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Chapter 113: You can’t be strong on such a small girl, right

Luo Qingshan asked Nie Changping to find a way to find out about Magistrate Yang.

Nie Changping was originally a person who was afraid of chaos in the world.

He knew that Magistrate Yang had provoked the prince, so he immediately responded with a smile.

Luo Qingshan returned to the inn with Xiao Xixi.

Xiao Xi felt a little hungry, looking for food everywhere, and finally pulled out a box of snacks from the salute.

She bought this easily on the way here.

Xiao Xixi asked the buddy to boil a pot of tea.

The man said embarrassedly: “It is said that there must be tea, but recently we have had a drought here and there is very little water, so…”

Xiao Xixi: “How much is it”

“A penny of silver and a pot of tea.”


The buddy immediately ran to the stove house and brought out a pot of tea for her.

Xiao Xixi asked him to keep the account and give the money together when he checked out later.

The guy said happily.

Xiao Xixi carried the teapot into the house and saw His Royal Highness the Prince sitting by the window, looking out the window, motionless, the afterglow of the setting sun fell on him, plating him with a warm glow.

This picture is quite seductive.

Xiao Xixi walked over, sat down opposite him, and poured him a cup of tea.

The tea is a bit muddy, and the tea is also the cheapest kind of big leaf tea, both in taste and colour, it is very poor.

Luo Qingshan only glanced at it, but did not touch the teacup.

Xiao Xixi ate two pieces of pastry, and when she saw that he was still motionless, she tentatively asked, “Isn’t Your Highness happy”

Luo Qingshan said lightly: “I’m really not happy.”

“Why don’t I sing you a song to make you happy”

Luo Qingshan decisively refused: “No need.”

Xiao Xixi made persistent efforts: “What about telling jokes”

“I don’t want to hear your jokes.”

Xiao Xi sighed: “It’s really hard for you to coax.”

Luo Qingshan looked at her with cold and deep eyes: “You said, do those people treat you as a fool to coax”

“But you are not a fool, you are His Royal Highness the clever Prince Bingxue, they can’t fool you.”

“If Gu hadn’t come here quietly in advance, they might have deceived him.

Under the guise of loneliness, they made a lot of money and forcibly recruited strong men, causing grievances among the people.

These grievances of the people will eventually focus on Gu’s body.

The people will think that Gu is a faint person who doesn’t know the suffering of the people and only knows how to eat, drink and have fun.

Gu’s reputation will be ruined a little bit without even knowing it.”

Xiao Xixi comforted: “Don’t worry, Your Highness, you have to think on the bright side of everything.

Maybe your reputation has been ruined a long time ago”

Luo Qingshan: “……”

He looked at her blankly, his eyes chilly.

Xiao Xi smiled Hehe: “Just kidding, don’t take it seriously.”

Luo Qingshan didn’t want to talk to her anymore.

Xiao Xixi ate a piece of pastry and took a sip of tea, and soon she was full.

She lay down on the bed and was about to sleep, but as soon as she closed her eyes, she heard a knock on the door.

It was Nie Changping who came back.

He also brought back a little girl who was twelve or thirteen years old.

The little girl’s hair was scattered, there was a bright red slap mark on her left face, her collar was also torn open, her eyes were red, and she looked pitiful.

Xiao Xixi looked at the little girl and then at Nie Changping, her expression became extremely complicated.

“Little Prince, no matter how hungry you are, you can’t be strong on such a small girl, right How old are you ”

Her eyes seemed to be looking at an animal.

Nie Changping’s face flushed: “You, how can you stain people’s innocence out of thin air”


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