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Wei Lanxiang was not feeling well, and today it was Ji Qiuyue who brought her food to eat in the room. 


    Lu Gu was sitting between Shen Yan and Ji Qiuyue, so he didn't need to be next to Shen Xuanqing, but even so, he was still cautious and didn't even dare to stretch out his chopsticks. 


    Speaking of which, today's breakfast was quite rich.

There were fish and meat.

They were all leftover materials from the wedding banquet, not leftovers from others. 


    It was not easy for farmers.

Where could you eat such big fish and meat easily You couldn't care about the rest after sitting in the feast, hurriedly poured it into his own bowl and took it away. 


    Now it was summer again, although it was almost the end of summer, but the weather was still hot, and things were easy to spoil, so you had to eat them quickly, so as not to feel bad if they became bad. 


    Everyone on the table had a bowl of chicken soup, which was flattering for Lu Gu, and he became more and more confused.


    The Shen family bought him probably because he wanted to let out his breath, but since last night, he  neither beat him nor scolded him , gave him food, and even gave him a bowl of oily and fragrant chicken soup today. 


    When Ji Qiuyue saw him, he didn't dare to eat a single bite of the food.

She was not angry.

After a night of rest, she regained her energy.

Just now, she took advantage of Lu Gu's opportunity to serve food and asked Shen Xuanqing what he meant, and she knew that Lu Gu was the new fulang.


    Although it was still difficult for her to take a straight look at the Lu family, when she thought about how Lu Gu was beaten up like that, it would be hard to believe if she hadn't seen the injuries on his body, so she softened a bit and said briskly, "Eat the vegetables quickly, if you eat them later, it will be bad in two days, so hurry up and eat now.



    Lu Gu was persuaded, but still didn't dare to stretch out his chopsticks.

Ji Qiuyue didn't urge him much when he saw this, people's temperament couldn't be changed in a moment. 


    Shen Xuanqing and Shen Yaoqing ate fast and a lot.

After all, young men were strong and had good appetite. 


    "I'll go to the ground for a walk." Shen Yaoqing stood up first, said to Ji Qiuyue, and left the table. 


    As for Shen Xuanqing, he originally thought that he would stay at home for the past few days after getting married, and waited for the three days to return to the door before packing up and went into the mountain, but seeing Lu Gu bowing his head and didn't dare to speak, he thought about it and arrived at the backyard. 


    With only the three of them left on the table, Lu Gu's tense body relaxed a little. 


    "There's so much more, let's eat them separately, don't leave any leftovers." Ji Qiuyue moved the vegetable bowl to the three of them. 


    Shen Yan was full, she had a small appetite, and it was hard to put things in the hot weather now.

When she saw that Lu Gu didn't move his chopsticks, she couldn't eat anyway, just like last night, she put a few pieces of fish in Lu Gu's bowl and then the meat. 


    Before Lu Gu ate it, he suddenly saw three dogs running out of the backyard, smelling the smell of meat and heading straight to the main room. 


    The two thin dogs had smooth fur, long legs and slender waists, and were taller than ordinary dogs.

At first glance, they ran fast, and the exposed fangs immediately reminded Lu Gu of the words a vicious biting dog. 


    not to mention, a big wolf-dog followed closely behind them, with strong limbs and a well-proportioned body.

It didn't look like a dog, but a half-human tall wolf running out of the mountains.


    However, compared to the two small dogs, this big dog's gray-blue eyes drooped slightly.

After walking in, its eyes turned around in the main room.

Even if it found Lu Gu, a stranger, it just came around and sniffed.

It went away, as if it had memorized the smell, and then walked to the shady place under the eaves and lay on his stomach.

Both its movements and  demeanor seemed very calm, but it was not so scary. 


    When Lu Gu slept last night, he heard a dog barking in the backyard, but he didn't expect that the Shen family had three dogs, and they were all so tall and so big. 


    "Go!" Ji Qiuyue raised her hand and waved away the two thin dogs that were circling Lu Gu. 


    At this time, Shen Xuanqing came out of the backyard, he gave the drink, and the three dogs followed after him walked outside. 


    When the Shen family saw that he didn't bring anything else, they knew that they wouldn't enter the deep mountains, but chased rabbits and pheasants on the periphery. 


    "I'm full." Shen Yan said, and took away the empty bowls.

When she came to the kitchen, she added a piece of fine wood under the medicine stove and let them boiled slowly. 


    Half a bowl of mixed rice, a bowl of fragrant and warm chicken soup, Shen Yan also filled him with some meat and vegetables, the first time Lu Gu filled his stomach after a long absence . 


    The stomach was full and warm, and even the heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys seemed to be warm, which gave him a bit of energy. 


    Ji Qiuyue was busy in the kitchen after the meal.

She was used to it and didn't let Lu Gu intervene.

It happened that the medicine was ready at this time, so she took a bowl and poured it out. 


    The hot medicine was difficult to swallow, so she had to put it aside to let it cooled down.


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