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Black eyes twinkled in the light.

Lexion was already eating me with his eyes. 

His breath reached the tip of my nose. 

The sight of his throat swallowing was captivating.

Lexion quietly opened his mouth.

“Your only chance to stop is now, Titi.”

He gave me a deep gaze and said he would stop himself if I wanted to.

His words and actions were inconsistent.

Because he was undoing my shirt simultaneously as he was talking.

In fact, he doesn’t want to stop but was pretending to keep his composure.

I held back my laughter when I saw him hurrying impatiently.

The bright eyes, the slightly red cheeks, and the lips gleaming from the previous kiss all looked beautiful. 

He sat down on the bed, waiting for my answer. 

His thighs were already nestled between mine, ready to strike at any moment. 

“I don’t want to stop.”

“…it might hurt a little bit.”

Lexion bit his lower lip and muttered lowly. 

His voice echoed lowly as if it were in a cave.

I whispered affectionately to him, who was barely holding onto reason.

“It’s all right.

Come here, Zion.”

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When my permission was granted, Lexion rushed to me.

He swallowed my lips straight away and knocked me down.

My silvery hair messed up on the duvet.

A thin chemise dress was rolled up slightly, exposing my white knees.

Lexion grabbed my knee with one hand and settled it firmly between his legs.

His tight muscles could be seen through his shirt, which had already been loosened. 

I didn’t know where to look.

More than that, the skin that touched was so hot that my body felt like melting.

Soon after, I felt a heavy weight.

A large hand grabbed the hill that rose above the chemise.


I let out a shallow moan involuntarily at the sudden sensation.

The sound of the thin cloth rubbing against each other as each layer was peeled off made my ears dizzy.

As he turned his hand lightly, my stomach shook.

Before I knew it, Lexion’s lips came down my chin and caught on my collarbone. 

When he bit my shoulder without warning, a shallow scream came out.

“Heugh, Le, Lexi…!”

I clung to him without realizing it.

He took off his shirt in one fell swoop as if it were a bother.

Thanks to that, it was his back that I was holding on to. 

His back was drenched in sweat.

I flinched as my hand touched the hard muscles of his back and let out a hot breath. 

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His breath hit the back of my neck, and I felt the hair all over my body stand upright. 

I felt something heavy underneath. 

I tried to close my knees, but he grabbed them and held them.

“Titi, look at me.”

I glanced at him as if I were drawn to his voice.

He gently stroked my stiff shoulder. 

“There’s nothing to be nervous about.”

“Oh, how, uh… I’m not nervous.”

Every time the heavy object moved, my breath kept bursting out.

The chemise dress had already been half taken off, exposing my white shoulders.

It was the first time, so I was even more nervous and withdrawn. 

It was hot everywhere his lips touched, and my whole body trembled.

I didn’t know the body I was sticking to would fall off.

He gently brushed my sweat-soaked hair to calm me down. 

Then when I felt a strong force, I was startled and grasped his hair without realizing it.

“I, I’m sorry…!”

“It’s okay.

You can hold on to it recklessly.”


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The reason the sweet voice pierced my ear was probably because his lips were on my earlobe. 

He continued to move, biting my earlobe. 

My hands that were holding him clenched tightly.

After a while.

“Don’t go anywhere.”

He whispered affectionately, his lips overlapping.

When he told me not to go, I hugged him tightly and reassured him. 

“I’m not… I’m not going.”



The bed shook violently, and the sheets were crumpled. 

I was intoxicated with the sweetness he gave me, and I just surrendered myself to him. 

TL/N: Omg we getting kisses AND KINDA SNU SNU Halp I’m DED

Chapter 10.

A Cracked World

Seirin and Gregory were preparing for a welcome party in Bael when the third attack of the evil dragon continued in the capital. 

In response, Kronos set up an investigation team to search for the residence of the evil dragon. 

The capital was safely protected, but the surrounding area was devastated by the attacks of the evil dragon. 

Due to the scattered thoughts, the price of the purification stone rose exponentially. 

The number of purification stones in the royal family was also tight to protect the capital, so they ignored requests for help from surrounding areas.

As a result, there were countless attacks by demonic beasts on nearby areas, and people tainted with thoughts killed each other.

The land became a permanent colony of the evil dragon and began to emit more intense thoughts. 

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TL/N: In case you’re confused with these thoughts, it’s mentioned in chapter 39 that these thoughts are from the evil dragon, and “malice of those who came in contact (with the infected) will be amplified”

Also, TL/N from chapter 35: “it’s basically the dragon’s darkest desires that can influence people’s minds.”

Also from chapter 35: “The purification stones were a magic tool made to use against the evil dragon.

Since the evil dragon was a dragon that fed on malice and hostility, they had to purify the evil energy that lurked everywhere to weaken its power.

It was also mentioned at the end of Ch 48 and Ch 49 that Lexion was expecting this and bought loads and loads of purification stones.

(which I assume might be a big contributor to the shortage the capital is experiencing rn.)

Sorry for info/refresh bomb! Back to the story! lolol

Those who did not have money became either the prey of the beasts or the food of those who were tainted with thoughts. 

Those living in the capital began to panic as the surrounding area became devastated.

For this reason, the emperor first tried to determine the residence of the evil dragon, led by Kronos and the Imperial Knights.

Afterwards, if he found its residence, he was going to mobilize the private soldiers of each noble to subdue it.

It’s been a long time since the silent evil dragon was on the rise again.

It had reached a level that could no longer be tolerated by the imperial family, and the resentment of the people in the capital became increasingly serious. 

If they leave it any longer, even the capital will become dangerous. 

At this time, the role of Kronos was truly significant.

‘I didn’t expect things to get worse so quickly.’

The emperor’s troubles deepened.

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Meanwhile, it was found through Seirin that there was no problem in the Bael area yet.

The emperor entrusted Seirin with the heavy task of convincing the Duke of Sparrow to send the knights. 

‘Don’t worry, Your Majesty.’

It’s been a few days since they cut off contact, but there’s still no news. 

The emperor rubbed his tired eyes.

At that time, Kronos was in the midst of searching for the habitat of the evil dragon. 

It was then.

“Your Highness, there’s some suspicious movement there.”

The knight pointed somewhere to Kronos.

Kronos’ eyes turned to the huge waterfall. 

A barrier was placed over the waterfall. 

“Go check it out.”

When Kronos gave a stern command, several knights approached the waterfall.

It was around the time when the imperial wizard understood the properties of the barrier. 


All the knights who approached the waterfall with the explosion were thrown out. 

At the same time, a dense fog spread and blocked the view.

“What’s going on”

“Ha, it’s a trap!”


When Kronos was startled and urged, the knight shouted and fell. 

After a while, the mighty evil dragon appeared from beyond the barrier. 

The flapping wings of the evil dragon resounded with horror.

At that time, knights who were hit directly by the fog suddenly began to attack other knights.

“What’s wrong with you”

Kronos shouted nervously and tried to secure his vision.



Kronos, who touched the fog, swayed greatly. 

He thought it was just fog, but it was mixed with poison. 

“Damn it…!”

It was time for Kronos to quickly take an antidote to his mouth and order the retreat. 

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Along with the evil dragon’s cry, its thoughts were scattered everywhere.

He didn’t even have time to touch it.

The investigation team, led by Kronos, was all greatly exposed to thoughts.

After a while, the movements that were attacking each other stopped.

All of a sudden, their eyes turned black.


Inside the villa of Sparrow Castle. 

Seirin was arguing with Gregory.

Tiarozety fell ill for 10 days after falling into the lake.

She was originally said to be weak, but it must have been true.

But the problem was that even Gregory was about to die.

The way he was completely depressed was completely absurd.

It seemed like he was sorry to hear that she fell into the water while taking a walk with him at night, but from Seirin’s point of view, it seemed a little excessive.

The start of today’s fight came first from Gregory’s mouth.

“We’d better go back to Imperial Castle now.”

“Go back Without doing anything”

“As expected, you came to do something.”


“There’s no room for us between the two.”

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Gregory’s voice was assertive.

He did not realize that he said “us” rather than “you”.

Seirin was furious at his words.

“There’s no room They haven’t even started yet.”

“It’s not necessary for the heart to need a checkmark for the beginning.

Seirin, it’s too late.”

TL/N: Meaning the heart doesn’t need a big event or sth significant to happen for them to love each other.


I’m not late.

Why am I late Brother knew that too.

It’s gonna be Lexion next to me anyway.”

“Yes, that’s right.

At first, I didn’t doubt that the seat next to you was Lexion.”


“But look at this situation.

Lexion is urgently on his way after she collapsed.

It’s a man who doesn’t care that you’re here and solely wants to protect her.”

Gregory’s words scratched Seirin’s pride.

In fact, even Seirin was surprised. 

Because she never dreamed that Lexion would act so irrationally. 

As Gregory said, the current Lexion was in a state of being close to being a recluse.

He refused all meetings, only going back and forth between her bedroom and his own bedroom.

It was not at all aristocratic to be so neglectful towards guests who came.

And what worries her the most is…

‘After that day, I can’t reach the royal family.

Is the capital blocked’

Seirin clenched her hand until her fingertips turned white without realizing it. 

It was the capital city that has already been attacked by the evil dragon a second time before coming here. 

Not long ago, the emperor ordered Seirin to persuade Lexion to come as soon as possible, saying that they had been attacked for the third time. 

And now even the news has been cut off. 

Seirin immediately informed him of the situation in the capital, but Lexion coldly refused. 


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