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The Over Break System Chapter 26

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For the next couple of days, life went on normally. With the ability to use their cultivation skills on cooldown and both boys seemingly coming to a standstill in their training, boredom slowly seeped in. With both their parents allowing them to “self-train,” Cynrik and Brance found themselves prepping a sparring session in the backyard of their humble home, unsupervised.

Cinyah and Rikard had gone off to a newly opened Red Egress, leaving the two at home alone, which caused Cinyah a great deal of anxiety. But Rikard brought up the family finances forcing her to yield and allow the two to stay at home on the grounds they didnt leave the house or backyard.

This caused a great deal of excitement in the two young children as they would finally not have to hide their physical training from their parents, and they could “beat the hell” out of each other in the backyard till their little hearts were content.

[Ok, hand to hand with limited use of elements…agreed] Taking a defensive stance several feet away from Brance, Cynrik stated in their mind link.

Taking his stance facing Cynrik, Brance nodded, agreeing to the terms.

[Alright, Tobs set a countdown for 10 seconds for both of us.] Cynrik loosened up his left shoulder then threw out a couple of swift punches to warm up.

-Acknowledged, Timer set for 10 seconds-

Across from Cynrik, Brance was rapid firing a few kicks into the air.


Clenching both his fists tightly, Cynriks knuckles all popped one after another.


Lowering his left leg, Brance slowly exhaled and made Eye contact with his brother. He was pretty excited to have his first official sparring session in the world of Vinestra. Up until now, they had only worked on their Mana control and Affinity manipulations while also completing their Daily Quests. This was the first time they were putting the physical workouts with their stats to the test.


Back on Earth, even into their adulthood, the brothers would spend countless hours sparring in one of their respective garages or in the mixed martial arts gym they used to frequent. It had been several years since then, so both were itching to fight.


‘Brance will charge forward off the gun before kicking with his right leg and dropping into southpaw before peppering out light right-hand jabs, that or he will bank right before attacking. Cynrik started running scenarios based on the thousands of fights he had under his belt with his brother.


‘Cynriks going to try baiting me in by blocking any jabs or front kicks I toss his way, so its best to charge forward and bounce to the right. Hell be expecting a frontal assault, so if I attack from the right-wing, I should be able to land some attacks before having to backtrack. Much like his older brother, Brance was running last-second simulations.



Both boys finished their simulations and decided on their fight plans as the counter ticked down. Being so well versed in each others combat style, they had a good understanding of how the other would lead the fight. After that, it was all about counter-attacks and reaction speed.


Cynrik broke into a wide grin, and his eyes narrowed slightly as he watched the timer tick down in his peripheral vision.


Brance slowly tapped his right foot on the ground, placing his weight on the balls of his feet, readying himself for a dash.


Cynrik noticing his bothers last-minute adjustments, prepped himself for a dash as well, his goal being to take out Brances lead leg before taking the fight to the ground. While Brance was significantly more adept at striking, he was the grappler in the family. His goal instantly went from defending and counter-attacking to a sudden rush in for a takedown.

-Timer Canceled, New Event Quest Triggered-

Tobss voice screeched into the brothers ears, causing them to almost fall flat on their faces. They both glared at the new notification and yelled in sync, “WHAT THE FUCK TOBS!”

-The Gods Odin and Yahweh have decided to trigger a new Benefit for both Hosts of The Over-Break System-

-New Event Quest, Virtual Training Facility –

-Currently using Both Hosts memories to create an adequate training facility-

Cynriks eyes went wide, and his mouth hung open before making eye contact with Brance.[ Oh, Shit…no way, NO WAY DONT TELL ME…..] Cynrik went from fighter mode to giddy child almost instantly, squirming in one spot like he had to pee.

Brance, on the other hand, just absent-mindedly stared at Cynrik as he did his little happy dance.

‘Tobs, I promise, if you give me this one thing, I will never ask for another thing from you or bully you again, please please please, oh make music too pleasssssseee. Cynrik begged over and over in his head for what seemed like forever before the notification finally sounded off.

-The Room of Spirit and Time (HBTC) has been Generated; both hosts have two minutes to get to a safe place before the transfer initiates.-

“Room..of Spirit and Time…HBTC” Brance confusedly asked while Cynrik screamed and jumped up and down in excitement.

“NO TIME TO EXPLAIN, QUICK WEVE ONLY GOT TWO MINUTES; WE GOTTA GET TO OUR ROOM!” not giving Brance a chance to react, Cynrik dashed forward, wrapped an arm around his brothers neck, grabbing him, and dashed into the house.

Unable to utter a single word Brance just went along with the ride; within seconds, Brance went from standing in the backyard shocked by Tobss words to flying across his bedroom and landing face-first on his bed.

“What the…OOF” accepting his fate, Brance just rolled over onto his back and stared at the ceiling in confusion while Cynrik dove towards his bed and rocked back and forth while squealing like a child.

-Hosts location detected as safe, beginning transfer to The Room of Spirit and Time (HBTC); please be advised, there is a time dilation of 1/365.25 in the facility, one day in the real world will be 365.25 days in the facility-

-Currently, for the hosts safety, this facility can only be used once every six months. The Hosts can only spend half of the initially allotted time in the facility, equivalent to 12 hours in the real world.-

-Hosts must be advised that the further they move away from the safe zone into the training area, the denser the air will become and the more erratic the temperature will fluctuate.-

-Hosts must also be advised that the gravity in the training area will be set to 10 times that of Vinestra-

-While in the Training Area, Proficiency gain will have a higher rate of increase depending on the distance traveled into the training area-

After reading the new chain of messages from Tobs, Brance realized what was happening and why Cynrik was so excited. “No way…it cant be what I think it is….”

“YESSSSSSSSSS, TOBS I FUCKING LOVE YOU,” Cynrik floundered and thrashed violently on his bed while hugging his pillow tightly.

This reaction alone was all Brance needed to break out into a wide smile as his excitement began building to the same boiling point as his brother.

One of the very first memories the brothers had as children on Earth was of a specific anime. While other kids grew up watching shows about learning numbers and letters, the two brothers watched a show about a man who saved his planet and even the universe dozens of times. This man wasnt human but instead an alien from a race where fighting and strength reigned supreme. This man could fly, shoot ki blasts, and even power up to change his hair color and style. Cynrik and Brance grew up yelling his attacks and attempting to go Super Saiyan like that main character. Now thanks to a random event made by their gods, and Tobs, they were on the cusp of training in the very same place they had watched that character train hundreds of times.

-The Over-Break System has linked to both Hosts Watcets-

-Transferring hosts to Virtual World Holding Room-

Just as Brance and Cynrik tucked themselves into their beds, their vision went black, and they were transferred to the same holding room they had gone before going to the RWT center. Only this time, they werent in their soul avatars, but instead, avatars modeled after their Vinestra bodies.

“Cynrik… theres no way itll be the same, right” Even though Brance was expecting a replica, he was still skeptical.

“Tobs is literally pulling the place from our memories and building it with Odin and Yahwehs help and power. So I dont see any reason it shouldnt be the same,” Cynrik crossed his arms over his chest and waited patiently.

-Final Checks complete-

-Time Dilation and gravity set-

-Hosts will have six months in the Room of Spirit and Time (HBTC)-

-Daily quests will be generated depending on the training and advancement of both Hosts-

-Be advised of previous warnings-

-Message from Odin “Theres music.”

-Message from Yahweh “Train hard, there are tough days ahead-

Cynrik and Brances vision simultaneously went black as the ground under them seemed to vanish.

Seconds later, their feet touched onto the solid ground; before their vision cleared up, the first thing they noticed was a light-hearted synthetic type of music playing an ascending scale as a very familiar song seemed to radiate from all around them.

Neither of them needed their eyesight at that moment as they both screamed at the top of their lungs…



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