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    The thin black dog ran in a few steps, and jumped into the chicken pen.

Lu Gu could almost feel a gust of wind coming towards him. 


    Where he had seen such a vicious dog, even chickens were frightened by the dog, and one of the stupid ones bumped into his leg, making Lu Gu, who was already felt soft became softer.

Suddenly after shaking a few times, his whole body trembled unconsciously, and he didn't even notice that the egg fell on the ground. 


    The Da Hui kept barking, but it was more like in vain to stop the dog. 


    At the critical moment, an angry shout suddenly sounded, it was Shen Xuanqing who appeared at the narrow passage.

With this sound , the dog in front of Lu Gu stopped the offensive. 


    The thin dog turned its head and saw that Shen Xuanqing took the shovel against the wall, and was about to hit it aggressively.

Its demeanor and posture changed immediately, a few pitiful and weak whines came from its throat, and he shrank to the corner of the wall with its tail tucked. 


    Seeing it flinched and didn't dare to attack, Shen Xuanqing didn't hit him, and stood in front of Lu Gu, frowned while trying to see if he was bitten. 


    Da Hui, who had been barking for a while, stopped.

It was so loud just now that Wei Lanxiang in the front yard also heard it.

She was wondering in her heart.

Just as she was about to shout and asked what was wrong, a fulang about her age came in at the gate.

He brought a deflated little oil-paper bag and a bundle of wild vegetables. 


    Lu Gu regained his senses, remembered the egg, and never thought that he had nothing in his hands, so he immediately panicked, and when he lowered his head, he saw the egg was smashed to the ground. 


    He didn't cry when he was almost bitten, but seeing the broken egg made Lu Gu burst into tears. 


    He actually didn't cry very often.

This time he dropped the tears because he was simply frightened.

He flinched and looked up at Shen Xuanqing.

Tears welled up in the blink of an eye, suppressing the sobbing in his mouth. 


    How could Shen Xuanqing didn't know his fear, if Shen Yan cried, he still had a way to deal with it, he would just get something delicious and fun, and she would stop, but Lu Gu, he still didn't know how to prescribe the right medicine.


    The egg yolk and the white part were all scattered, and he couldn't pick it up.

There was no remedy.

Shen Xuanqing shoveled soil from the side and covered the broken egg.

He also smashed the eggshell.

Once the loess covered it, it was impossible to tell where the egg was.


    Lu Gu's tears were still flowing, and he was stunned when he saw this.

He looked at Shen Xuanqing's face with tears in his eyes. 


    "It's broken, if you don't tell her , I don't tell her, my mother doesn't know, just pretend it's not there." After seeing Lu Gu's tears stopped, Shen Xuanqing looked at the corner of the wall again. 


    The black dog was stupid and not sensible, it was not as good as Da Hui, not even the two thin dogs, and because it hunted and bite too much, it was violent, sometimes the temper could only be stopped by him, but in the past few years, it had been trained to hunt with him.

There were many benefits. 


    Unexpectedly, the first time Lu Gu came to work in the backyard, its rope loosened. 


    Now that he just got married, he threw out a lot of money.

In the past two days, he had to work hard and went into the mountains.

Now it was not worth it to slaughter and raised another one, so he would rest his mind for the time being. 


    Besides, the black dog didn't bite Lu Gu.

If it bite, it would be killed regardless of whether it was worth it or not.

They had a rule here.

The dogs which had seen human blood couldn't stay.

They would become addicted. 


    Shen Xuanqing avoided him and pulled the black dog out of the chicken pen, and whipped the black dog a few times with the rope. 


    Lu Gu wiped his tears, cheered up and continued to look for eggs, didn't dare to slack off . 


    He turned over the chicken pens and found four in total.

If one hadn't been broken, there would had been five.

Lu Gu walked out with the basket and was about to close the door of the chicken pen.

Shen Xuanqing stopped him . 


    "I'll close it after I clean it up, you go back to decoction first." Shen Xuanqing brought the broom over.

He originally came to the backyard to sweep the duck and chicken pens.

It was hot in summer, so he had to clean up every two or three days.

That was why, Lu Gu was not bitten by the dog. 


    in the front yard. 


    Wei Lanxiang was chatting with Zhou Xiangjun, and sighed about the bad news.

When Lu Gu came out, she took the basket and took a look.

There were only four, and the hens were not laying eggs well.

A few were still okay. 


    "This is your third uncle's wife.

In the future, let Erqing take you there to recognize the door.

He also has a young couple, so you can be together even if there is nothing." Wei Lanxiang said as she walked towards the kitchen , after putting the eggs, he took a piece of meat and two fish from the urn where the cured bacon was placed. 


    "Aunt." Lu Gu in the courtyard whispered. 


    Zhou Xiangjun smiled, pursed his lips and looked a little shy. 


    "Xiangjun, take this back and cook it for the third child and Yu Ge'er." Wei Lanxiang handed over the meat and fish.

Although the fish was not a rare thing, these two had been killed and marinated.

Ready-made, you didn't have to much trouble to process it when you went back. 


    Zhou Xiangjun smiled embarrassedly, but didn't refuse, and said, "Second sister-in-law bothered." 


    There was work to be done at home, and Wei Lanxiang didn't let him stay anymore, and said, "It's getting late, go back and do it quickly, Just in time for lunch." 


    Zhou Xiangjun's husband, Shen Shunwang, was the third uncle of the Shen brothers, and even if he didn't come today, Wei Lanxiang would ask Ji Qiuyue to send some to save the heat.


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