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Fang Xian is gambling!

Betting on the magic of ‘Swordsmanship’ also has flaws.

After all, his three-eyed evil-patterned white tiger, whose coercion can only spread to a kilometer range, would be unsustainable.

The same for the great master, the other party uses the heart to control the sword, and the body will not be too far away!

It is undoubtedly unwise to fight against the flying sword, you must find the enemy’s body!

If the bet is lost, nothing.

It is better to die on the way to pursue the scenery than to do nothing like in his previous life!

His white tiger aura spread out, and the spiritual strength of all the creatures contained in it was clearly visible.

“No, no, no…”

Fang Xian quickly distinguished and started to move.

At this time, the flying sword in the sky fell again.

“Roar! Roar!”

The three-eyed evil-patterned white tiger roared at the flying sword.

The ripples visible to the naked eye rolled, making the speed of the flying sword in the blue light seem to slow down a little.

For a master like Fang Xian, this little bit is the boundary between life and death!

He walked like a tiger, combined with the [Eye of the Mysterious Caverns] to observe the trajectory, kept dodging, and his body had become bloody.

”Huh Found it!”

During the high-speed movement, Fang Xian suddenly sensed a spirit.

This spirit is incomparably vast, beyond ordinary masters, and it seems to be connected with heaven and earth and has an inexplicable connection with that flying sword.

”It is the unity of heaven and man of the great master!”

Without hesitation, he pounced on the spot.

”Even if I die, I will drag you along!”

Fang Xian’s eyes seemed to be burning with flames, and he was about to fight to the death.

But at this moment, the flying sword in the sky suddenly accelerated, no longer attacking, but halted at a specific position.

”Is this going to protect the master Is there a flaw in this sword-fighting technique For example, when it is used, the user can’t move”

Fang Xian’s eyes brightened: “I just said, how can there be an invincible magical power in this world!”

”What a white tiger star lord, I’ll see you later.”

In a tree hole, the swordsman jumped out, with an amazing speed, and left quickly.

”He’s faster than me…”

Fang Xian chased after him for a while, then stopped: “It seems that today, there is only one great master who came to fight, and he is not sure that he can kill me… Next time, I will definitely call Shang Zhifan together, maybe there are traps… “

”It’s a pity that today’s opportunity, if the monk who came here was Monk Zhifan, he might have already been beaten to death by me…”

The sword moves lightly, and the movement method must be fast, while the one who cultivates hard skills must be slow in the movement method.

The great masters of the Brahma and Dao families are not Chinese cabbage, and there are only two in total.

In the future, 80% of them will be enemies.

Killing one is counted as one!

I can’t keep any of them alive today, and 90% that he himself will be treated like Chu madman in the future.

He stopped abruptly, dealt with the wound on his body, and sighed to himself.

This is him.

If it was Jade Dragon Beauty and the others, one of them would have to be cut off by the flying sword.

East of the Baiyun Mountains.

A big camp.

The flags covered the sky and the sun, and the soldiers even had a camp.

It was a camp with more than 100,000 troops.

Among them is a dragon flag, fluttering in the wind.

This is the camp where the emperor of the Yuanwu Kingdom took his own expedition.

Outside the central army tent, the original staff, the current national teacher Half Immortal Zhou stroked his beard and narrowed his eyes slightly: “The military is at its peak, and there is a dragon in the town, and it is invincible.

Yuanwu dominates the world, and the old way supports the dragon court Dao Gong has become…”

He secretly saw the national qi of the Great Morocco Kingdom, and they would be vulnerable in front of the Yuanwu Kingdom.

As for today’s grandmaster battle, the six factions have a high chance of winning, and there is also the Brahma and Taoism.

”What is the upperhand, this is the upperhand!”

”The destiny is in Yuanwu, and the upperhand is in me!”

Zhou Banxian wanted to laugh happily.

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Suddenly, on a whim, I thought of an arrogant and domineering back: “White Tiger Star Lord, how unwise you are, you took one wrong step…”

At this moment, a messenger rushed over: “Sir… Baiyun Mountain’s flying pigeons pass the book.”

”Oh The grandmaster battle has come to an end It’s time to go west.”

Half Immortal Zhou smiled, opened the information, and suddenly his hands were shaking: “The unaffiliated sect got a big victory Suspected as a great master Not good… I’m going to see your majesty… let him hurry…”

Roar! Roar!

At this moment, from the northwest corner of the camp, there was a sudden chaotic sound.

”There is an enemy rushing to the camp!”

The entire camp seemed to be ‘alive’ all at once.

The generals and captains were in armor, urging their subordinates to prepare for battle.

There are even martial arts masters affiliated with the Yuanwu Kingdom who performed qingong and rushed to the battlefield.

As one of the largest powers on the mainland, the army of Yuanwu has a strong military spirit and is well-trained even during peacetime.

”How dare the lord of Great Morocco come to attack the camp I underestimated him… But are all the scouts dead, how can reports weren’t given even when the enemy has reached the camp”

The original Second Prince, the current Emperor Yuanwu, dressed in golden armor, walked out of the big tent surrounded by many: “Beat the drums, and destroy the enemy!”

”Following your order!”

The sound spread far away.

Emperor Yuanwu narrowed his eyes in satisfaction.

But it didn’t take long for various battle reports to come quickly.

”Your Majesty, the Feihe Army has been broken through and suffered heavy losses!”

”Your Majesty, General Zhang Feihe died in battle, and the 18 Arhat of the royal family died in battle…”

”Your Majesty, the enemy has already destroyed the front camp, please quickly withdraw to the rear army!”

”I’m not leaving!”

Emperor Yuanwu’s face paled: “Who is the enemy”

”Only one!”

”It’s White Tiger Star Lord… Fang Xian!”

”It’s him!”

Half Immortal Zhou was shaken.

At this moment, there was a panic ahead.

He saw… a three-eyed white tiger with evil patterns visible to the naked eye, like a demon god coming into the world, rushing left and right in the army.

The black and red patterns on his body had an evil twist, which made everyone who saw it feel despair.

Within a kilometer range of the White Tiger, ordinary soldiers fell like harvested wheat.

Occasionally, a few with tenacity seemed to have turned into clay sculptures and stone sculptures, completely unable to move.

’Ordinary greatmasters don’t dare to fight the army alone, but I dare! ‘

Fang Xian’s footsteps were fast, and if someone dared to stand in front of him, he directly punched them to death.

’I have the White Tiger Dharma to suppress people for me.

Within a thousand meters, ordinary people will faint, and martial artists below the grandmaster level will be greatly weakened.’

Moreover, after the great master, he has reached the pinnacle of his horizontal martial arts cultivation.

Ordinary people’s swords and even bows and arrows fell on him, no matter how fast, they couldn’t hurt a single hair on him at all.

A variety of factors combined to create such a brilliant victory.

The power of one person can break through ten thousand armies!

There was even a dragon flag in sight.

”Protect the Emperor!”

In the shouting, an old eunuch with a feminine temperament and a group of congenital masters rushed out.

”Huh Grandmaster It’s a pity that it’s a little weaker…”

Fang Xian stepped out and opened his big hands: “Tiger-shaped search claws!”

The white tiger in mid-air absorbed a lot of blood, making it thicker and more agile, and pressed down with a paw.


In an instant, the master of the royal family’s secret collection exploded into blood mist.

Fang Xian took another step and snorted coldly, all the war horses fell to the ground in fright, foaming at the mouth.

”Emperor… do you still want to run”

He stopped in front of Emperor Yuanwu and Half Immortal Zhou, with a smile on his face: “The Grandmaster lost the battle, I’m here to get what I deserve.”

”I can order that Great Morocco be listed as a country not to be conquered.”

The former second prince took a deep breath.

”Unfortunately, I just want to take your life today.” Fang Xian sighed faintly, with the flicking of his fingers, the most powerful and ambitious emperor on the mainland died.

”No…impossible, the emperor has the spirit of a real dragon, and the destiny is in his body, how can he die that easily”

Half Immortal Zhou’s expression was pale, as if the emperor’s death had dealt him a great blow.

”Supernatural power is no match for karma, so you can go too!”


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