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    After learning that he was betrayed from Grandma Wang, Lu Gu was stunned for a long time and didn't recover until a deep voice sounded outside, it was Shen Xuanqing who asked him if he was awake. 


    The doctor's house was not a hospital where people could live, so he would go back to recuperate when he woke up. 


    The man from Qingxi Village and the rest of the Shen family went back first, leaving only Shen Xuanqing. 


    Lu Gu followed Grandma Wang out, and saw the tall man carrying a few medicine bag. 


    Shen Xuanqing glanced at him without much expression on his face.

He only said goodbye to Grandma Wang and the doctor, and went out and walked in the front. 


    Lu Gu subconsciously glanced at Grandma Wang beside him.

He was pale and lacking in energy.

Grandma Wang couldn't bear the helpless looks in his lonely eyes, but Lu Gu had already been sold to the Shen family, so he had to go back to them. 


    Outside, Shen Xuanqing didn't hear the footsteps behind him.

Looking back, Lu Gu's eyes seemed to tremble, and he quickly followed. 


    The two walked one after the other, detoured from the back of The doctor's house to a path, and this path was closer than the right path.

The Lu family lived at the front of the village, so that they didn't have to see the Lu family again. 


    Lu Gu was in a trance, and the further he walked, he suddenly turned his head to look in the direction of Anjia Village, as if in a dream, he escaped from his stepmother, Du Hehua, but there was no joy in his heart .

Shen Xuanqing, who was so tall that he was afraid, didn't even dare to approach, how would he live in the future.


    The sun sank in the west and gradually descended towards the mountain.

He followed Shen Xuanqing's shadow.

After he fully understood his situation, he also realized that his trance was not fake, but caused by dizziness.

But he didn't dare to stop, didn't dare to say anything, he gritted his teeth and followed.     


Before Lu Daxiang stepped out of the hospital door, he turned his head and stared at Du Hehua, his face was black, but Du Hehua was not afraid at all. 


    Du Hehua only brought him the old patched clothes, the wedding shoes on his feet were still wet, and it was a little uncomfortable to walk, but patience was something he often experienced.

He kept following without even saying a word. 


    Shen Xuanqing in the front was carrying the medicine bag.

Today was originally the big day for his marriage, but it became like this.

No one would look good on him. 


    And the fact that he bought Lu Gu had to start half an hour ago. 


    ——After Lu Gu was carried away by Shen Xuanqing, Du Hehua had a livid face, she was used to beat and scold Lu Gu, who would have thought that being slapped by Lu Gu today, how could she bear it, so she whispered in Lu Daxiang's ear and said about how Lu Gu made his father embarrassed in front of the villagers, and that they were coveting the money of the Shen family, it was unfilial, and he didn't take Lu Daxiang seriously. 


    Lu Daxiang was originally unhappy because she beat Lu Gu to the point of blood and made others saw the joke.

Hearing this, his face became worse, but he didn't say anything.

His face was calm, and he was about to go to the doctor's house.

After all, Lu Gu was his shuang'er son, and he didn't even look at him, which would only cause more gossip behind his back. 


    Du Hehua saw his unspoken and useless appearance, and went out to see that wild species. 


    She sneered secretly, walked over quickly, raised her head and squinted at Lu Daxiang and said in a low voice, "You have a good heart, you have raised a good shuang'er, and today, together with others poured dirty water on Brother Wen, you will be able to tell him tomorrow.

The ancestors of the old Lu family were scolded, and the ancestors will be annoyed to see him, and I don't know which wild man's seed made you a green-headed bastard!" 


    The people from Qingxi Village were still in the yard.

Wei Lanxiang looked at the two people at the door and didn't know what they were saying in a low voice. 


    Even Lu Daxiang, who was about to go out, turned back, took the dry tobacco rod from his waist, squatted on the wall and took a few puffs, the smoke enveloped his hazy folded face, and he looked a little older than before.

When he thought of it, Du Hehua's words made him even more unhappy, and even more hatred for Lu Gu, this wild species. 


    Wei Lanxiang hadn't left, just to prevent the Lu family from cheating on the account, so naturally they had to guard, the money wouldn't come back, but they had to take the things. 


    After Shen Xuanqing came back, he learned that Lu Gu had no worries about his life, and the people of Qingxi Village would go back after moving the things. 


    Wei Lanxiang looked at these rubbish things, which were not worth twenty taels at all, but Shen Xuanqing told her to go home, she sighed and had to give up, the Lu family was shameless, and their family had to live a good life. 


    Before the things were moved, Du Hehua blocked the door and wouldn't let him go, pointed at Shen Xuanqing's nose and scolded him for being shameless, went out with a disheveled shuang'er on his back, and then scolded Wei Lanxiang and the rest of the Shen family.


    Lu Daxiang stopped smoking, spit on the ground, got up and looked at Shen Xuanqing with a very bad look, but he didn't scold, only asked if Shen Xuanqing took advantage of Lu Gu, otherwise, how would he go out carried Lu Gu behind his back . 


    He no longer trusted Lu Gu, so he naturally wore a pair of trousers with Du Hehua.


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