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“Before we negotiate to price for the Affinity orbs, the main item Im looking for is a Mana Regeneration Technique; aside from that, Im in the market for Grade 0 short swords and shields,” Cynrik had done his research on weapons. Vinestras weapons were on a Grade scale; each Grade corresponded with a persons level. Grade 0 was meant for use by anyone between levels 1-10, and the higher someones level, the higher the Grade of weapon they could use. Weapons further broke down into rarities, the lowest being basic, the highest being Unique Advanced, but like the classification of Elemental Affinities.

Listening carefully to what Cynrik was requesting, the man immediately set about collecting anything that met the customers criteria. Although the weapons and techniques being listed werent high leveled, many of them were in high demand and, as a result, quite tricky to come by, of which the rarest thing in the shopping list was a Mana Regeneration Technique.

These techniques came in many different varieties. From those that sped up Mana regeneration or collection to ones that allowed the person to increase their Mana capacity, based on the job of the skill, the price range for these techniques could end up being astronomical.

Upon gathering up several options for the customer, the shopkeeper reached into his inventory and pulled out five skill booklets. Unfortunately, each was several decades old and appeared as if they would fall apart when they were opened.

Gently the man placed these five booklets on the counter neatly. “These five books are the only options I have on my person that can aid in Mana Regeneration. Each of these booklets is from a particular skill classification called Cultivation and is both taxing and extremely difficult to master.”

Hearing the green-haired shaggy man say the word Cultivation forced Cynrik to smile internally, as his ears perked up to listen intently.

“Cultivation is an ancient method of strength training that would train not only a persons body but also their mind and soul. These techniques were created long before modern-day technology and scientific research discovered the formation of the Mana Codex and the existence of Mana. In ancient times, Mana was called Qi, and the Codex was called a Dantain, the main difference being in the strength of current Mana and the abilities presented by the Codex. Both are currently thousands of times more powerful than in ancient times.”

“While these methods may seem archaic and outdated, they work just as well now as they did back then. The only difference is that modern techniques weigh heavier on the significance of the systems Status and Stats panels, whereas cultivation techniques only had one effective use.”

The man continued explaining while Cynrik stepped forward and examined each book individually with Inspect.

“These techniques will automatically be converted by your system to be used with a Codex; however, they will be slightly less effective than what is in these booklets.” He continued explaining further, trying to entice the already responsive Cynrik into buying one of the booklets.

Little did the shopkeeper know, Cynrik had already decided on 2 of the books, one for himself and one for Brance. “I see; lets put this conversation on hold temporarily and discuss the Orbs again.” Taking hold of the direction of the conversation, Cynrik diverted the attention away from the Cultivation Techniques back to the Affinity orbs.

“Yes, of course. If we break them down by classification, then; Fire, Earth, and Water are considered Basic Grade Elements, while the Sound Element is categorized as Special Basic Grade. As such, if we categorize their rarity and usability, my going rate would be the following….” The man stopped speaking momentarily to do some quick math.

“For the Fire orbs, The best I can do is 35 SP and 50k Credits; Earth, Im willing to do 27 SP and 35k Credits. Due to the water elements viability with both healing and shielding, Im willing to go as high as 50Sp and 75k Credits. Lastly, the SBG Sound Elemental Affinity Orbs are extremely rare but unfortunately not widely sought after. While their application in combat can range from scouting to offensive, they are known to be extremely difficult to learn, lest we mention the low success rate on assimilation. Nonetheless, Im willing to offer the same price as I am for the Water orbs. If you are trying to sell them as a lot, I can round up the totals slightly, bring the total to 300 SP and 420k Credits.” The shopkeeper said matter of factly.

Hearing these numbers, Cynriks left eye began to twitch slightly. In just credits alone, if he sold these orbs, he would be making multiple times more than his parents yearly income, thats not even factoring in the Skill points, which currently he didnt have much of a use for except for buying skill books or weapons.

Calming himself down and keeping a straight face, he looked directly into the Green hair mans eyes and calmly made his counter offer. “The SP amount is acceptable, but I want 550k Credits.”

Considering his rebuttal, the man sucked his teeth and fired back a counteroffer of 500k credits. Knowing this was the mans bottom line Cynrik extended his hand, signifying it was a done deal. When their hands made contact, a system notification popped up.

-You have received 300 Skill points From Saylin Garn-

-You have received 500,000 Credits From Saylin Garn-

‘The old mans name is Saylin Garn; interesting, reading it, Cynrik gave a curt nod and watched as the Elemental Affinity orbs were sucked into the shopkeepers inventory. “Now then, Mr. Garn,” shoving his hands into his pockets, Cynrik got back to business. “Id like these two Cultivation Techniques.” He pointed at two specific booklets on the counter, causing the Saylin Garn to smile widely, exposing the fact he was missing several teeth.

“Very Good choices true; while their prices may be a bit extreme for skill booklets, I can assure you their contents are worth every point,” flicking his wrist, the unselected techniques disappeared into Saylin Garns inventory. “The booklet on the left is for a cultivation technique titled Requiem of Dusk; its a technique that primarily focuses on nighttime Cultivation and is considered a Tier 0 Mana Integration Skill. Not only does it allow for Mana regeneration as you master it, but you will also be able to integrate even more Mana and grow your Codexs capacity.”

“As for how much it costs, I can part with it for 180 SP,” Saylin Garn didnt allow Cynrik to barter the price as he moved on to the second booklet.

“This Cultivation technique like the Requiem of Dusk is also categorized as a Tier 0, Mana Integration Skill, however that is where the similarities end. This Cultivation Technique is titled Reaching the Heavenly Skies. It can be used at any time; however, the user must have an Affinity for the Wind Element.”

“Its price is slightly higher at 220 SP. Your total for both Cultivation techniques will be 400 Skill points; if this is agreeable, we can conclude the sale.” Pulling no punches, Saylin Garn gave Cynrik zero space for negotiation. He was essentially saying You will pay exactly 400 points to take both these skills off my hands, making Cynriks heart sink. If he wanted both booklets, hed have to come up with 100 Skill points.

In an attempt to buy some time to come up with an idea, he asked Saylin for a moment to consider the deal.I cant think of how Im going to gain an extra 100 points Its too bad I cant cash out my credits for more points.

Hearing his thoughts, Tobs responded for the first time in a while

-The Over-Break System can Exchange Skill Points at a rate of 1 Skill Point for 5000 Credits. This exchange is limited to 500 Skill points until the Host reaches level 10, at which point the credit line will increase-

‘But…but…but thats 500,000 credits down the drain…ill be broke again if I do that; the exchange rate almost made tears of blood drop from Cynriks eyes. He had finally joined the upper class of rich people with his half a million Credits only to have them robbed away seconds later.

It looks like it just wasnt meant to be. Even in this life, Im doomed not to be rich. Tobs, exchange 500,000 credits for 100 skill points, with a heavy heart, ignoring the notification from Tobs and completing the business deal with Saylin, Cynrik promptly stored the two booklets in his inventory.

“Thank you for your business Mr. Jetlensr; if you have any further needs feel free to come back any time. Also, since I dont have set business hours or days, just swing by if you happen to see my building in the same location,” with a smile, Saylin bowed to Cynrik.

Not wanting to spend another minute in the shabby mans presence, Cynrik quickly logged off of the RWT, with only thoughts of going to bed in defeat on his mind. He was severely upset at his massive loss of wealth and just wanted to go to sleep.


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