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Shen Yan used a long bamboo pole to drive a group of ducks out of the backyard.

Seeing that Lu Gu had nothing to do, she had no one to accompany the ducks, so she asked, "Are you going" 


He paid for it at home, and it was natural to work, so Lu Gu followed Shen Yan out of the house in a hurry. 


    "The pond is not far, just behind the house." Shen Yan said as she walked. 


    Qingxi Village was close to the mountain, and the Shen family was the last family in the village.

The Qingxi River that flowed out of the mountain was only half a mile behind the house.

The two of them could see the river at a glance when they walked behind the house, and there was a small pond. 


    After driving the ducks into the pond, Shen Yan didn't sit still.

She looked for grass that chickens like to eat nearby, especially those with grass seeds, which chickens like to peck.

Chopped it up and mixed with the bran to feed the chicken, the chicken was cute when they ate.


    Seeing Lu Gu swaying when he bent down and stood up, she thought it was because of a head injury.

She pointed to a white stone on the edge of the pond where she used to sit and said, "Sit here and don't move , take a bamboo pole and don't let the ducks go away.

Just let them swim and I'll go there to cut the grass." 


    Lu Gu sat down, he didn't dare to be lazy, but as soon as he squatted, his eyes became dark and his head was dizzy, so he had to wait for a while. 


    In the distance, he heard a few dogs barking from the hillside, and immediately remembered the three dogs that followed Shen Xuanqing out . 


    Sure enough, it was them. 


    Walking towards the hillside, more trees would grow, Lu Gu could see Shen Yan's figure, two thin dogs rushed down from the hillside, thinking that Shen Xuanqing was nearby. 


    Lu Gu didn't dare to look over there anymore, and looked at the ducks swimming in the pond looking for food. 


    Soon, Shen Yan came over with a bale of grass.

Seeing that the ducks were all there, she said to Lu Gu, "Brother Lu Gu, Brother Erqing said the sun is getting hot, so let you go back." 


It was the first time that Shen Yan called him brother .

Even if Lu Gu's expression was embarrassed.

He didn't say much, just asked: "What about the duck" 


    Shen Yan pointed to the side of the hill and said, "Just let Da Hui looking at it." 


    Lu Gu followed her finger, and sure enough, the big wolf dog was walking towards the pond. 


    "Da Hui is so smart.

The last time Brother Daqing's jacket fell on the ground, it brought it home." Shen Yan and Lu Gu became familiar with each other, and their words gradually increased.

Besides, she met Shen Xuanqing just now.

Her brother told her that Lu Gu was the newlyweds, so his identity was naturally different, so she should also talk about family affairs. 


    As soon as the two of them entered the door, Ji Qiuyue saw it and said, "Just right, the medicine is ready to drink." 


    After Lu Gu finished drinking the medicine, he was pulled into the new room by Shen Yan. 


    He knew that this was Shen Xuanqing's room, and he was at a loss immediately, and he didn't know why. 


    "Second brother said, let you drink the medicine and sleep for a while, anyway, to recover from the injury." Shen Yan saw that he was still wearing the shabby clothes that Du Hehua gave yesterday, and opened the box dowry to search the new clothes. 


    Farmers didn't have many good things for dowry, and they usually put the clothes that Shuang'er often wore in his parents' house, so the dowry looked full. 


    At that time, the Lu family had agreed to give a new quilt, but they were not fooled.

Otherwise, the box wouldn't be too light, and the people who moved it from Qingxi Village in the past would shout about it. 


    Shen Yan only found two pieces of Lu Gu's clothes in the box, but none of them were winter clothes.

How could she didn't know that they were deducted by Du Hehua. 


    "Are you going to change" She turned to ask Lu Gu, saw him nodding and said, "Then you can sleep here, or Brother Erqing will scold me when he comes back." 


    Last night, Brother Erqing entered the room, she actually thought that Lu Gu wouldn't dare to go in, but she and Wei Lanxiang lived in the same room and couldn't call Lu Gu. 


    If it was cold, there was an excuse, but it was still summer.

Besides, she didn't know what Shen Xuanqing meant yesterday, and her mother was so angry again, how could she dare to make up her own mind. 


    After Shen Yan finished speaking, she went out and closed the door for him. 


    Lu Gu hugged his clothes in panic, unable to figure out why.

If he was more courageous, he might have guessed a little bit, but he wasn't, he could only do what Shen Yan said, after all, it was what Shen Xuanqing meant. 


    When he was about to change his clothes, he glanced at the bed covered with red quilts.

It was clean and tidy, far from being soiled by him, so he went to wash his face and hands, and even his feet and calves were washed with water with his hands.

There was no cloth towel here, so he had to sit in the courtyard to dry. 


    Fortunately, Shen Xuanqing and Shen Yaoqing were not there, and the sun was hot enough, so Lu Gu quickly dried. 


    The night before yesterday, when he was still in the Lu family, according to the pre-marriage rules, Du Hehua reluctantly boiled a large pot of water for him, and let him take a bath, rubbing his body all over till red, but also completely clean and light. 


    So when Lu Gu changed into clean clothes and lay down on the side of the bed carefully, he didn't have so much fear of soiling his new quilt.

He lay down, only to feel that the mattress under him was extremely soft, and even had a faint scent. 


    He didn't know that in order to marry the new fulang, the Shen family added boiled herb water to the water when washing the bed and the mattress.

It smelled cleaner and it was a lot of thought. 


    Lu Gu hadn't slept in such a good bed for a long time.

In the Lu family, he and Lu Wen lived in the same room, and there was a broken wooden bed made of stone and mud.

Even so, Du Hehua often drived him to the firewood room to sleep. 


    Due to the injury on the forehead, he would feel dizzy from time to time, but he recovered quickly, and he didn't take it to heart, but now when he lay down, his body and mind were like falling into a soft mattress, and he gradually became drowsy. 


    Lu Gu originally just wanted to lie down according to Shen Xuanqing's words, so that Shen Yan wouldn't have to be scolded.

He didn't expect that he would fall asleep, and he slept so deeply that he didn't even feel anything when Ji Qiuyue came in to cover him with a thin quilt.


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