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When Meng Changjin pointed at the characters and taught them, they could recognize or guess which one was Zheng, which Ming, and which Zhu and Yu.


But after erasing the written names and rewriting them word by word, the two little girls were at a loss.


The two little girls felt so confused.

They couldn’t recognize them and were desperate QAQ~.


The progress was no longer the same as the previous one.

Meng Changjin was a little disappointed but felt it was right!


She remembered that it took her a long time to learn the first word when she was young.


If Da Nui and Er Nui were too bright, Meng Changjin wouldn’t be able to help but wonder about life.


Although Da Niu and Er Niu did not learn it more than twice, Meng Changjin still taught patiently.


The mobile phone ran out of battery, and there were no games to pass the time.

Anyway, there was nothing wrong with being idle, so she taught Da Niu and Er Niu.


And seeing the expressions on the two little girls’ faces becoming increasingly comical and stiff because they couldn’t remember, Meng Changjin felt that this scene was cute and exciting.


Then she thought about it and felt that it was not bad.

Da Niu and Er Niu were young to have such scenes, and it would not be easy to see such cute scenes when they grew up.


So while the children were still young, it was better to tease and play while they could.


“You really have a bad sense of humor.” Xiao Si spat at Meng Changjin’s bad taste.


Meng Changjin was not ashamed at all but proud.

“I’m bad-tempered.

If you don’t like it, come on.”


Xiao Si was choked and wanted to say something, but could not think of what to say for a long time and finally had to be silent.


But silently turned around and used the fishtail in the direction of Meng Changjin.


Damn it!


Xiao Si felt that he needed to enroll in an eloquence course, and then he would slap Meng Changjin to the wall in the future!


Meng Changjin didn’t know what Xiao Si was thinking.

Seeing that Xiao Si didn’t utter a word, Meng Changjin smiled happily and continued to enjoy the bitter little faces of Da Niu and Er Niu because they couldn’t recognize the characters.


This time, Meng Changjin suddenly felt that it was okay for the phone to be out of battery.

People should learn to amuse themselves.


The warm atmosphere of mother and daughter learning characters was interrupted by the sound of the courtyard door being pushed open and then destroyed by the drunken Hao Jianye, who smelled of low-quality alcohol.

He was not sober and cursing.


After his wife beat him when he came back from drinking, he was tied up and thrown into the room to freeze overnight.

After several incidents, Hao Jianye had not touched a drop of alcohol for three days.


After being threatened by Meng Changjin with “widowhood,” Hao Jianye was a little scared.


He was very accurate in reading people’s faces.

Although Meng Changjin looked calm when she said she didn’t mind being widowed, Hao Jianye somehow felt that she could really do such a thing.


So he did not dare to make trouble again but was unwilling to divorce Meng Changjin as she wished.


He was angry and afraid.

So today, after his buddies called him for a drink, he went with them.


His friends knew his wife would divorce him, so they gave him bad ideas.


Some said that having two kids in, it was impossible to get away.

Women should look at the face of the children.

As long as one could say nice things to coax them, they would definitely be soft-hearted and would not divorce.


Another person said that a couple should be fighting on the bed, which would end up cleaning things.

What divorce


Then Hao Jianye, intoxicated by alcohol, came back drunk, intending to try using his buddies’ methods.


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