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“This is f*cking making do” Qi Wuhui couldnt help but curse.

Youre too f*cking pretentious.

Why did I even believe you Youre talking so seriously, so I thought you were really making do.

As the trident erupted with supreme light, the entire Violet Cloud Peak was surrounded by this holy light.

The entire venue erupted.

“Heavens! Another Chaos Immortal Treasure…”

No one dared to believe that themaking do Ye Qiu mentioned was like this.

That was a Chaos Immortal Treasure.

How could he dare

Not to mention them, even Ye Qiu was shocked.

He could not believe that this trident was actually the legendary Chaos Immortal Treasure.

No, to be precise, it was only a Chaos Immortal Treasure in Linglongs hands.

If it was in the hands of others, it would still be a supreme-grade immortal artifact, far from reaching the level of a Chaos Immortal Treasure.

It could be said that Linglong had unleashed its potential, completely stimulating the terrifying power sealed in the artifact.

At this moment, Ye Qiu was shocked! He looked at Linglong in disbelief.

Her petite body used all her strength, and her face was red.

She almost couldnt hold this trident.

“Phew…” After taking a deep breath, Linglong removed the weight on her body.

The trident regained its peace and its aura was restrained.

Its aura had also returned to the level of a supreme-grade immortal artifact, unable to continue pushing the power in the weapon.

Because her cultivation level was too low, she was unable to support this huge power.

It almost exhausted all the power in her body in just a few minutes.

Ye Qius heart ached when he saw that her face was covered in sweat and she looked like she was struggling.

He saw that she still wanted to try.

Ye Qiu hurriedly stopped her and said, “Alright, Linglong, theres no need to try anymore.”

Linglong was puzzled.

She looked up at her master in confusion.

She had yet to have enough fun.

Just now, she had already sensed that the origin power in the trident was connected to the power in her body by blood.

She was very excited.

She still wanted to completely stimulate the power in the weapon and see how powerful it was.

Unexpectedly, her master interrupted her and stopped her from trying.

She could not help but feel disappointed.

However, she did not hesitate.

Since her master did not let her try, she would secretly try when her master was not around.


She was secretly delighted.

Her big watery eyes darted around as if she was thinking about something.

No matter what, she liked this trident very much.

It was as if this weapon was tailor-made for her and she could not bear to part with it.

With this weapon, she could bid farewell to the label of Violent Bobby in the future.

“Hehe, it should hurt a lot to hit someone with this, right” Linglong wanted to find someone to try the damage, but after walking around and not finding a suitable candidate, she reluctantly dispelled this thought for the time being.

If everyone knew what she was thinking, they would probably vomit blood from anger.

Damn it, you actually just want to use such a divine weapon to smash people What a waste!


Taking a deep breath, the masters felt their scalps go numb and the pressure multiply as they looked at the divine weapon in Linglongs hand.

It seemed difficult to gloss over what they had said just now.

They could feel the burning gazes of the disciples behind them.

They wished they could come forward and pull them apart to see if they still had any treasures hidden but were unwilling to take them out.

“Its fine, its fine.

Isnt there another one Not everyone on Violet Cloud Peak has an immortal artifact.”

At this moment, Qi Wuhui felt guilty and looked at the innocent Little Mengli.

Everyones eyes lit up when they heard this.

Thats right, there was another one who was alone.

“Yes, yes, yes.

Senior Brother, I think what you said makes sense.”

“No matter what, this Linglong is still our savior.

How many times has she saved the world

“She deserves this gain.

Its not too much to give her a holy artifact.”

The few masters spoke confidently and guiltily.

That expression seemed to be saying, “Dont just watch.

Thats what she deserves.

If you want it, go and save the common people if you have the ability.”

The corners of the disciples mouths twitched and they sweated when they saw their masters guilty expressions.

Shameless old thieves.

So what if they were poor Why didnt they admit it and find such an excuse

However, they felt much better when they saw that Little Mengli did not have a decent weapon.

This statement seemed to convince the crowd.

However, in the next second,

“Oh, right…” Ye Qiu suddenly woke up and said.

Everyones originally calm hearts immediately had an ominous feeling when they heard his shout.

No way No one played like this.

Are you done Youre making things difficult for us.

Ye Qiu secretly laughed in his heart when he saw their ugly expressions.

Originally, he had planned to give these things to his disciples and trap them.

However, if this kind of thing was made public, it would more or less forcefully show off.

Ye Qiu was too embarrassed to invite them over to take a look.

Unexpectedly, they came knocking on his door.

Then there was no choice.

He had to show off today.

Ye Qiu looked at the innocent Little Mengli and smiled.

“Mengli, Grandmaster came back in a hurry this time and didnt prepare any gifts for you.”

As he spoke, he took out a Demon Subduing Pestle and said, “Coincidentally, some time ago, when Grandmaster was exploring the True Dragon Lair, I was lucky enough to obtain this Dharma treasure.

Ill give it to you today to use.”

As soon as these words were spoken, the entire place fell silent.

After a short silence, Qi Wuhui cursed, “Ye Qiu, thats enough.

Damn it, lets go!”

They couldnt sit still anymore when they saw the Demon Subduing Pestle in Ye Qius hand.

If this continued, their status and dignity in the hearts of the disciples would be completely overturned.

Qi Wuhui was furious.

He turned around and pulled Qi Hao away, but Qi Hao looked at him eagerly and did not want to leave.

In a fit of anger, Qi Wuhui slapped him.

Qi Hao was stunned.

He was carried away by his father aggrievedly.

“Pfft…” Seeing this scene, Lin Qingzhu couldnt help but laugh.

This Martial Uncle Qis temper was still the same as before.

Seeing Qi Wuhui slip away, Meng Tianzheng also smiled awkwardly and turned around to look at his precious disciple, Liu Qingfeng.

Fortunately, Liu Qingfeng was indeed the Eldest Senior Brother.

His mentality was quite good.

His expression did not change at all.

He understood his master.

Meng Tianzhengs tears streamed down his face.

He was very gratified.

Just as he was about to speak, Liu Qingfeng suddenly said, “Master, its fine.

I know that youre very poor and cant take out any powerful Dharma treasures.

I dont care at all.”

With this sudden sound, Meng Tianzheng staggered and almost fell.


Who was poor Damn it, just you wait.

Ill sell everything to prove my strength.

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