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 Bamboo poles slapped the water surface, the water rose, and a group of ducks quacked and swam back in panic. 


    Lu Gu chased the ducks back, otherwise they would go to the river. 


    Before dawn, Wei Lanxiang took Shen Yan and with the villagers to the town to catch the morning market.

He saved a basket of eggs and a basket of duck eggs to sell.


    There was no need to mow chicken grass in the past few days.

The family had chopped a lot of grass.

Most of the grass that chickens like to eat near the pond had been pulled up by Shen Yan.

If you wanted to find it, you had to go far away.

Because he was afraid the ducks would be lost, he didn't dare to go too far. 


    When the sun was not too hot, he walked back to the white stone and sat down. 


    The sky was blue and the trees were green, the river was rushing, and the sun was shining on his face.

He raised his head and narrowed his eyes unconsciously, enjoying the heat of the sun in such silence. 


    In the past, he couldn't get enough to eat and didn't wear warm clothes, and there were always harsh scolding in his ears.

Sitting quietly like this was rare for Lu Gu.

For him, it even seemed like a rebirth.

The past all seemed to become distant. 


    During the day, he lowered his eyebrows and pleaded with his eyes, and he didn't even dare to raise his head.

Now, he raised his head to look at the sky, the clouds, and the sun, which was new to him, and gradually lost his mind. 


    Quack's duck calls brought him back to his thoughts, even if he was alone, he was still a little flustered, for fear of being seen and saying he was lazy. 


    He rubbed his hot cheeks, got up and plucked a kind of grass with slender stalks nearby.

You could use this grass to ignite the fire when it dried.


    Summer was almost over, and it was always right to store more hay while the sun was still bright recently. 


    The grass was too much and too heavy, and the long grass was not strong enough.

Although the way back was short, if it was scattered, it had to be re-bundled.

It was very troublesome.

Lu Gu ran back to get the hemp rope.

After taking the hemp rope, he came back and saw that the ducks were foraging for food in the pond, and his heart felt at ease. 


    Just before dinner at noon, he plucked grass and dug up wild vegetables.

It could be eaten fresh or dried.

This thing grew quickly and abundantly by the water, so he dug a lot and tied it with straw rope and bring it back.


    Ji Qiuyue saw him rushing back with the ducks, carrying a large bale of grass behind his back, and carrying wild vegetables in his hand, so she hurried over to catch it, seeing so many wild vegetables, she said, "It's just right, I'll mix it with miscellaneous flour tomorrow, Steam a pot of steamed buns and eat it." 


In order to prevent the meat from spoiling, they had been eating meat every day, and today they still had the last bowl of chicken.

Now that they could eat meat, they would feel tired after eating it continuously for five to six days, seven or eight days, so they couldn't help but wanted to eat vegetables. 


    Ji Qiuyue said that she would steam it tomorrow, but the more she thought about it, the more greedy she became.

She simply said, "We'll wash it, and we'll eat it at night." 


    Lu Gu wouldn't say anything to her , so he nodded in agreement.

After he drove the ducks back to the backyard, he came back to spread the grass out to dry. 


    It didn't take long for Wei Lanxiang and Shen Yan to come back, and the family washed their hands to eat.


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