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The instant the Ten Directions Star entered the array, it caused the entire altar to tremble.

At this moment, a shocking murderous aura erupted.

The Lord of the Nether Clan panicked and tried to analyze this array formation.

Looking at his surprised expression, Ye Qiu sneered, “Are you very surprised This is a gift I carefully prepared for you.”

The Lord of the Nether Clan turned around and looked at him.

His eyes revealed deep killing intent as he snorted coldly.

“Hmph! Youre deliberately mystifying things! Its just a mere killing array.

It looks gorgeous, but its flashy without substance.

Are you hoping to use this array formation to win this battle Then you might be disappointed.”

Hearing the Lord of the Nether Clans disdainful tone, Ye Qiu smiled and didnt say anything.

His gaze stopped on the ten geniuses of the Nether Clan.

It was an undead killing array.

It was shockingly vicious and powerful.

In terms of aura, it was not inferior to Ten Directional Nirvana at all.

From the looks of it, the battle between the two was still in an evenly matched state.

However, Ye Qiu was extremely confident in his killing array.

Then, he said, “In that case, why dont we increase the bet”

“Hmm How do we do that”

The Lord of the Nether Clan was immediately interested.

His Nether Clan had suffered heavy losses in this battle, and the price they had paid was too great.

It would be best if he could recover some of his losses.

Ye Qiu looked meaningfully at the drop of divine blood circling in the sky and revealed an evil smile.

“Well bet on this drop of Monarchs blood!”

As soon as these words were spoken, the Lord of the Nether Clans pupils constricted, and he could no longer hide his killing intent.

Ye Qiu wanted to cut off their lifeline

This drop of divine blood was the divine blood that nurtured a million living beings of their Nether Clan.

It was their origin blood.

Although the current Nether Clan had already escaped the control of the divine blood and become an independent existence, it was still a faith that the Nether Clan had worshiped for many years.

Ye Qiu actually dared to pay attention to this drop of divine blood.

What did he want to do

The Lord of the Nether Clan fell into deep thought.

He couldnt figure out what Ye Qiu wanted this drop of divine blood for.

This was a drop of divine blood that had been forgotten by the world.

It was a drop of blood left behind by that expert who had left far away since the Immortal Ancient.

Although it had been corroded by the darkness for tens of thousands of years, there was still a trace of the aura of that expert in its bloodline.

The Lord of the Nether Clan looked straight at Ye Qius body.

His eyes were deep, and it was unknown what he was thinking.

After a while, he said, “Using blood to sow the Dao I dont know what technique you cultivate, but I roughly guess that you want to use this drop of blood to cleanse your body and cultivate the Ten Thousand World Technique”

Ye Qiu smiled and didnt say anything.

This was the first time the Lord of the Nether Clan had seen such a strange technique after living for so many years.

Previously, when he first saw Ye Qiu, he was very surprised.

After a long time, he still couldnt see through how many secrets were contained in Ye Qius body.

However, he could feel that the technique Ye Qiu cultivated was extremely terrifying.

His future potential was unimaginable.

After thinking for a while, the Lord of the Nether Clan seemed to have made a decision.

Perhaps this was also a turning point for the Nether Clan.

They had relied too much on this drop of divine blood.

Over millions of years, they had already formed a faith and spiritual sustenance.

Perhaps, he could use this opportunity to completely escape the control of this drop of blood and become a completely independent race with its own consciousness.

“Alright! Ill bet this drop of blood.

Then, whats your bet”

The Lord of the Nether Clan looked at Ye Qiu with incomparably firm and confident eyes.

Clearly, he was prepared for anything.

Whether he won or lost, he could accept it.

It depended on whether Ye Qiu dared to accept it.

The two of them looked at each other and saw the burning fighting spirit in each others eyes.

The atmosphere had already reached this point, so there was no turning back.

Since he was betting, he would bet a little more.

Ye Qiu took out a golden fruit.

Because they were in a completely sealed world, therefore, no one knew what was going on except the two of them.

As the fruit materialized, a terrifying power of longevity instantly covered the entire world.

The face of the Lord of the Nether Clan instantly turned pale.

His gaze was dazed and adrift, but it quickly turned into greed and madness.

“Nether… Netherworld Fruit.

The legendary Netherworld Fruit of the three great treasures of the Netherworld.”

At this moment, he was completely crazy.

He never thought that Ye Qiu would take out a Netherworld Fruit to bet with him.

This was one of the most precious treasures in the world, one of the treasures of the Nine Heavens, the Netherworld Fruit.

What was the use of this Netherworld Fruit

One could say that.

As long as he could obtain this fruit, his invincible true body would be able to recover from the darkness and instantly return to his peak state.

Moreover, he would be able to break through the supreme legendary realm and lead the Nether Clan to return to their former peak.

Thinking of this, the Lord of the Nether Clan instantly became nervous, as if he could see himself returning to his peak.

He was overjoyed and excited.

“Good kid, youre ruthless! Ive lived for countless years and seen countless geniuses.

But most people only appear briefly.

There arent many who can leave a mark in history.

And there are even fewer people who can obtain my admiration.

Your courage today is enough to obtain my respect.

Alright, Ill risk my life to accompany you today.”

It had been countless years since the Lord of the Nether Clan was so crazy.

Because he had met someone who was even crazier than him, Ye Qiu.

He actually took out a Netherworld Fruit as a bet.

In all these years, the Lord of the Nether Clan had never seen anyone so crazy.

The hot blood in his heart seemed to have been activated.

It was rare for him to go crazy, so he would do it.

“Alright! Ill bet on this today!”

The Lord of the Nether Clan had completely gone crazy, and Ye Qiu had long entered a state.

If he wanted to bet, he would bet on the big one.

Compared to the Lord of the Nether Clan who was crazy about the Netherworld Fruit, Ye Qiu was even more determined to obtain that drop of divine blood.

That was the key step of his Dao establishment under the Dao of Blood.

Moreover, it was not because this drop of blood could help him improve his Dao techniques and achieve a supreme true body.

It was because ever since this drop of blood appeared, he had a vaguely familiar feeling in his heart.

It was as if it was a drop of blood flowing down his body, attracting him all the time and calling out to him.

Perhaps the only regret in Ye Qius heart would completely reach perfection because of this drop of blood.

Therefore, he wanted to bet! No matter the price, he had to obtain this drop of blood.


Seeing Ye Qiu so crazy, the Lord of the Nether Clan laughed wildly.

If there was wine here, he really wanted to drink with Ye Qiu.

He thought that he was already crazy enough, but he did not expect that there was someone in this world who was even crazier than him.

He suddenly admired this young man in his heart.


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