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Ye Qiu suddenly took out a trident with a faint smile.

The light of the Sea God instantly bloomed, and in an instant, a terrifying aura spread out.


In an instant, everyones faces turned incomparably pale.

They stared in disbelief at the trident in Ye Qius hand.

“Heavens, this is… the once glorious Immortal Ancient divine weapon, the Trident!”

“How… how is this possible”

“F*ck, be a human, okay This is calledmaking do”

For a moment, everyone was dumbfounded and in disbelief.

So this was what Ye Qiu meant by making do He was too f*cking pretentious.

They couldnt take it anymore.

Originally, they really believed in Ye Qiu.

That he would casually take out a weapon to brush Linglong off and play with children.

Unexpectedly, he really took out a supreme-grade immortal artifact.

Moreover, from the looks of it, this weapon seemed to be even more terrifying than the one in Lin Qingzhu and Zhao Waners hands.

At this moment, everyone could no longer remain calm.

“Phew, this is too terrifying.

This terrifying suppression makes it difficult to breathe…”

“Could this be the legendary divine weapon, the Trident”

“Didnt this divine weapon fall into the hands of the Nine Nether Ao Clan during the chaotic battle of the Immortal Ancient Its an inheritance treasure that has been passed down for generations.

Why is it in his hands”

For a moment, everyone was stunned.

Most of them had learned the story of this divine weapon from ancient books and knew very well the origin of this divine weapon.

What they couldnt figure out was that this divine weapon of ancient inheritance actually appeared in Ye Qius hands.

They could clearly feel an especially strange array order coming from the trident.

It was the Nine Nether Ao Clans intrinsic inherited precious technique, the spatial order runes.

This was because this divine weapon had gradually been tainted by the power of space and time laws after many years of nurturing by this clan.

If this clan used this weapon, it could better match their own laws and better unleash the power of the trident.

Back then, Ye Qiu had spent a lot of effort to take this thing from Ao Han.

Ye Qiu was considered someone who had truly seen the power of the trident and understood it deeply.

He had roughly estimated that the power of this divine weapon was definitely not as simple as a supreme-grade immortal artifact.

After obtaining this divine weapon, Ye Qiu had studied it many times and discovered that for so many years, the Searing Golden Ao Clan had always used this divine weapon wrongly.

It was not a nomological divine weapon at all, but a pure strength-type divine weapon.

Its weight had reached a terrifying 100 million pounds.

How much did the Linglong Hammer weigh That was only a million pounds.

It was a hundred times more than it.

If it was placed on the ground, it could easily create a bottomless pit.

Moreover, that divine weapon contained an endless power sealed in shackles.

Ye Qiu had tried to undo that seal, but he discovered that he couldnt undo it at all.

This was because the seal was very special.

Only the person it acknowledged could resonate with it and unleash its true power.

Clearly, Ye Qiu wasnt this person.

No one knew the true origin of the trident.

He only knew that it had once appeared in the Immortal Ancient Battlefield, but after that battle, it had fallen into the hands of the Searing Golden Ao Clan.

Ye Qiu also wanted to see if Linglong could stimulate the true power of this trident.

If she could, he would really be rich.

“Come! Linglong, from today onwards, this weapon is yours.”

Linglong was overjoyed when she heard Ye Qius loud announcement.

“Yeah, Master is the best.” Linglong looked at the trident in her masters hand excitedly.

She rubbed her palms together and liked it very much.

She took a fancy to this weapon at first glance.

It felt like it was tailor-made for her.

Its appearance was mighty and domineering, and it had a domineering aura.

It should be very fierce to use this thing to smash people, right

“Hehe…” A happy smile appeared on her face.

Linglong took the trident and suddenly felt a force of gravity.

She staggered and almost fell into the snow.

“Ah…” Fortunately, Linglong reacted quickly and exerted strength in time to stabilize the situation.

Otherwise, it would be extremely embarrassing.

“What a heavy club.” Linglong commented seriously.

Her face turned red as she looked at the trident in her hand.

Clearly, she was using all her strength.

The corners of everyones mouths twitched and three black lines seemed to appear on their faces.

Club Was this a f*cking club

Everyone was shocked and stared fixedly at Linglong.

The moment she held the trident, suddenly, a strong light erupted.

“This is…”

In an instant, everyones expressions changed drastically.

Ye Qiu was overjoyed.

There was really a change He was in disbelief.

It was as if his guess had been verified.

He immediately became excited.

In less than a moment, Linglong had a resonance with the trident, and she adapted to the weight of the trident.

Suddenly, a terrifying power erupted from the trident.

A soaring aura suppressed the Nine Heavens.

The light covered Qin Chuan.

That world-shaking power attracted ten thousands of lightning bolts.

Ye Qiu was incomparably shocked when he saw this commotion.

He deeply understood that the power that had been sealed in the trident for many years had really been activated by Linglong.

Yes, the moment Linglong held the trident, she felt the connection of blood and soul.

It was as if the trident was her weapon.

She did not need to spend any effort to refine it.

As soon as she obtained it, she obtained the recognition of the trident.

“Ah!” Suddenly, Linglong, who had been silent for a long time, let out a furious roar, as if she was enduring some pain.

That terrifying power was a little unbearable for her body.

She waved her hand with all her might and instantly released a destructive power.

“Oh no!”

The sudden change shocked Ye Qiu.

He looked in the direction Linglong slashed.

Fortunately, it wasnt the Great Desolate World, but the sky.

However, a crack suddenly appeared in the distorted void and a natural chasm was forcefully cut down by Linglong.


Seeing this scene, everyone present was instantly shocked.

They could not believe that the power of this trident was actually so terrifying.

Just as they were feeling puzzled, the trident suddenly emitted a blue light that was dazzling.

As that terrifying immortal power spread out, the entire venue instantly stirred.

“Chaos Immortal Treasure! Hiss…”

Wasnt that incomparably familiar aura the aura emitted by the Overlord Halberd in Ye Qius hand In terms of aura, it seemed to be much weaker than the Overlord Halberd, but it already had some immortal power of a chaotic immortal treasure.

“H-how is this possible

At this moment, no one could remain calm.

It turned out that this trident was not a supreme-grade immortal artifact, but a fully deserving Chaos Immortal Treasure.

To be precise, it happened to be between a supreme-grade immortal artifact and a Chaos Immortal Treasure.

After Linglong stimulated its sealed power, it directly sublimated and reached the level of a Chaos Immortal Treasure.

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