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 His mother and the family were scolded repeatedly, Shen Xuanqing put down the iron pot in his hand, he couldn't bear it any longer, even Wei Lanxiang couldn't hold it, and broke Lu Daxiang's leg in the miserable howl. 


    Du Hehua threw herself on Lu Daxiang crying, and someone outside shouted to send him to the doctor, Lu Dahe rushed in, saw that Lu Daxiang had broken his leg, and shouted that the Shen family wouldn't be able to go, but when he saw Shen Xuan Qing's face was gloomy, and he was extremely tall and strong.

Those eyes were like a wolf leopard with a fierce coldness, so he suddenly shut his mouth.


    Lu Daxiang was carried away.

Du Hehua was going to follow, but she was afraid that the house would be evacuated.

Thinking of Lu Daxiang's broken leg this time, he would have to spend a lot of money for treatment, plus Lu Gu, he felt hatred in her heart. 


    Lu Daxiang had to spend money, but Lu Gu, at this moment, she wished Lu Gu would die now, and she wouldn't pay a penny.

Since it was Shen Xuanqing's hands, he must lose money! 


    When it came to money, Du Hehua's mind turned faster than anyone else, and immediately corrupted the Shen family. 


    Who knew that after she was crying and rushing to attract Bao Zhiru again, Shen Xuanqing kicked the iron pot on the ground, and said in a cold voice that they didn't want the things.

The Lu family compensated him for 10 taels of silver.

As for the remaining 10 taels, for the money he bought Lu Gu, and since then the two would no longer communicate.

If not, then no one would think about it. 


    Du Hehua was originally unwilling, but after seeing Shen Xuanqing's cold and terrifying expression, she gritted her teeth and agreed. 


    The reason why she was able to agree was also calculated in her heart.

Not only did she keep these belongings, but she could also throw Lu Gu, the death star, otherwise she would have to spend more money to treat the death star.      




    Before dark, Lu Gu followed Shen Xuanqing to Qingxi Village. 


    The red hanging on the beam on the door of Shen's house hadn't been taken off, and the yard had been cleaned up. 


    Wei Lanxiang was out of breath today, and when she came back, she had a stuffy chest and a headache, so she went into the room early to rest. 


    Ji Qiuyue took Shen Yan to clean up in the kitchen, and when she heard the movement, she looked out the window.

She lost the usual smile on her face and asked through the window: "Second brother is hungry, Daqing is going to return the table and chairs, wait.

We will have dinner when he comes back." 


"Yeah." Shen Xuanqing agreed, sounding a little dull.

Seeing that there were still a few tables in the yard, he was going to move, but after noticing the red clothes on his body, he went to the room to change the clothes first.  


As for Lu Gu, he didn't even know where he should stand.

Ji Qiuyue saw that his face was terrifyingly pale, and the fine linen cloth wrapped around his head was oozing red blood, and she couldn't help feeling pity, and said, "There's no chair, you go and sit first."     


Lu Gu had nowhere to go.

He just sat under the eaves according to her words, his hands and feet were cramped, but he didn't dare to make a big move.     


Shen Xuanqing, who had changed into home clothes, saw him when he came out, and didn't say anything and went to work on his own. 


    As for whether Lu Gu came to the Shen family to live or die, he never thought about it.


    Although he changed his place, Lu Gu still felt that everything in front of him was unfamiliar, and no one wanted to see him, and they didn't want to pay attention to him. 


    However, he didn't feel sorry for himself, and he didn't understand what it was.

He was only at a loss.

After thinking about what Grandma Wang said, he decided to be more careful and not make mistakes, especially not to let Shen Xuanqing find out what was wrong, otherwise his legs would be interrupted.


    The aroma of the food wafted out of the kitchen, especially the smell of meat, which made Lu Gu, who had only eaten a bowl of noodle soup all day, even more uncomfortable.


    Ji Qiuyue brought out a bowl of egg custard and brought it to Wei Lanxiang's room.

Seeing Lu Gu's restrained and uneasy look, she sighed in her heart, and then said: "Daqing and the others are coming back soon, you and Shen Yan will bring the dishes first." 


    Seeing Lu Gu hurriedly entering the kitchen, she shook her head secretly, it wasn't that she deliberately instructed Lu Gu to work, not letting him move, sitting here with eyes full of nervousness , it was really unbearable, it was better to let him do something. 


    Soon, the Shen brothers came back, and Lu Gu and Shen Yan also arranged the meals. 


    In the main room, the Shen family members who sat down one after another were much more silent than before.

It was Shen Yaoqing who spoke first and said, "Eat, you can't go hungry in your own home, and the big things will wait until you eat." 


    Shen Xuan Qing said nothing, but picked up the chopsticks, and Ji Qiuyue moved the chopsticks too.

She glanced at the outside yard and asked Shen Yan, "Where's the person" 


    Wei Lanxiang fell asleep after eating a bowl of egg custard in the room.

She didn't eat with them, but Lu Gu disappeared. 


    "It was still there just now." Shen Yan also looked into the yard. 


    "You eat first, I'll look for him." Ji Qiuyue put down her chopsticks again.

To be honest, she was so pissed off today that she didn't have a good appetite. 


    There were no chairs under the eaves, and no one in the kitchen.

Finally, she found Lu Gu in the firewood room, pushed open the door and asked, "Why don't you come to eat" 


    Lu Gu, who was curled up in the haystack, covered his stomach to keep himself from going.

Wanting to eat, he never thought that the door of the firewood room was suddenly opened, he sat up in a little panic, and subconsciously opened his eyes wide to look at Ji Qiuyue. 


    After hearing what Qing Ji Qiuyue said, his expression became more and more panicked. 


    In the Shen family he ate the hot egg noodle soup, which was much better than the watery soup left over from the Lu family, but there were only five bowls, and the five members of the Shen family naturally didn't have his share. 


    After serving the table, he left the main room, not knowing where he should go.

If he was still in Anjia Village, if his father and stepmother would have dinner.

He was instructed to go out to work, so he ran to the hillside of the back mountain to pick some wild vegetables.

He ate the fruit, but he didn't dare to run around in the Shen's house.

In the end, he could only find a firewood room to sleep and endure the hunger, and he was able to ease his dizziness.


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