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For a moment, Lu Gu forgot to breathe. 


    When he saw Shen Xuanqing's cold and angry expression, his brain buzzed, and he seemed to have hallucinations in front of him.

He had already imagined that he would die under the stick and fist. 


    In a trance, he didn't know where he was, nor did he know Shen Xuanqing angrily slammed out the door, until an anxious cry rang from the door, which brought him back to his senses. 


    There were several people around the door.

After seeing that he was not Lu Wen, Wei Lanxiang fainted. 


    "Mother! Mother, don't worry, don't worry." 


    Shen Yan and sister-in-law Ji Qiuyue hurriedly supported Wei Lanxiang who had fallen down.

The aunt who helped in the village  immediately came over to help, and the Shen family, who was originally happy, suddenly became chaotic.     


Wei Lanxiang woke up quickly, she took a breath, looked at Lu Gu in the room, and said angrily, "Who are you" 


Tears flowed down without knowing it , her eyes widened and it was difficult to breathe. 


    "This seems to be Lu Gu from their family.

It was born to Lu Daxiang's first wife." 


    Lu Gu stammered and couldn't speak, but fortunately someone helped to recognize him.

She was from the village next to Anjia Village and was not married.

People used to walk around with the girls from Anjia Village, but after five or six years, she only had a vague impression of Lu Gu, and it took a while to recognize him. 


    Hearing this, Wei Lanxiang became even more angry.

For the sake of this marriage, the family had been busy for a long time and didn't 't talk about it.

She took out 20 taels of honorable gifts, not to mention the things she hired at the beginning.

Which one was not money 


    Beside, since her man died, their family had only been getting better recently. 


    Shen Shunfu accidentally slipped and fell when he entered the mountain in winter three years ago, broke his leg, and fell into the pool of water. 


    Although he fell on the edge of the shallow water, he struggled to climb up, but falling into the biting ice water in the winter was enough for anyone to get fever. 


    His clothes were soaking wet, and he was so cold that he couldn't crawl out very far with a broken leg. 


    Later, some people in the village who went up the mountain to chop firewood heard a slight movement and rescued Shen Shunfu, who was frozen blue and purple. 


    For this injury, it cost a lot of money just to see a doctor and get medicine, and sold a lot of things.

Unfortunately, no one was rescued.

All kinds of good medicinal materials were hanged, and it lasted for a month and a half.     


At the age of ten, Shen Xuanqing worshipped an old hunter in the mountains as a teacher.

Fortunately, he had already learned the skill.

After his father died, he left the teacher.

He went hunting in the mountains by himself.

He would go to a nearby town or county as a day laborer to carry a large bag.

After two or three years, their hand were not so tight anymore. 


    Life at home was difficult for a while because of lack of money.

Fortunately, Shen Xuanqing and his elder brother Shen Yaoqing were both able to live up to their expectations.

At that time, they were fifteen and twenty, and they were both young men who had the strength to endure hardships.    


Seeing that the days were getting better and better, Wei Lanxiang saw that her second son was eighteen, and the marriage should have been settled long ago, but it was only because of the delays in the past few years, how could a good family's shuang'er or daughters be willing to suffer for someone who had no money.

Besides, Shen Xuanqing was only fifteen when he tightened his trousers and worked hard with his brother, and he was only a half-year-old boy.     


When Shen Shunfu was there, their family life was pretty good, so even Shen Yaoqing had never suffered this kind of hardship when he was fifteen years old.

She felt bad for her second son and didn't want to perfunctory about his son's marriage, until this year she fell in love with Lu Wen, betrothed him to Shen Xuanqing.     


The 20 taels of dowry was for Lu Wen who was good-looking and knowledgeable.

She spent 20 taels, and the Lu family actually married someone else.

How could she swallow this breath


    "Let's go! Go to your Lu family and reason with me.

I see what Lu Daxiang and Du Hehua have to say!" 


    Wei Lanxiang pushed away the person who was supporting her, pulled Lu Gu and walked out, very angry, where would she care that Lu Gu was dragged by her and staggered. 


    She walked halfway and said to Shen Xuanqing, "Go, bring me the marriage certificate!" 


The good marriage had become like this, and the rest of the Shen family couldn't bear it.

After Shen Xuanqing took the marriage certificate, they all went to find Lu's house. 


    The leftovers in the yard hadn't been cleaned up yet, and Wei Lanxiang was even more angry when she saw it, knowing that the dishes on the feast today were brought by her son who had been busy for more than a month. 


    Shen Xuanqing had hunting skills, and he spent a lot of money on betrothal gifts.

He couldn't help but be a little tight.

In order to save a little on the wedding banquet, he started preparing early. 


    All tables were served with ten dishes and one soup, including stewed chicken nuggets and wild boar, a bowl of sliced ​​​​pig heart and lungs, a bowl of liver miscellaneous, as well as spicy fried rabbit meat and a plate of steamed fish.

There were six meat dishes alone.

In this way, plus four kinds of vegetarian dishes and an old bowl of meatball soup, it could be said that it was rare and rich. 


    Even in those wealthy villages, wedding events were not necessarily as generous as the second room of the Shen family, and the meat and vegetables were so rich. 


    The banquet hall of their house made many people in the village unable to put down their chopsticks, and their mouths were full of oil.

Not only childrens were disregarding their decency, but even some adults were like this, for fear that they would be less than others. 


    And most of the meat dishes were attributed by Shen Xuanqing.

In addition to the chickens raised by their family, he beat five or six pheasants on the mountain, chopped them into pieces and mixed them with the chickens, so there was no need to kill the laying hens at home.

The rabbit was caught by him in the mountains with two hounds. 


    It was hot in the summer.

In order not to let the rabbits and pheasants go bad, Shen Xuanqing put a lot of effort into catching them alive and raising them at home for a while. 


    He also beat the wild boars.

The wild boars in the mountains were not easy to mess with, especially the male wild boars with tusks.

Fortunately, he was lucky.

After seven or eight days in the deep mountains, he used the traps he dug to hack and killed a big one.


    There were not enough pig hearts, lungs and livers for more than twenty tables, so Shen Xuanqing went to the town to buy some more.

As for more than thirty fishes, he caught them in the Qingxi River. 


    It was true that there was no money in the things from the mountains and rivers, but everything was not easy to come by. 


    In order to prepare for these, he didn't stop for more than a month.

He  became dark and thin, and he almost fell asleep late at night.

However, when he thought of marrying a fulang, he had a face that was not very expressive, but he felt hot, and there was a rush in his heart.  


    Ever since the family had gotten better, Shen Xuanqing still lived in the mountains to hunt.

Every time his mother gave him dry food, he would always say nothing.

But if he married a wife or fulang, he would be able to eat a mouthful of hot meal.


    Like other men, he had no other ideas in the past, he only needed to work hard to make the family live a good life.

When he got older, he saw people of the same age marrying wife and having children one after another, and his mother kept talking about it from time to time.

Shen Xuanqing gradually became interested in marrying a fulang.    


     It seemed to be more lively when two people lived together in the mountains, at least he could talk to someone. 


    So after the marriage with Lu Wen was settled, he didn't say anything, but he was happy in his heart, and it was worth it no matter how tired he was.


Unexpectedly, when the red veil was lifted and saw another shuang'er, all his joy seemed to be drowned out by a basin of cold water , and he didn't even understand why it happened.     


Lu Gu was dressed in red, and Shen Xuanqing, who frowned tightly, did not change his clothes, and he attracted attention as soon as he went out.  


    Seeing Wei Lanxiang pulling the bridegroom's face full of anger, the villagers were puzzled, how could the Shen family be like this on a happy day. 


    At the entrance of the village, they met a few young men chatting, and Shen Yaoqing, who was left behind, said a few words to them briefly, and those people went with them. 


    If you went to other villages to find trouble, you may suffer a loss if you were weak.

In addition, it was heard that the people from Qingxi Village had been fooled.

These people had a good relationship with the Shen brothers, and naturally shared the same enemy.     


His eyes were red and full of fear, he didn't know what to do, and his thin body looked very thin against the loose clothes.

This dress was made for Lu Wen.

He was thinner than Lu Wen and didn't fit at all.

He poked his head out, and quickly shrank back because of the angry rebuke. 


    A group of people rushed towards Anjia Village. 


    When they arrived at Anjia Village, they saw the bridegroom and the groom in red.

Some people were still muttering that it was not the time to return to the door.

It was only when they saw Lu Gu's face that they suddenly realized. 


    He was dragged away almost all the way, and Lu Gu stumbled and stumbled under his feet, but luckily he didn't fall. 


    The Lu family was not far from entrance of the village, and even if someone wanted to tip them off, it was too late.

In addition, the group of young men stared, almost no one wanted to meddle in their business and caused trouble where they could see. 


    The courtyard door was kicked open with a kick, and Lu Gu's heart trembled.

Wei Lanxiang pulled his arm and entered the Lu's house with an angry face, "From the Lu family, come out for me! " 


    Du Hehua came out of from the window .


    "Du Hehua! You made it clear to me today that my son married Lu Wen from your family, so how could he become Lu Gu" 


    Out of anger, Wei Lanxiang, who usually spoke softly, was forced to raise her voice.

Let the surrounding Anjia Village people heard it clearly. 


    She took out the red paper on which the marriage certificate was written, unfolded it and said, "It's clearly written on it, it's your Lu Wen, not Lu Gu!" 


    "I want to ask you Lu family What's your heart" 


    "Look at our orphans and widowed mothers being bullied I tell you Du Hehua, you can't think about it! " 


    Looking at this group of people, she couldn't help but be afraid, but she didn't want to be scolded like this.

There were so many people watching the fun outside, where should she put her face 


    She was anxious and embarrassed , and when she saw Lu Gu, she immediately pointed at Lu Gu and scolded: "Well, you shameless, I said that I couldn't find anyone early in the morning, so it turned out that he carried himself on the sedan chair , you shameless and skinless thing, I will beat you to death today!" 


    Du Hehua was used to taking Lu Gu  with anger, and she didn't hesitate to beat and scold, she picked up a wooden stick in the corner and rushed over to beat someone. 


    As soon as Lu Gu saw the stick, he wanted to hide back subconsciously, and his face was even whiter than before. 


    But when she got to the front, Du Hehua was frightened back by a few young men staring at her.


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