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The sweet little Fulang Chapter 10 Part 1

Chapter 10



    Shen Xuanqing washed his face with cold water in the yard, and he was completely awake.

When he led the dog from the backyard, Lu Gu had already taken the cloth bag prepared by Wei Lanxiang from the kitchen, which contained the cakes baked yesterday.


    "Er Qing, take the cake with you." Wei Lanxiang was lying on the bed and heard the movement outside, shouting through the window. 


    "I know, mother." Shen Xuanqing answered.

After carrying the hatchet and hemp rope, he took the cloth bag and walked to the door with Lu Gu, said, "I'll go out, you close the courtyard door and go back to your room." 


    Before, it was Shen Yaoqing who came to close the door, but today was different, it would be Lu Gu. 


    The village was too quiet, so everyone in the room could hear them talking.

Wei Lanxiang heard Lu Gu sending her son to the door, and became more and more satisfied with the new fulang.

This was how the couple should be.

Seeing that Shen Yaoqing didn't need to go out and closed the courtyard door by himself, he turned over and went back to sleep. 


    The wooden door creaked, and Lu Gu stood at the door.

Under the gray sky, the tall and strong man led the three dogs and turned around.

Seeing that Lu Gu was stunned, he said, "Okay, come in quickly."


    Only then did Lu Gu close the courtyard door according to his words, maybe he got up too early, Shen Xuanqing's low and steady voice made him felt strange, but he was not afraid, just like when he broke an egg, Shen Xuanqing helped him without telling anyone. 


    The man he feared the most was a good man. 


    Lu Gu realized this again.

He could vaguely hear the cooing of chickens in the backyard.

The rooster hadn't crowing yet.

It was still early before dawn.

He went back to the room and lay down. 




A wisp of smoke curled up.

Lu Gu boiled water in the kitchen.

Today, there was no need to steam hot cakes.

He sat on the small stool in front of the stove and ate the cake while adding firewood. 


    The Shen family needed to drink a bowl of hot water when they wake up in the morning.

The doctors here often said that drinking raw water was harmful to the body, so even if the water would become cold after a while, it was boiled water after all, so it was not harmful to the body.

Now it was summer, it was more enjoyable to drink after cooling down. 


    The water also boiled after half of the thick cake was eaten.

He pushed the wooden pot lid to the corner of the stove with a long spoon.

Otherwise, the white steam that came out would burn his hands and arms if he was not careful. 


    Ji Qiuyue swept the yard and came in.

Seeing that there were several bowls of hot water on the chopping board, Lu Gu was still scooping the last bowl.

Whoever wanted to drink water could just take a bowl and drank it. 


    She sat down and asked Lu Gu, "Will we cook the loach" 


    At Lu's house, Lu Gu didn't dare to touch the food.

Du Hehua looked at him closely and even when he went to buy tofu, if you took it back, she had to beat and scolded him if it was slightly broken.

It was obvious that the tofu residue was still in the basket.

Du Hehua also said that he had no skin and face and dared to steal it. 


    When killing fish and chickens, Lu Gu was sent far away, and he couldn't come back until the Lu family had finished eating. 


    When he was hungry, he went to find something to eat.

He found something to eat.

He also ate loach, but because he had no knife or pot, he had to spend half a day wiping the fire with flint, and then pierced the loach with a branch.

The whole loach was roasted on the fire, and it was not cooked properly at all. 


    But when he came to Shen's house, he couldn't say that he didn't know anything.

This was not free food.

Lu Gu hesitated, looked at Ji Qiuyue and whispered, "I'll try it." 


    Ji Qiuyue knew at a glance that he wouldn't.

Without forcing it, she said, "I'll teach you.

Loach is easy to kill without scales.

It's enough to dig out the belly and clean the contents." 


She Yan came to join in the fun, and Ji Qiuyue caught her and said, "Wait, you go to dig ginger."


    Lu Gu was not stupid, he was even smart, especially when he was doing something, he looked at it once, grabbed a loach from the basin, took the knife in Ji Qiuyue's hand, and learned a lot.

He was obviously proficient. 


    "After boil the medicine, take this pot and put the loach to simmer it." Ji Qiuyue took out a black pot and said, "You can just sit outside and watch the fire, you don't have to do anything else." 


    Lu Gu quickly nodded.

He ate meat every day for the past few days, and slept well at night.

He looked better than before. 


    The small fishes were too small.

After raising it for two days, it spit out the sand.

They didn't even need to open the belly.

It was enough to scrape off the fine scales on its body. 


    Shen Yan dug out a piece of ginger from the vegetable field, so that they could get rid of the coldness of the loach.

The farmers planted onion, ginger and garlic by themselves, so that they wouldn't have to spend money to buy them. 


    She went to the kitchen to cut a few slices of ginger, and when she came out, she grabbed a piece of burning wood from under the stove for Lu Gu to light the stove. 


    Lu Gu took the firewood, and at some point a spark fell on his shoe, and he hurriedly brushed it away with his free left hand. 


    Seeing that his feet were still the red embroidered shoes when he got married, Shen Yan asked, "Brother Lu Gu, why are you still wearing this."


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