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    The night was getting darker, and the moonlight was shining brightly, illuminating the courtyard brightly. 


    Every family in Qingxi Village closed their doors and went to sleep, and the Shen family was no exception.

When Lu Gu closed the window before going to bed, he looked up at the night, and the moon would be full on the fifteenth tomorrow. 


    He was a little uneasy at the moment, how should he say that he wanted to go back to the grave 


    Before he got married, Du Hehua locked him at home and didn't let him go out.

He didn't have time to tell his mother that he was married.

It was one thing to be sold, but it was another thing to tell his mother the truth. 


    The heat of the day dissipated, and the night became cooler.

Lu Gu was wrapped in a quilt.

He opened his eyes to think about something, and drowsiness gradually came.

In a daze, he suddenly heard a few dog barks, from far to near. 


    He opened his eyes again and was sure that he wasn't dreaming.

The dog barked at the front of the courtyard, and there was the sound of paws scratching the door. 


    Before he got up, he heard Shen Yaoqing walking out. 


    "Second brother" Shen Yaoqing shouted while putting on his clothes. 


    "It's me, eldest brother." Shen Xuanqing replied, when he came down from the mountain, he let go of the dogs, so he fell behind and let the dog barked at the door. 


    As soon as the courtyard door opened, two small dogs squeezed in, wagging their tails around Shen Yaoqing, and Da Hui followed very steadily. 


    "Er Qing, are you back at this time" Wei Lanxiang shouted through the window.

She sounded a little worried.

Usually, he came back during the day, and it was not easy to travel in the mountains at night. 


    Shen Xuanqing put down the things on his shoulders and said, "Mother, I'm fine, I catched a few rabbits , I came back at night, I'll sell it early in the morning." 


    "Okay, then you go back to the room and sleep earlier." Wei Lanxiang was relieved. 


    Shen Yaoqing tied the dog to the backyard, washed his hands and returned  to his room.

Shen Xuanqing also quickly washed his face, washing away the exhaustion of the wind and dust along the way. 


    He pushed open the door and saw that Lu Gu was about to put on his shoes, and suddenly realized that he was married, and there would be someone waiting for him when he came back. 


    Lu Gu raised his head when he heard the movement, but he hesitated for a while, Shen Xuanqing entered the room so quickly.     


Because they were not familiar enough, the two were speechless for a while.

Lu Gu didn't know how to deal with this situation.

He seemed a little nervous. 


 Shen Xuanqing closed the door and walked over. 


    It was not the first time for them to be so constrained to sleep in the same bed, so Lu Gu hurriedly moved into the bed to make room. 


    The moonlight was like water, flowing in through the gaps in the windows, making people only felt peaceful, and there was nothing else to say at night. 




Lu Gu followed Shen Xuanqing and he took Lu Gu because he was going to pass through Anjia Village when he came back from the town.

Lu Gu needed to go to Langzhong's house to change the wound medicine on his head, and the medicine he took was gone. 


    Shen Xuanqing carried a large bamboo basket on his back, it was full of stuff, and it was sinking when he saw it.

In addition to the three fat rabbits, there was also a half-dead deer. 


    He set up a trap in a place where wild boars often haunted in the deep mountains.

Except for hunters and herb collectors, few people dared to go there.

According to their rules, he deliberately cut a few marks with an axe on a tree near the trap to make marks, people who often entered the deep mountains could understand it and avoided that place. 


    Who knew that the wild boar wasn't caught.

He took the dogs over to take a look, it caught the deer which ran into the wild boar's territory by mistake.

The trap was surrounded by fallen leaves, it was not easy to see the footprints.

He had seen the grass and the leaves on the trees being eaten.

He knew that the deer who stepped on the trap was not the deer that ate it, there must be an old deer, but only the unlucky little one fell into it, causing the older one to escape.


    This young deer was not so bad if it was bad luck.

It fell and was not pierced by the sharpened wood at the bottom of the pit, but it broke its spine and couldn't stand up again.

After a night, there was not much breath left. 


    He came back last night just to sell this half-sized deer.

As for the rabbits last night, he was just guarding against the walls and ears. 


    The rich and wealthy owners of the town liked this fresh deer.

This deer was still small, and the meat was naturally tenderer than the old deer.

It was not dead yet, and the price could go up. 


    Shen Xuanqing's footsteps were fast, and it was a little harder for Lu Gu to follow him on the road , but he also knew that wild things were best sold alive. 


    It was Shen Xuanqing who was walking and looking back and saw that he was struggling to follow, so he slowed down. 


    The two of them got up very early, and it was just dawn when they arrived at Fenggu Town. 


    There were people everywhere, and all kinds of shouts were constantly heard.

Shen Xuanqing's pace became slower when there were more people, and he even walked side by side with Lu Gu. 


    There was a tall and strong man beside him, which made Lu Gu felt a little panic but also felt inexplicably stable, all the fear brought by the noisy crowd was blocked by Shen Xuanqing. 


    "It's here." Seeing that there was an empty space in front of him, Shen Xuanqing simply unloaded the bamboo basket, took a piece of coarse cloth and spread it on the ground, put the three rabbits and young deer on it, and arranged them according to the size in a row.


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