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[Alois Beth once had a big fight with the people of Lavita]

[It is said that the cause of the quarrel was a torn handkerchief.]

A handkerchief was drawn with a brief summary.

It had been cut randomly with a sharp object and had a half-red hawk drawn on it. 

It was when Lexion stared at the handkerchief.

“Sir, it’s Chris.”

“Come on in.”

Chris came in when Lexion covered the papers and answered.

Maybe it was hot during training, so even in the cold weather, he rolled up his sleeves.

Chris said.

“There is a change in the number of people who will go to the expedition together.

Please check.”

Then he put the documents on the table.

Then he put the papers on the table.

Lexion looked at him casually, and his gaze touched the piece of cloth tied to his left hand.

It was so old that it looked like it was going to rip even if he held it a little hard.

At first glance, a red color could be seen through the fabric.

It was a coincidence that the piece of cloth Chris had always tied to his wrist his caught eye for a moment.

It was more noticeable after seeing Alois Beth’s handkerchief.

As if Chris felt Lexion’s tenacious gaze, he called out to him.

“Your Excellency”

“Chris, that cloth…”

“Oh, it’s a little messy, right”

“Since when did you tie it up”

“Since when It’s my talisman that I always carried around even before I met you.”

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Chris fiddled proudly with the cloth.

“This handkerchief was all I had before I was saved by your Excellency while living as an orphan and a beggar.”

“Is it an item with a story”

“I don’t know.

Well, maybe it’s a relic of my parents who abandoned me.

It’s insignificant to mention as a relic… …but I’ve actually had it since I was young, so without it, I feel empty and anxious.”


“I’m embarrassed after saying it.

A grown man believes in superstitions…”

“It must be so precious that you carry it around until it gets worn out.”


” May I check for a second”

“Oh, yes.”

Chris quickly unpacked his handkerchief and held it out to Lexion.

After unraveling it, it was far from an intact handkerchief.

It was tattered enough to believe it was a rag.

Lexion stared intently at Chris’ handkerchief.


A bright red hawk was engraved on the handkerchief Chris held out.

That’s also half.


Shortly after making an appointment with Gregory, the trailer arrived.

[As the energy of war spreads across the continent, Lexion Sparrow goes on an expedition to the Hawk Mountains.

In the meantime, Kronos arrives earlier than scheduled and takes advantage of Lexion’s absence to suppress the castle of Sparrow.

In response, Tiarozety and Gregory try to stop Kronos’s supremacy.

At this time, an unexpected person appears and Tiarozety falls into a crisis……]

I was in deep thought as I pondered the trailer in the carriage heading to the outskirts of Bael.

‘I can’t believe the Kronos arrived early.

Should I ask Lexion to postpone the expedition because Kronos is coming’ 


It’s about avoiding a small crisis and facing a bigger one.

For Bael, we have to send the expedition quickly.’

‘I wish I knew exactly when Kronos was coming… but who was the unexpected one’

I predicted all sorts of scenarios in my head, trying to find the best answer.

My crisis is predicted to be caused by the mere appearance of Kronos, but his assistant is added to that.

No, it was difficult to determine whether or not the new person was Kronos’ helper in the first place.

As I got closer to the ending, the book seemed more and more desperate to eat me.

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Then Gregory, who sat opposite, asked.

“What are you thinking about that makes you frown like that, lady”

“Oh, it’s nothing.” 

I came to my senses and laughed awkwardly. 

Then suddenly.

‘If I ask Gregory, wouldn’t I be able to get a rough idea of Kronos’ schedule’ 

“Well, Prince.” 


“When did Prince Kronos say he would arrive”

“What, now that I see it, you were worried about him.” 

Gregory grinned and continued.


Lately, communication channels are often busy, so I can’t reach him.

I think it’s because of the evil dragon.”

“Is there a possibility of arriving early” 

“Isn’t that too much Because all the roads to Bael are affected by the evil dragon.” 


“Maybe it’s safer by road than by water, so wouldn’t it come through the route over land I think it will take three months at the earliest.”

I nodded silently at Gregory’s reply.

The arrival time he said was normal.

If Kronus arrived three months later, Lexion would have already returned from the expedition.

Maybe Lexion is thinking like Gregory and setting up an expedition.

However, the trailer mentioned that Kronos will arrive earlier than scheduled.

If so, it will come sooner than that.

‘How did Kronos get there quickly ‘I’m sure all the way here is blocked…’

I felt like I was missing something very important, but I had no idea what it was.

Gregory spoke to me as I was about to concentrate.

“Lady, I’ve been curious about something for a long time.”


“That power.

Are you sure you’re all right”

Worry was etched on Gregory’s face.

I replied with a casual smile.

“Oh, yes.

I haven’t had any problems yet.”

Except that I dream a lot.

In fact, after purifying Brandt Castle, I slept a little more.

I was just guessing that sleep was necessary to purify the malice absorbed.

‘Come to think of it, I can’t remember what I dreamt about when I wake up these days.’

The dream itself often faded like a foggy mist.

It must be a dream about the evil dragon, but it was strange.

“There’s nothing else but getting a little more sleep.”

“I’m glad then, but I don’t feel comfortable.”

“Thank you for your concern.

But it’s really okay.”

Gregory shrugged when I reassured him repeatedly.

Then suddenly, Seirin came to mind.

“How is the princess of Seirin” I heard she was very surprised that day.”

“Now she’s taken quite a walk, I think she’s gained strength.”

“That’s a relief.”

“She seems to have added painting as a hobby recently.”


“Actually, I don’t know if it’s a painting or a coloring.

I guess it’s because she’s drawing something.” 

“It’d be nice if she could get immersed in something.”

“If you have time, go find her.

As long as you don’t mind.”

Gregory hinted at it, but I just laughed.

Actually, Seirin was a little uncomfortable.

There’s the case with the partner and the tie as well.

TL/N: It’s the arc around chapter 59 fyi.

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It was because she felt that she had changed from her previous life in many ways.

‘Maybe the change in Lexion affected it.’ 

Originally, the love front between Seirin and Lexion had to be connected.

Because Lexion forcibly cut it off, Seirin became a duck egg on the Nakdonggang River*.

TL/N: Korean saying- A DUCK EGG IN THE NAKDONGGANG RIVER: An expression to describe someone’s miserable situation because he/she is deserted or alienated from a group.

Maybe that was the culprit that made her different.

At that time, the carriage stopped.

I thought they wanted to check for a while, but soon it moved into the barracks.

Gregory said as he opened the window and looked outside.

“We must have arrived.” 


Inside the Sparrow villa greenhouse. 

Seirin was preoccupied with something with her newly hired maid.

At first glance, one might think she was drawing on parchment, but it was actually a craft exercise. 

Seirin raised her head and asked.

“Is this how you do it”

“Yes, you’re doing great.”

Alois Beth gave praise with a light smile.

It had already been several days since she went under Seirin.

Even though the security of borders on the outskirts was getting tighter, it was easy for Seirin to target the gaps in the management.

Who can disobey the Princess’s orders

In particular, it would have been even more difficult to refuse if they were those who would not reach the manager.

Seirin recalled her first meeting with Alois.

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It was around the time Alois arrived in Bael without knowing why.

‘Keep your head down.

The person in front of me is the princess of Seirin Arden Werbel!’

As Betty shouted out loud, Alois raised her head and asked.

‘Why did the noble royal family call me to Bael’

She really liked that spirit.

It will be fun breaking it.

Seirin said softly.

‘Alois Beth.

I know who you are.’

‘What do you mean…’

‘There’s nothing to pretend about.

The magician, Alois Beth.

Cause I already know that’s who you really are.’ 


Alois’ eyes widened in surprise at the fact that she grasped her true identity.

Seirin said with momentum.

‘Recently, you fought against evil dragons for Lavita.

Don’t even think about getting away with it.’

‘……How did you know’

‘Even if you disguise yourself as a wanderer, it’s difficult to shut everyone’s mouth.

It’s especially easy to convince people in these turbulent times.’

When Seirin smiled beautifully, Alois bit her lower lip.

The magicians hated and feared the royal family at the same time.

It was because she knew the cruel history that took place when they resisted the imperial family.

Alois asked sharply.

‘Are you threatening me’

It’s not a threat, it’s an opportunity.’


‘If you help me, I can try to make sure that the magicians are officially recognized by the Empire.’


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