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At that time, Rosie was looking out the window.

To be precise, at the carriage with the seal of Herthas that entered the mansion. 


‘Is it the beginning of gambling’


Rosie pondered for a moment as she delivered the letter containing Yurtha’s orders to the head of the family of Herthas.


Is this okay


‘I can’t help it.’


Confessing Yurtha’s sins to Argen also puts her in danger.


So, she should tell the same Herthas. 


The head of the Herthas family will try to cover up Yurtha’s deeds.


At the same time, he will try to monitor Yurtha so that he doesn’t make a bigger accident with his nonsense. 


He will be more cautious, as there is a history of hastily sending him to the academy due to an accident caused by Yurtha.


She saw a brown-haired man getting out of the carriage through the window.


The man’s dark brown hair was reflected in the sunlight and looked like straw.


It was a dull color of hair, but it was a color that went well with the man’s decadent face.


‘Yurtha hated that man the most.’


According to Rose’s memory, Yurtha regarded Dylan as a child who was easy to handle.


Yurtha and Dylan are currently competing for a succession position. 


That’s why Dylan was the right person to monitor Yurtha. 


‘It’s really good to keep in check.’


But there was one problem.

Dylan’s existence is not good for her either.


One day she might run into Dylan.


So this is a gamble.


In order to be wary of Yurtha, I have to remove my skin as well. 


Dylan enters the mansion.

Then his gaze turned towards the window, and Rosie hurried away.


She can’t get caught already.


She left suddenly.


Meanwhile, Dylan couldn’t take his eyes off the window where Rosie was.


“What’s the matter, Young Master”


“…I’ve felt someone’s gaze.”


Dylan murmured, looking at the window.




It is said that the banquet will be held soon.


This is a party meant to celebrate the union of Evantes and Herthas.


However, the servants were well aware of the Master’s tendency to hold banquets frequently, and the time had come for it to be held. 


‘I shouldn’t go out as much as I can during the banquet.’


I’m in trouble if I run into Dylan.


For several days, Argen called me frequently.

It was to know Richard’s reaction after eating the opaque liquid, and each time I answered with no expression of displeasure.


The reason why Argen bothers me.

Maybe he didn’t feel that way, but—.


He’s trying to test me by keeping me in trouble.


I don’t know why he’s making me do exclusive maid work when I’m unreliable.


‘It’s difficult for me if it continues like this.’ 


In order to successfully escape, it’s to win over Argen’s suspicion. 


I tried to pretend to be a loyal maid, but I couldn’t believe his suspicious personality. 


‘I’m a maid who is anxious to look good to my master.’


Is that enough to believe it


I need something more certain, such as—.


A tattoo that Argen wants to hide.


I pretended not to see it then, but I tried to recall the pattern.


It took me a while to remember what this phenomenon was, causing unrecognizable letters to appear and to make the other person suffer.


It was a curse from the devil worshippers.


‘Is there such an explanation for Argen in the novel’


I couldn’t remember anything about Argen’s curse.


Of course, I don’t know why Argen fell under such a curse.


But what’s certain is that I know how to lessen his pain.


So I decided to wait.


“—There was nothing special today like yesterday.

The monster was in pain and asked for a cure.

What should I do”


Hearing my report, Argen’s complexion didn’t look good.

His face was as pale as if he was about to scream.


The sight of his golden hair stuck to his skin in a cold sweat made him look pitiful.


“Leave it as it is.”


Argen, who has been receiving the same report for several days, seems tired.


Looking at that face, I don’t think he’ll call me anymore—. 


“You don’t have to come anymore.

Come when something special happens.”


As expected.


I pushed the opportunity I was aiming for back, but it doesn’t matter much.


Be loyal to Argen, or stay out of his sight.


Neither of them was bad.


“Get out of here.”


“Yes, I understand.”


It was when I tried to back off like that.


Argen’s body, who was sitting at the desk, leaned to the side as if he was about to collapse.


‘Looking at his complexion, I thought he was about to collapse.’ 


The scene that unfolded as expected was not surprising, but it would be strange to react calmly.




I approach Argen with a bewildered face.


Just before he fell, Argen was holding the desk with his arms.




“Are you alright Should I call a doctor”


“…There’s no need to make a fuss because it’s noisy.

Get out of here.”


I can’t do that.

I’ve been waiting to witness your seizures.


I looked at the blooming tattoo around his neck so Argen would notice.


Argen noticed my gaze and raised his eyebrows.


“…I told you to leave.”


There is a clear sign of annoyance, as if something didn’t want to be found out. 


“Uh… Marquis.”


“I told you to leave—”


“In the place, I used to live, I have seen a person with the same pattern as the Marquis.”




Argen, who had been nervously shouting and asking me to leave, fixed his gaze on me.


His green eyes trembled.


—I hope I don’t get worse results. 


I looked at him and uttered my prepared lines.


“Could you allow me to visit the nearby mountains behind the Marquis”





There were precious herbs on the mountain behind the Marquis.


Previously, the gatekeeper went out there secretly to dig up herbs.


“I remember seeing someone who had the same pattern as the Marquis in the past apply some medicinal herb to relieve the pain.” 


Argen looked at me suspiciously.


But permission fell from his mouth.


“I allow it.”


Now, he would want to hold onto even a glimmer of hope.


Because those with that pattern did it.


It wasn’t in the novel, but why does Argen have such a pattern


Well, it doesn’t matter.


It’s just important that I can take advantage of that.




“Rosie, long time no see! How have you been”


As I left Argen’s office, several familiar faces greeted me with warm smiles.


I waved to them too.


The servants were especially busy because the banquet was just around the corner.


“You seem to have become quite friendly with the lowly ones.”


I was smiling, and I heard a cold voice above my head.


When did he come behind me


I immediately stepped away from Yurtha and raised my head to look at him. 


“I will feel sad if you step back like that.”


I was going to shoot something, but I noticed the gaze around me and lowered my voice.


“If you are going to the restaurant, the other maids will tell you, Young Master.”


“You know I’m not here because I don’t know where it is.”


The cheeky smiling face was damn pretty.

But, apart from that, I felt like he was ripping open my insides. 


“Are you worthy of being the monster’s maid”


I was upset when I saw the sarcastic tone.


Maybe it’s because I’ve seen a few of Rose’s memories.

Strangely, just by looking at Yurtha, I became absorbed in Rose’s emotions.


“It’s not worth the curiosity of the Young Master.

Then I’ll be on my way.”


“Did Nunim choose Dylan after all”




I look around in a hurry.

Fortunately, there are only Yurtha and me here now.


It’s a shame that there’s no eye for it—.


“I didn’t know you would call Dylan while you ran from Herthas.” 


Since the letter to Count Herthas pretended to have been written by Yurtha was well-received, Dylan must have arrived here. 


I thought it was only a matter of time before Yurtha knew it was me who had the letter and that I had called Dylan. 


As expected.

He was quick-witted.


“…It’s funny how I’m glad you didn’t choose Dylan in the maze garden.”


Yurtha revealed his gloomy feelings once more as if Dylan was the main reason.


I recalled what had happened in the maze garden.



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