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There were no windows in the firewood room, and the door was tattered, but it could be closed anyway, and two people were standing in the door, and the holes were blocked. 


    Ji Qiuyue was sitting on the wood next to the firewood room when she suddenly heard a few exclamations from the firewood room. 


    "Why are you beaten like this"


    When she heard these words, she thought that it could only be the black-hearted Lu family who beat him up. 


    The wet clothes were taken off, but Du Hehua never came to bring the clean clothes.

A shuang'er in the firewood room looked out of the hole in the door and found that there were no men in the courtyard, so they carefully opened the door and asked. 


    "What's the hurry, he can't die." Du Hehua said impatiently, and then walked into the house. 


    "This aunt." Shuang'er who asked the question was also not happy, and muttered. 


    Seeing that there was a gap in the door of the firewood house, there was nothing taboo between Shuang'er and the girl, so Ji Qiuyue went in together. 


    The wet clothes that they took off were placed next to him, and Lu Gu was barely wrapped in the other Shuang'er's jacket.

Because it was summer, no one would wear more clothes, so even if the person in the woodshed wanted to take off his clothes to cover him they can't.


    The exposed arms and legs were covered with large bruises, and the severe areas turned purple-black.

Lu Gu was curled up, and with a slight movement, his waist and back were exposed.

The bruise marks on his waist clearly told everyone that his back was also covered in bruises.

It was full of wounds. 


    He was already thin, but he was beaten like this.

When he was beaten, he didn't have much flesh on his body to block his bones.

Whoever saw it would feel pity. 


    Ji Qiuyue didn't have much affection for Lu Gu at first, and felt that the Lu family members were not good things, so they teamed up to deceive them.

Now, it seemed that Lu Gu was not that bad.

It seemed that the injury of this body was only suffered not long ago.

Maybe it was because he was afraid of being beaten by the Lu family that he agreed to marry instead. 


    Even though he knew that the people in the firewood house were kind, Lu Gu felt embarrassed to be watched, and he curled up as much as he could while hugging his legs. 


    Du Hehua threw in a tattered dress, and after resting for a while, Lu Gu recovered and felt a little warmer, no longer so cold, and his strength returned.

He could dress himself, and the others went out from the firewood door. 


    Ji Qiuyue whispered what she saw to Wei Lanxiang.

Wei Lanxiang just nodded and said nothing.

The Lu family and the others couldn't afford it. 


    Outside the yard, a young man from Anjia Village said a few words to Shen Xuanqing.

He nodded, saying that he understood, and then thanked him.

Anjia Village and Qingxi Village were not too close, but it didn't prevent him from getting to know a few people here.

Although the relationship was normal, they could exchange news.


    It turned out that Lu Wen had contacts with the gongzi of the Li family in the town, and it was even seen to have the Li family's maid delivered him something.

The Li family was a wealthy family, and further up, Li Yuanwai in the county town is their own family and had a good relationship with the county magistrate. 


    Du Hehua refused to pay back the money, and looked like she had swallowed it up.

It was because of this reliance. 


    There were quarrels and fights.

Since the marriage couldn't be concluded, Shen Xuanqing and Wei Lanxiang discussed it, and they didn't want to entangle them any more. 


    Who would have guessed that even if Bao Zhiru came forward, Du Hehua would be reluctant to live or die, rolling around on the ground, crying and saying that he had no money, and scolding Lu Daxiang and Lu Gu in his mouth, but Lu Daxiang was a coward.

Yes, the dowry money was all in Du Hehua's hands, and he didn't know where it was hidden.

He just kept patting his legs and pacing, constantly shaking his head and sighing, saying that he had done something wrong. 


    Where was the Shen family willing to make concessions, it was a full 20 taels of silver. 


    The fulang was not married, and was cheated of money.

Wei Lanxiang was almost crying, and Bao Zhiru was a witness.

Since the Lu family refused to pay back the money, they would repay the debt with things. 


    When the men in Qingxi Village heard that they were going to move the Lu family's belongings, they were all young people, all of them rolling up their sleeves and gearing up, unable to hide their excitement. 


    Du Hehua was dumbfounded all of a sudden.

She never thought that the Shen family would do this, but asking her to take out twenty taels was more painful than cutting her flesh.

After such a hesitation, everyone from Qingxi Village broke into the house.



    Shen Yaoqing strolled around the kitchen, trying to find the place where Du Hehua hid the money, but found nothing.

He remembered that Lu Wen was gone, maybe the 20 taels were on Lu Wen. 


    And if the money was really hidden somewhere in the Lu family, Du Hehua would definitely stop him from entering the house, so as not to be found by them, but Du Hehua didn't do that. 


    In the end, he had to endure the bad breath and started to carry things.

Tableware and chopsticks were not uncommon.

He simply removed the iron pot from the stove, which was worth a little money. 


    Lu Gu was still hiding in the firewood room, listening to the sound of rummaging boxes outside, and a few men smashing doors and bowls, clamoring that the Lu family didn't even have any valuables. 


    Lu Daxiang and Du Hehua stopped this and the other, crying. 


    In the end, it was Bao Zhiru who came forward to talk and stop the people who smashed things, saying that they were asked to move things to pay off their debts, not bandits and robbers. 


    Lu Gu regained his senses at this moment, and his mind could turn, but when he heard the voice of his stepmother, he trembled.

When the Shen family left, Du Hehua was so angry that he would definitely take her anger out to him.  


    He shrank into the haystack, jumping into a river was the most sturdy thing he had ever done, but once that determination passed, he no longer had the courage to seek death, he just felt tired, and he didn't know if how long to linger.


    If it was really good, not bad, Du Hehua cried and scolded him in the firewood room.

She couldn't stop the men who were carrying things, and she was pushed to the brink.

The hatred in her heart reminded her of Lu Gu. 


    "You are a murderer, why don't you die!" She took out a piece of firewood and hit Lu Gu. 


    Lu Gu subconsciously wanted to hide, but when he heard the dead word, the last light in his eyes disappeared.

He lowered his head and said nothing, allowing Du Hehua to beat him. 


    The stick that used to hit him came to his head, and Lu Gu was hit by a stick, and his ears were buzzing.

After the dizziness passed, he noticed that something was flowing down from his forehead, and soon his cheeks were wet. 


    In a trance, he heard Wei Lanxiang's angry voice, saying that these things were depreciated and sold, adding up, not even ten taels of silver. 


    Hearing this, Du Hehua threw the wooden stick in his hand, walked out of the firewood room, pointed at Wei Lanxiang with his hands on his hips and yelled at Wei Lanxiang.

After scolding, she played a rogue.

If Shen Xuanqing took advantage of Lu Gu, the Shen family must give it to him.

She said that not a single thing was allowed to be taken away, and she had to compensate Lu Gu for the money that he had been prostituted for.

Otherwise, she would shake this matter out and make the Shen family shameless.

Didn't even think about marrying a wife and fulang. 


    Her words were too vulgar, Ji Qiuyue hurriedly pulled her sister-in-law Shen Yan out, so as not to be insulted by these words. 


    How could Wei Lanxiang let her son carry this stigma, didn't marry Lu Wen, and found another good marriage for Shen Xuanqing in the future, and she must not be ruined by the splashing dirty water. 


    The people watching the fun knew that Du Hehua jumped off the wall in a hurry and started talking nonsense, but even if it was a rumor, once it spread, it could be slanderous. 


    The Shen family was anxious to argue, but Lu Gu, who came out of the woodshed holding the door, spoke first. 


    He glanced at Du Hehua, then Lu Daxiang, then looked at the others in the yard, and said, "I didn't even say a word to Shen Xuanqing, let alone anything else." 


    Lu Gu's voice was not loud, because he was a little weak after being beaten again, but as soon as he came out, his face was covered in blood, which made everyone quiet and heard his words. 


    When Du Hehua beat him in the firewood room just now, no one heard it, and it was not a big deal for the mother to beat the child.

Who would have known that Du Hehua would be so ruthless. 


    Lu Gu looked at Lu Daxiang and continued to say, "You want to be greedy for those 20 taels.

If you don't want to go back, you will frame the bitter master.

How can there be people like you in the world" 


    Blood filled his eyes, and his eyes were filled with blood .

He came down and blinked lightly, his pale lips moved, and he wanted to say something else, but he fell down as soon as his eyes darkened, and he lost consciousness again. 


    "Quick, save people." The yard became chaotic, and the people watching the excitement outside were all startled, thinking he was about to die, but Du Hehua's face was ashen, and she didn't see any anxiety. 


    She repeatedly slandered Shen Xuanqing for occupying Lu Gu, which was no different from forcing Lu Gu on the road to death.

A shuang'er was told by his family that he had lost his innocence, and it was rumored so that Lu Gu would never think of the day when he would look up in his life. 


    Even Du Hehua mentioned this for his sake, but Lu Daxiang didn't say a word and let Lu Gu to see this father completely. 


    He couldn't live, but the Shen family was innocent and had been deceived for no reason. 


    In the chaos, Shen Xuanqing, who frowned, was not far from Lu Gu.

At the juncture of life and death, how could he think about so many taboos He stepped forward in two or three steps and carried Lu Gu on his back with the help of Wei Lanxiang and a few others, ran towards the house of the doctor in Anjia Village. 


    ——In the strong smell of medicine, Lu Gu, who had a linen cloth wrapped around his head, opened his eyes.

He stared at the roof, and only when he heard the  sound of ooh ooh outside did his sluggish eyes move. 


    Someone pushed open the door and came in, and he was relieved to see that he woke up, it was the wife of the doctor, and Lu Gu knew where he was. 


    "Grandma Wang." He called out subconsciously and wanted to sit up. 


    Grandma Wang hurried over to hold him down and said, "Don't move, rest again, it's not serious." 


    Lu Gu heard that it was Lu Daxiang who was shouting in pain outside.

He had doubts, but he didn't have the strength to ask again.

Grandma Wang heard the movement outside, and whispered to him that Shen Xuanqing had broken his leg, and he was just getting his bone treatment. 


    "Either way, the young man is just too frizzy.

When his eyes turn red, he won't know the severity of his attack." Grandma Wang babbled while pouring water. 


    He helped Lu Gu to drink a few sips of warm water, hesitated for a while, with an unbearable look on her face, and said, "Lu Gu, it's not that grandma scare you, in the future at the Shen family, remember to stay low and be small, don't dare to contradict others. 


Seeing Lu Gu bewildered, she put down the bowl and looked even more indignant: "Du Hehua, who has a black heart, sold you to the Shen family!" 



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