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The Rise of the Black Plain Chapter 29: The Ambush

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Chapter 29: The Ambush

As Darell's group began their pursuit, Minos and his soldiers were now standing on a mountain.

The site around the group was a large rock formation with very little vegetation. There were only grasses in the few places where there was soil, with a waterfall not far from there. There was not a large flow of water, but there was a waterfall over 50 meters high.

Minos and his soldiers were preparing the ground to receive their 'guests' later. They had chosen this place, as it would be more difficult for their enemies to escape from them.

After all, Minos could not allow any of them to flee, since if this happened, then the Silva family and other Brown Kingdom families could discover Minos' current strength and even what has been happening on the Black Plain.

And that would be terrible for the young Stuart since once others knew, they would definitely put Minos in their sights. Some powers could force him to join their forces, and others, such as those responsible for the death of Albert Stuart, could come after Minos.

Anyway, the effects of one of those people running away would be terrible for Minos. So, he and his soldiers were preparing the ground near the waterfall in order to make any escape more difficult for their enemies.

This is because some of them were certainly stronger than the group of Minos. So, if they were not careful, even if the other side couldn't win, it didn't mean that these enemies couldn't escape.

Therefore, Minos and his group decided to bring the fight close to the waterfall. In that place, even someone from the 5th stage of cultivation would be seriously injured if they fell from a height of 50 meters. They also made some small changes to the surrounding terrain to facilitate the ambush.

They spread, in part of the terrain opposite the waterfall, a lubricating substance on the rocks, something that would hinder the enemy's escape.

This is because someone from the General Spiritual stage cannot fly, and when moving on slippery terrain, although they can use their great strength to move more easily, they would still be severely delayed if they were to run in such a place. This would give the speed advantage to Minos' soldiers.

'This array that I bought can affect a very large area, so I have to leave it to turn it on, only after the enemy group is very close to us.' Minos thought calmly as he brought up the array of his spatial ring.

After that, he placed 10,000 low-grade crystals, which was the limit of crystals that a grade-1, high-grade, the array could withstand. He then left it ready to go into operation as soon as he gave the signal to turn it on.

'But before starting the fight, I want to try to get some information from these people...' Minos thought to himself as he hid the array behind a rock formation near the waterfall.

With the array hidden, as long as it was turned off, 5th-stage cultivators couldn't discover that there was such a thing hidden nearby. This is because, although they could feel the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, they could not feel an array that was not being used!

Such a thing would only be possible when a cultivator reached the Spiritual Saint stage, in which it would be possible to perform soul probes through a technique of the soul, which could be learned from this level. This is because, at this stage, cultivators can live without a body, in their soul form, for a limited time.

However, there was no such person in the entire northern region of the Central Continent, and therefore not a concern for Minos.

At that moment, Minos, who was the only one in the group who was not wearing any armor or battle clothing, began to speak to the soldiers. "All of you, listen to this. Stay on the sides of this terrain, but don't hide. The enemy already knows our numbers, and hiding would only make the other side more careful."

"Set up a small camp, build a fire, and start cooking something. Let's pretend that we came here to hunt and enjoy the beautiful scenery."

"Pay close attention to your surroundings, and when the fight starts, try to push the fight to the side of the waterfall. But before that, pretend to be surprised when they arrive and put on an appearance of despair before the fight. I want to see if I can get some information from these people." Minos said with a serious face as he was looking at the group of people in front of him.

After that, they all agreed with their heads and started to carry out these last orders from Minos. Sergeant Pyke then approached Minos and asked.

"Young master, how will we fight if the enemy is much stronger than us"

"Don't worry about it too much. I'm pretty sure that the strongest person on the enemy side doesn't reach level 46. If there are two people at this level and one at level 45, then the strategy would be to gather 3 soldiers to face each of these two stronger, while the rest deal with the last of them."

"With this, the 4 soldiers would quickly kill the level 45 enemy and then return to deal with the remaining two. After all, at level 46, someone has slightly less than three times as much spiritual energy as someone at level 40, like you. So, 3 soldiers would be enough to hold them, while the other group deals with the weaker side."

"After that, it would be relatively easy to deal with the two strongest ones that would remain. Another thing is that the enemy side does not have techniques as well classified as ours. This will give us some advantage in the fight."

"But be careful during the fight. A desperate person can be very dangerous!" Minos finished speaking with a warning look to all of them.

After hearing this, Pyke and the other soldiers were amazed at their young master. He knew so much about cultivating and fighting. They barely understood how someone so young and who rarely fought could experience so much.

That alone made them very confused!

As for why Minos knew so much, well, that was due to the inheritance he had received. With the amount of knowledge from someone who lived for thousands of years, Minos knew many useful things at times like this.

A few hours passed, and the group of Minos waited patiently for the arrival of the young master Silva and his subordinates near the waterfall.

At that time, four people were approaching the place where the group of Minos was. These were the young Darell and his three subordinates.

"It looks like they went in that direction." Protector Philip pointed his finger in the waterfall direction, where Minos' group was.

Young Darell then smiled and then said with a look of contempt. "What interesting guys, they must have gone hunting! Hahaha, how can you do such a thing when you have offended someone like me"

After hearing this, one of the protectors said, after laughing for a while. "Kekeke, stupid people tend to behave like that, young master."

"Come on. I want to see the expressions of terror on their faces when they notice us, hahaha." Darell said as he took the lead.

After that, the group went quickly to the waterfall, where Minos and his group were.

They had smiles on their faces. After all, the enemy group was composed only of Spiritual Warriors. And as far as they knew, with the inheritance of a Spiritual King, like Albert, Minos should no longer have so many crystals after having bought the grade-2, low-grade, sword.

With that, these 10 men who were with him, regardless of whether they were subordinated or even profiteers, they had no way to advance to the next stage of cultivation without a large amount of crystals.

So, for those who were between levels 41 and 43, the General Spiritual stage, this was an easy fight. In fact, maybe their young master was enough to kill the entire enemy group, and they didn't even have to make a move!

This is because, even though Darell Silva was still at level 38, as the son of the patriarch of the Silva family, all of his techniques were of the Black-grade. So, fighting those at a higher level was easy for the young Darell, who had techniques with superior energy efficiency.

It didn't take long, and the 4 people from the Silva family arrived at the waterfall. They could see that there were 11 people in this place, just as it had been reported to them.

Minos' group seemed to be camping in this place. In fact, they were eating right now. There was also a feeling of tranquility in the air that was passed by the beautiful landscape given by the waterfall a few meters away from where they were.

And while the smell of roast meat spread around the place, the young Darell then stepped forward while smiling from ear to ear and said to the three protectors who were beside him. "Let's start, hehe."


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