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Meng Tianzheng was furious.

He did not expect this honest and precious disciple to learn from his Martial Uncle Ye.

He wanted to anger his old master to death.

“Hmph, lets go.” Meng Tianzheng felt a little embarrassed.

He turned around and left.

Liu Qingfeng watched him leave and revealed a malicious smile.

Clearly, he had done it on purpose.

If he angered his competitive master, he might even be able to obtain a treasure.

It had to be said that Liu Qingfeng had really inherited some of Ye Qius teachings.

However, it was a little biased.

He didnt learn Ye Qius strengths, but he learned his scheming thoughts.

As soon as these words were spoken, even Ye Qiu looked at him in a different light.

“Good kid! You have guts.” Ye Qiu praised.

Liu Qingfeng smiled shamelessly and tacitly agreed.

He said, “Hehe, its all thanks to Martial Uncles guidance.

Im just learning a little.”

The corner of Ye Qius mouth twitched.

This brat was indirectly scolding him for being black-hearted.

However, he did not mind.

He just did not know if the Sect Master would put in a lot of effort next.

He suddenly wanted to laugh in his heart.

Meng Tianzheng originally wanted to sigh with emotion and let Liu Qingfeng look at the bright side, but he didnt expect him to defeat him.

If he didnt sell everything to prove his strength, wouldnt that confirm the fact that he was poor How could he establish his might in the Heaven Mending Sect in the future

Liu Qingfengs show instantly made the eyes of the other disciples light up, and the masters were even more shocked.

They turned around and looked at their precious disciples.

Their hearts trembled.

“Lets go.” Without giving them a chance, they turned around and left, leaving the disciples alone in the wind.

Soon, the entire Violet Cloud Peak was empty, leaving only Ming Yue and her precious disciple, Liu Ruyan, standing on the spot.

Liu Ruyan had a good personality.

She didnt say a word or beg for anything, nor did she ask her master to give her anything.

Perhaps she was really sensible, or perhaps Ming Yue treated her very well.

Therefore, she was very content and did not make things difficult for her master in public.

Ming Yue turned around and looked at her with relief.

Her heart warmed.

As expected, her little darling was considerate, obedient, and sensible.

However, the more obedient and sensible Liu Ruyan appeared, the more upset she felt.

She felt that she owed her too much.

Look at Violet Cloud Peak.

They were also from the same lineage.

What kind of treatment did their disciples receive What kind of treatment did her disciples receive She felt bitter and her desire to become stronger became stronger.

She knew very well that she was not only carrying herself, but also everyone she cherished, as well as these precious disciples.

If she was really devoured by Ming Yue in the upper realm in the future, she did not know what the other party would do to her precious disciple.

She was incomparably worried.

Therefore, she had no choice but to work hard.

At the very least, she had to occupy a certain level of sovereignty after the future fusion.

After a long time, seeing that Ming Yue was feeling uneasy, Ye Qiu said, “Senior Sister, is there something on your mind”

Ming Yue was awakened by Ye Qius reminder.

She glanced at him and pouted.

“You already know the answer.”

Ye Qiu sweated.

Of course, he knew what Ming Yue was thinking, but he couldnt help at all.

Little Senior Sister did not accept his help, so he was quite helpless.

Ming Yue seemed to have thought of something and asked again, “Junior Brother, when will you set off”

Yes, she knew very well that Ye Qiu no longer belonged to this world.

He was an immortal respected by everyone.

He had to leave this world sooner or later.

She was very reluctant but she was helpless.

She thought about sending Ye Qiu off one last time.

However, Ye Qiu refused.

He said, “Ill set off immediately after Im done with the matters in the mortal world.

As for when Im leaving, well, its better not to alarm the others.”

Ye Qius thoughts were very simple.

This time, he still didnt choose to tell others.

Instead, he chose to leave silently.

This way, as long as the news of him leaving the mortal world did not spread, there would be peace in the mortal world.

After these calamities, there were many things to do in the world that could no longer withstand any torture.

Ming Yue nodded and left with Liu Ruyan reluctantly.

She only had one thought now, and that was cultivation.

She focused all her attention on cultivation and strived to catch up to Ye Qiu as soon as possible.

Ever since she met Ming Yue of the upper realm, the potential in her body seemed to have been affected by her and underwent a tremendous change.

If nothing unexpected happened, she would soon be able to break through her shackles and ascend to the Immortal World.

After she left, Ye Qiu was silent for a long time and let out a long sigh.


The path to immortality was endless.

Only by following the same path could they accompany each other for the rest of their lives.

Parting was the most common thing on the path of cultivation.

Ye Qiu had long gotten over it.

Turning around to look at his three precious disciples and then at Little Mengli, Ye Qiu said, “Alright, Mengli, from today onwards, this weapon is yours.”

As he spoke, Ye Qiu solemnly handed the Demon Subduing Pestle to Little Mengli.

The Demon Subduing Pestle contained the noble aura of the Great Dao.

It was the nemesis of demonic energy and was very suitable for Mengli.

Because her demonic nature had yet to be destroyed, this divine weapon happened to restrain her demonic nature, allowing her to truly become an upright person.

It could be considered to have resolved the worries in Ye Qius heart and completely cut off this karma.

Little Mengli happily took the Demon Subduing Pestle and solemnly knelt on the ground to thank him.

She said, “Mengli thanks Grandmaster for the treasure.”

She was very happy.

She did not expect to obtain such a divine weapon.

The fear in her heart towards her grandmaster lessened and she licked her lips.

Lin Qingzhu looked at her happy precious disciple and gently stroked her pretty face.

She was very considerate.

After the trap ended, Ye Qiu smiled when he saw their happy expressions.

He was secretly delighted.

This last eruption was finally coming.

“Hehe… System.”


[You gave your disciple Linglong a Chaos Immortal Treasure Trident, triggering a Critical Hit Return.]


[You gave your grand-disciple Mengli a Demon Subduing Pestle, triggering a Critical Hit Return.]

[Do you wish to activate]

Here it comes.

This exciting moment had finally arrived.

Ye Qiu couldnt hide the joy in his heart.

After working hard for so long, the time to repay was finally coming.

What really moved him was not the Demon Subduing Pestle, but Linglongs Chaos Immortal Treasure, the Trident.

That was a Chaos Immortal Treasure! Even a casual critical hit was a heaven-defying divine item.

Ye Qiu didnt expect such an unexpected gain.

What kind of Critical Hit Return would a Chaos Immortal Treasure trigger Was it a supreme Chaos Immortal Treasure, or a legendary divine weapon A holy artifact


Ye Qiu became even more impatient.

He couldnt sleep today if he didnt activate it.

He might as well go all out today.

He didnt need any cushions and went all out.

With a cold ding, [Ding…]

[Congratulations, you have triggered ten thousand times critical strike and obtained a holy sword, Godslayer!]

“Holy… Holy Sword”

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