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    After marriage, they wore red shoes on the day they returned to the door, and they must be put away after that.

It stands to reason that this pair of wedding shoes should be worn for visiting relatives during the Chinese New Year, so as to show the identity of the bride and groom. 


    It was not that Lu Gu didn't know this rule, but he had no other shoes, so he couldn't go barefoot. 


    After she finished speaking, she also remembered that there were only two summer clothes in the box that Lu Gu brought for his dowry, and there was no pair of shoes, so he couldn't change them at all, so she said annoyed: "Look at me, I forgot this, wait, I 'll ask my mother." 


    Hearing this, Lu Gu was startled and wanted to stop her from asking, how dare he asked the Shen family for something. 


    Shen Yan's voice was not loud, but Wei Lanxiang was sitting under the eaves of the hall doing needlework, and she also looked at Lu Gu's feet.

She heard Shen Yan talking about the dowry box, and she complained to Du Hehua in her heart. 


    It seemed to outsiders that they were not worried about eating and drinking recently, and they also had meat every day.

Obviously, they were not poor.

As a result, the newlyweds didn't even have a pair of shoes to change.

It would make people laughed when it came out.

She was in the charge of the family's money.

She knew how many and it was enough to pay for a shoes.


    The wound on Lu Gu's head hadn't yet healed.

Whether changing the medicine or taking the medicine every day was money, although Shen Xuanqing paid for it with his private money, most of the money his son got from selling the prey was handed over to her .

How many that left 


    Now that she had recognized Lu Gu, Wei Lanxiang didn't want to complain anymore.

Although she had never studied, she also knew that a person must have a conscience, and she couldn't drive Lu Gu out just to save money.

Thinking about how to live well was the serious reason. 


    Before Shen Yan could speak, Wei Lanxiang said, "I see, you are busy with your work." 


    Lu Gu was uneasy, Wei Lanxiang shook her head and sighed when she saw him like this.

He was too timid, so she had to comfort him: " Don't worry, you still have your old clothes, it's just right to cut them to make shoes' uppers part" 


    Knowing that she was talking about the tattered clothes that Du Hehua gave, Lu Gu didn't want to throw it away, so he chose to wash it.

Just in case you didn't have any clothes to wear, you could wear it. 


    "Mother, I cleaned that one." He whispered. 


    Wei Lanxiang nodded and said, "It's just right, you bring it." 


    Even if he was reluctant, Lu Gu went into the room and took it out, Wei Lanxiang asked him again: "How big is your feet, I don't know if there are any shoes like yours at home ." 


    After hearing what Lu Gu said, she took out Ji Qiuyue's shoes and asked Lu Gu to compare them on his feet, and said, "you have the same size as your sister-in-law, save trouble and don't need to cut." 


    She looked at Lu Gu's body and thought about Du Hehua's black heart, but the clothes for Lu Gu were good, so she said, "Your black hearted stepmother dressed you well." 


    After listening to her, he thought about it and said truthfully: " This is what Lu Wen doesn't want." 


    It turned out what Lu Wen wore before , and Wei Lanxiang immediately knew why.

Before Shen Xuanqing got married, no matter who asked about Du Hehua, they said she was a good person, and even Lu Gu looked clean.

Several clothes that Lu Wen didn't want supported the scene, and now others had already seen that Du Hehua was not good to Lu Gu. 


    She turned over the ragged clothes and said to Lu Gu, "I can make two pairs of shoes for you, and the rest can be used by Shen Yan.

She has grown a lot recently, and her feet have grown too.

These days, she always said that her shoes grind her feet."


    He could get two pairs of new shoes, which were not worn by Lu Wen.

Lu Gu said that he was happy, but because of his long-established temperament, he didn't dare to show his joy at all, so he whispered, "Listen to mother." 


    Wei Lanxiang saw that he was so obedient, and even called mother, and she couldn't help but gave two more points of love in her eyes. 


    Lu Gu went to boil the medicine and fan the fire.

She thought as she did needlework, the material for upper shoes was enough, but some time ago, because of getting married, she used a lot of coarse cloth to make new shoes and jackets for her family.

Now the remaining fabric was simply not enough for the soles of four pairs of shoes, so she had to think of a way. 




Lu Gu drank a whole bowl of loach soup at noon, and Wei Lanxiang specially gave him a lot of it.

She said that it would be quicker to make up for his body.

This thing didn't need to be bought, only dug it up by the river.

It was not something new, and the Shen family didn't care who drank more or less. 


    But for Lu Gu, it was very cherished.

The white soup was delicious and fragrant only with salt.

The loach and small fish were stewed, and even the thorns were soft, which was much better than the one he roasted with fire. 


    After washing the dishes, Lu Gu originally wanted to help Shen Yan chopped the grass for the chickens, but Wei Lanxiang put a large basket on his arm and told him to go out, so he followed up. 


     They could meet people along the road when they walked outside the village.

Wei Lanxiang joked with the villagers, and even made Lu Gu recognize a lot of people.

Let Lu Gu write down that this was his third uncle's house.

If he wanted to come, he would know the door. 


    Although Lu Gu's voice was small, he was not ambiguous when he shouted timidly along the way, and he kept all the words Wei Lanxiang said in his heart. 


    He followed Wei Lanxiang all the way to the east without stopping, and suddenly realized that he was going to the town.

Fenggu Town was about ten miles away from Qingxi Village, passing through four or five villages. 


    A young man with fast footstep may take two to three quarters of an hour, and the peasant family didn't go out like a big family with a horse-drawn carriage.

If you didn't hurry, you could take a rest on the way. 


    Lu Gu didn't know what Wei Lanxiang was doing until she reached the town.

She took out the wedding dress that Lu Gu had worn from the cloth-covered basket.

She couldn't use it anymore, so she might as well sell it for some money. 



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