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Farmers didn't have a few days of free time throughout the year, and not long after the roosters croak, the Qingxi Village at the foot of the mountain gradually became lively. 


    Lu Gu slept well yesterday, and when Shen Xuanqing moved, he also woke up.

After all, he didn't oversleep, and he couldn't help but felt a little lucky. 


    The words of Ji Qiuyue and Wei Lanxiang made him realize before he fell asleep last night that although he was sold to the Shen family, he was a little different from the servants of the wealthy families.

He still became Shen Xuanqing's fulang. 


    This was nothing compared to anything else.

He never thought that he would still be a fulang one day, so he was a little caught off guard. 


    Shen Xuanqing got up, and Lu Gu also sat up in panic, for fear of being told to be lazy.

No one taught him how to serve his husband after he got married, and the hands on the thin quilt clenched subconsciously. 


    Shen Xuanqing put on his shoes and went to the ground.

To him, Lu Gu's existence was very obvious, after all, there was only one quilt at night.

At this point, although he had completely falling out with the Lu family, Lu Gu was already his fulang, so it was always inappropriate to hang him in the cold.     


He stood beside the bed and saw that Lu Gu was nervous and his face turned pale.

The linen wrapped around his head was a little loose because he slept all night, so he finally found the words and said, "Wang Langzhong said that today we will change the dressing, get up and pack up, and go there while it's cool in the morning."     


Lu Gu nodded again and again, fearing that Shen Xuanqing would be unhappy if he didn't speak, he hurriedly said in a low voice, "Okay."


 The fulang was even less courageous than a rabbit and Shen Xuanqing frowned, but fortunately, Lu Gu lowered his head and didn't see it, otherwise he would be terrified for several days.     


The Shen family got up one after another to wash up in the courtyard.

Even Lu Gu used a new basin and  even the green salt to clean his teeth and rinsed his mouth.

This was originally prepared for marrying the new fulang.

After all, Lu Wen had been studying in the town for a few days, and he had some common things in the town.


    When he was in the Lu family, the green salt that needed to spend money to buy was not Lu Gu's share.

Afraid that people would say that the his teeth was dirty, he would break the willow branches, bite and chewed  one in his mouth to clean his teeth.


    There was a faint wisp of smoke from the chimney, Ji Qiuyue boiled the water, and by the way, heated some miscellaneous flour steamed cakes . 


    Normally, people in the village only ate two meals a day, unless when were busy with farming they ate three meals a day, and the Shen family had two young men who had a lot of work and had a big appetite.

Otherwise, you wouldn't have the energy to work with an empty stomach. 


    However, this was also because of the banquet recently, so they could eat like this, which would never happen in the past two years.

Except for Shen Xuanqing and Shen Yaoqing, who ate two steamed cakes, the other four all had half of it .

They ate too much oil and meat in the past few days, so they grabbed a bowl of small pickles and ate them.    


Breakfast in the morning was simple, there was no need to put chopsticks on the table, so Ji Qiuyue directly passed it by hand when she divided the cake, and even small pickles were pinched, and a few people squatted or stand in the yard to eat.    


Lu Gu held half of the steamed cake.

The cake was soft and warm.

After everyone else took it, he picked a small pickle from the bowl, imitating the rest of the Shen family to put it in the cake.

It was salty and crispy in one bite, but it went well with the steamed cakes.     


He was able to drink a few sips of hot water and ate so early, and even he had a share, making Lu Gu felt a little grateful while he was panicking.    


Farmers rarely chewed and swallowed slowly their food, and the steamed cakes were not too big.

Shen Xuanqing could solve it in three or two bites, and two cakes were enough for him early in the morning. 


Lu Gu had been secretly looking at him , and he ate fast, for fear of delaying the time to go out.     


"Mother, I'll go to change the medicine with him." Shen Xuanqing said to Wei Lanxiang, and the two went out one after the other.     


It was early, the sun had just risen.

This summer was hotter than before, but Qingxi Village was close to the mountains, so it was still a little chilly in the morning, but it wouldn't let people freeze.


    Lu Gu followed Shen Xuanqing out of the village and met several people along the way. 


    The news of the Shen family spread in Qingxi Village, and everyone was curious.

At this time, seeing a strange shuang'er following Shen Xuanqing, they guessed that it was another shuang'er of the Lu family, and they kept looking at him with their eyes. 


    Anyone who shared this kind of thing felt aggrieved, and no one leaned forward to ask, wasn't this a bad thing, so they just quietly looked at him. 


    Being stared at, Lu Gu's head lowered.

If he hadn't been able to see Shen Xuanqing's legs and feet, he would have been trembling with fright.


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