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Chapter 300 - Confusion (3)


“I’ve been looking for you for a while.

You were here”

The one to appear behind him was Hahn Jimin.

Chun Sungjae felt a chill run up his spine.

His best friend was in front of him, yet for some reason, his hands were shaking.

It was as if fear and anxiousness were suddenly pressing down on his shoulders. 

The feeling couldn’t be controlled.

It was a chilling feeling that one felt when looking at a murderer.

‘He’s Confusion.’

Hahn Jimin seemed unaware that Sungjae had realized his identity.

“Sungjae You don’t look so good.

What’s wrong”

Chun Sungjae flinched at Hahn Jimin’s nonchalant questions.

When he turned his head, he caught sight of the Virgo goddesses, whose expressions were also frozen.


Chun Sungjae was having a hard time keeping his face straight, and it seemed Hahn Jimin had read his complexion.

An odd coldness appeared in Hahn Jimin’s eyes as he held onto Sungjae’s shoulder.


“What the hell! You surprised me.

Why are you here”


Chun Sungjae quickly schooled his expression as he naturally slipped Hahn Jimin’s grasp.

“I was surprised since you were supposed to be at the evacuation center.”

Hahn Jimin looked relieved.

“Of course, I came here because I was worried about you! Also, I have a request!”


“Yes! I came across a severely injured person, and I believe you will be able to save him!”

“Someone is severely injured”


His face is too damaged, so I can’t tell who it is.

However, he seems to be a disciple of Lee Gun-nim.

I’ll lead the way.

Follow me!” Hahn Jimin grabbed Sungjae and tried to lead him somewhere.


When Jimin turned his back on him, Chun Sungjae’s face crumpled as if he had seen something.


“Hmm What”

“I have something to ask before we go.”

“We have to go quickly, Sungjae.”

“You said both your parents died from a car accident during ninth grade, right”


That’s why you said I can live with you.”

“Did they really die in a car accident”

“What are you saying”

“I’m asking if they were really your parents.”

Hahn Jimin’s face froze.

“Why are you suddenly asking such questions” It looked like he was about to cry.

“Are you doubting me”

However, Chun Sungjae reacted differently.

“Why did you follow us when we went to the Alps”


“When Confusion killed Giselle or Negligence, you were nearby and unconscious, right”


“A monarch-rank was turned into paste, and the surroundings were completely destroyed.

How did you survive unscathed”

“Lee Gun-nim’s defensive ability is outstanding.

That is why—”

“Then how did you know for sure it was Uncle when he returned Even a Saint-rank wouldn’t have noticed.”

In the end, Hahn Jimin let out a sigh.

“I know things are confusing in this mess, Sungjae.

However, I’m not being controlled—”

“Where is Jaewon hyung”


It seemed he could hold it back no longer.

Chun Sungjae’s eyes became bloodshot. 


“Where is Jaewon hung”

“Uh… I’m sorry.

I haven’t seen him today.”

Chun Sungjae gritted his teeth.

“Why are you pretending as if you haven’t met him Jaewon Hyung’s blood is on your shoulder.”


Hahh Jimin became surprised, and he quickly checked his shoulder.

However, he realized there was nothing there.


Puzzled, he turned to look at Sungjae again.

However, the sight surprised him.


Chun Sungjae was no longer present in front of him.

He was gone.

“Idiot! Did you really think it was on your shoulder”


In a short time, Sungjae had already run away.

He had traveled several hundred meters.

Hahn Jimin looked dumbfounded.

That bastard set a bait Violent killing intent appeared in his eyes.

Chun Sungjae ground his teeth after he made Confusion slip up.

‘Damn it…!!’

In truth, Chun Sungjae had seen it.

‘It really is Jaewon Hyung’s blood.’

It couldn't be seen with the naked eye, but that was clearly placed near the shoulder joint, a familiar picture drawn in blood.


It was like watching luminol react.

The letters on Confusion’s back were glowing in a fluorescent color.

This was a skill of the Sagittarius temple.

[Secret Trace (C)]

- Letters that cannot be seen with the eyes can be written.

- Only those who can use the same skill can read the letters.

This was a hidden skill of the Sagittarius temple, and only Lee Jaewon and Chun Sungjae could use it.

It was like writing a letter with lemon juice.

The writing couldn’t be seen with eyes, but it became visible when heat was applied.

Blood also wasn’t visible if it was wiped away.

However, Luminol could be sprayed, and the blood would glow in luminescence.

Secret characters had been written on Hahn Jimin’s body.

When the luminescent light showed the number nine, Chun Sungjae immediately realized what was going on.

‘Those characters are a code.’

This had happened when he was very young.

The entire population of the country had been educated about the monster alarm signal.

“One skull means to be on guard.

Two skulls mean to take shelter.

Three is to evacuate.

Four means never approach at all costs.

Do you understand Shall we draw it together”


“Uh Why did Young Master draw nine as the most dangerous stage”

“Why else Pigeons cry goo-goo-goo-goo (9999)! I hate them the most!!! I almost died yesterday because of pigeons!!! That’s why they are the most dangerous in the world!! Mom and Dad were eaten by a pigeon in my dream!!! Also, Dad was able to take care of the monsters, but he couldn’t do anything about the pigeons!! I’m sure they are really strong!”

Lee Jaewon had helped raise Chun Sungjae, and this incident had sent him into fits of laughter.

“Ha ha ha.

Shall we use nine as our danger signal”

“Yes!! Let’s do that!”

Basically, it was a secret code that the two of them had used since Chun Sungjae was young.

Whenever Hugo was enraged at Sungjae, Lee Jaewon would write on the conference room’s chalkboard, meaning Sungjae should run away.

When Hugo’s anger cooled, Lee Jaewon would change the nines into hearts.

It meant Sungjae could come in.

The meaning behind it was the same.

The characters drawn on Hahn Jimin’s body were !


Sungjae was sure of it.

Something had happened to his hyung.

A copious amount of blood was present around the symbols.

By the look of it, Lee Jaewon had barely been able to write the numbers.

It was enough blood that could kill a person.

In such a situation, Lee Jaewon had used a skill that would stress his body to leave behind a message that Confusion was unable to see.

This meant Lee Jaewon prioritized their safety instead of his own life!

Therefore, Chun Sungjae gritted his teeth.

That wasn’t important right now.

‘He’s the one Dad was warning us about.’

It must be Confusion! Of course, Sungjae had no idea how long Hahn Jimin had been Confusion.

Did Confusion possess Hahn Jimin in the middle Or did Confusion become Hahn Jimin from the start

Whichever scenario was true, no one had noticed Confusion.

However, no skill was perfect.

Confusion had to have taken an enormous risk.

‘Anyway, I have to tell everyone about this as soon as possible.’

They would be wiped out if they weren’t careful.

But all types of communication were cut off right now.

It might be the doing of Confusion.

This included Teleport and Return skills.

It even included offensive and defensive skills that needed interaction with a Zodiac! All skills couldn’t be used!

One had to go to a location with the least amount of interference to use the skills.

‘While I won’t be able to tell the others, the Virgo Constructs will be able to spread the news to everyone.’

As soon as he had run away, the Constructs had followed suit.

Of course, Sungjae had purposefully drawn the gaze of Confusion to accomplish this, and his plan had been a success.



Chun Sungjae screamed when an attack was suddenly sent toward him.

The incredible attack mangled his leg.

“I hate brats that are quick on the uptake.

I knew this about you, but you found out way too quickly.

This will cause a lot of trouble for me.

I was only able to kill one from the Sagittarius temple.”


Hahn Jimin— No, Confusion had chased after him.

He laughed in contempt.

“Why are you so surprised I’ve known you for a long time.

I may have been born as a human, but did you really think I wouldn’t be able to track you down”


Chun Sungjae was surprised.

According to those words, Hahn Jimin wasn’t being possessed.

It was a move contrary to the other monarchs.

“What Did you think I would possess a human’s body like that idiot Abundance”


“I was me from the beginning.

I was myself when I met you for the first time.

I was the weak Hah Jimin.”

Of course, Sungjae didn’t even need to ask how such a thing was possible.

“Hmph! That damn Time said I was getting in the way of his plan.

He trapped me within the body of a newborn baby! That son of a bitch! Who told him to make these meaningless travels back into time when I reach my most important moment!”

Yes, Confusion was always forcefully returned when he was about to achieve his most important moment.

This was why he wanted to assassinate Time.

Since he couldn’t directly kill Time, he had to manipulate the situation cleverly.

If he couldn’t kill Time, he would at the very least throw a wrench into Time’s plan.

This was why he had purposely stolen away Zodiacs and Yeonwoo before.

Of course, it had all ended in failure.

[You should cool your head within a human’s body, little brother.]

[Ahhhk! Son of a bitch! I’ll kill you!]

When he became trapped in the body of a human, the original owner’s soul started disappearing slowly.

Only a trickle of Hahn Jimin’s soul was left.

Starting from his 16,498th return, he always returned to being trapped within Hahn Jimin’s body.

Chun Sungjae seemed dumbfounded.

“You tried to be by my side on purpose!”

He bit his tongue.

“Did you send the spider in the mart after Uncle came out!!”

Hahn Jimin cackled.

“It happened in the middle of a safe zone.

It happened at the heart of a city that had received the blessing of a Zodiac.

Did you think such a monster could show up by itself Moreover, it was the one that had been sealed by a Zodiac.”


“I released the seal and summoned it.

I did it so that our Lee Gun-nim could get a workout.

I expected it to cause him some trouble.

I never expected him to crush it.

That’s Lee Gun for you.”

Chun Sungjae became angry.

“What’s your goal!”

“I want Lee Gun’s Death to awaken.”


Hahn Jimin let out a narrow smile as he crossed his arms.

“I’m sure Lee Gun will flip out if I kill those around him, right”



He must explode in anger.

After countless returns, Lee Gun is the only being that has never shown up before.

He’s an anomaly that appeared only in this world.

I’m sure he’s the only one that can kill Time.”

This was why he planned on carrying out his plan in secret.

“I guess Lee Jaewon was the first to notice me.

He should have never been able to notice it.

I wonder how he knew”

It was possible because Lee Jaewon was at the cusp of becoming a Construct.

Of course, Confusion didn’t know this.

“Well, do not worry.

My plan has been disturbed, but I’ll just get rid of you soon.

If his nephew gets killed, even the mighty Lee Gun will lose his **, right He’ll progress toward becoming the god of Death, right”


That bastard

“Something like Life shouldn’t exist.

Life will prevent Death from progressing toward stage 6.

That is why Death has to be raised so that Life will be prevented from reaching stage 4.”

The power of Life became much stronger when it reached stage 4.

Of course, Confusion was aiming for stage 6 of Death.

“Stage 6 is a berserk state where he won't have any rational thoughts.

He'll become the strongest god of calamity! No one will be able to stand up against him! Don’t you want to see it Time, humanity, the world…! Everything will fall, and I’ll make it my power.”

Chun Sungjae refused to hear anymore.

At that moment, a faint sound of a notification returned.

[Life…healing…is almost…at an end.]

[Time…left is 30 seconds.]

[29 seconds.]


He’ll have to reach stage 5 before he can reach stage 6.

Since I sent my kids, he’ll reach stage 5 in no time, right”

[5 seconds]

[3 seconds]

Chun Sungjae’s eyes flashed when his power was about to be restored.


As if Confusion didn’t want him to pull any tricks, he pierced Chun Sungjae’s body.


“I may be a normal disciple, but I’m part of the Serpent Bearer temple.

Did you think I wouldn’t be able to hear the notification”



This is why Life has to be destroyed.

It is like a cockroach.

It doesn’t matter.

Life can’t raise its level since Death’s energy is too strong…”

At the same time, Chun Sungjae had a thought.

‘Was this what Dad was talking about’

Was this the end of the Sagittarius temple

[You have gained EXP of Life stage 3.]

[You have gained EXP of Life stage 3.]

[Life has gained EXP.]

[Life is at the cusp of evolving.]

[Life will soon reach stage 4.]

Confusion’s face crumpled when he heard the incredible notification.

“Shit! I always have to be on my toes when it comes to that bastard Lee Gun! What the hell is he doing!”

In the end, Confusion became flustered, so he decided to quickly kill Chun Sungjae.

“If I kill his nephew, Lee Gun will lose his **, and he’ll immediately become the god of Death…!”



An incredible attack split the two of them.

“Koo-oohk…!! Who are you!!”

It was a power that he hadn’t felt before.

Confusion stepped backward.

Confusion was taken aback.

‘What the hell Is it a Divine rank’

Finally, someone appeared in front of them.

It was a person emanating a golden green light.

Chun Sungjae and Confusion were surprised to see a familiar face.

“Get your hands off my son!”


Hugo was enraged, and he was letting out murderous intent and power that had never been seen before.

Moreover, his current status was different from his normal self.

[You have become level 20]

[You have awakened as a Construct]


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