, when Lu Gu was asleep, he became Shen Xuanqing's fulang, not what he thought last night, he was bought to be The Shen  servants of cattle and horses. 


    What Shen Xuanqing didn't say was that if he changed someone, he wouldn't necessarily want it.

The reason why he recognized Lu Gu was because of the few words of conscience that Lu Gu said yesterday, which made him understand that he was different with other Lu family members.


    It was precisely because of those words with blood on his face that the rest of the Shen family didn't have that much resistance to Lu Gu.

Besides, he was not the one who broke their hearts and lungs.


    in the firewood room. 


    The drowsy Lu Gu woke up because of the poke on his cheek.

After he saw Shen Yan's face clearly, he realized that it was already bright outside, and his bloodless face changed a bit with fright, and he was about to get up immediately.

Go out to boil water and to work. 


    Who would have known that he got up too quickly, and before he could stand firm, it was black in front of him.

If it wasn't for Shen Yan's quick hands and eyes to support him, he might have fallen. 


    "What are you in a hurry for There's no ghost driving you." Shen Yan was puzzled, she helped him sit down again, and took a few hay from his hair. 


    After the darkness in front of him passed, Lu Gu was no longer dizzy, he stood up. 


    Shen Yan followed him out of the firewood room, and said as he walked, "Your medicine is fried, you can drink it after eating." 


The yard was filled with an unpleasant smell of medicine, and others helped him decoct the medicine, this matter made Lu Gu very unfamiliar.

When he was at home, once he was sick, he would either get over it, or went to the backyard to make medicine by himself, and his stepmother would scold him when the smell of the medicine came out. 


    Shen Xuanqing came out of the room and saw the bloodless face, and his feet froze. 


    Last night, he heard the slight movement of Lu Gu opening the door of the firewood room.

At that time, he was upset.

He turned over a few times and felt that as long as no one ran away, he wouldn't care.

Besides, it would be inappropriate for a shuang'er to be called into the room by him. 


    As for Lu Gu just woke up just now, he understood.

Yesterday, he was hit and his head was bleeding.

His body was thin.

there was nothing wrong. 


    After seeing Shen Xuanqing, Lu Gu obviously showed a bit of cowardice, and even stopped when he was going to work in the kitchen. 


    At this time, Wei Lanxiang shouted in the room: "Shen Yan, go and put the chicken out, it's getting late." 


    "I know mother, I'll go now." Shen Yan replied, and she threw the chicken in her hand and played with it.

She took the bamboo basket hanging under the kitchen eaves and walked to the backyard.

When she came, she looked at Shen Xuanqing, thinking in her heart what the position of Lu Gu in their house would be in the future. 


    The somewhat familiar Shen Yan left, which made Lu Gu even more uneasy, and almost wrote the fear of Shen Xuanqing on his face. 


    Fortunately, Ji Qiuyue stood by the kitchen window and looked out, and said to Lu Gu, "Wash your face and bring the food in." 


    Shen Xuanqing realized his fear and frowned slightly, but he still entered the main room, otherwise Lu Gu's head would drop to the ground.


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