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Chapter 16 - Preparation and Training(2)

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As the ship continued on to its destination, Frey developed a friendship with Peran. He was a much nicer man than Frey had thought and he turned out to be the best type of person to make your friend.

They quickly felt like they were very much alike.

Compared to Frey, Peran could only be considered a baby, but he had never been biased when it came to making friends. If that was true then he wouldnt have been able to survive after thousands of years.

Thanks to that, the time was well spent.

In the blink of an eye, the Cortez arrived in Kausymphony.

As they disembarked from the ship, Peran spoke seriously to Frey.

“Frey, make sure you come to my family when youre done. Dont make me a coward without honor.”

Peran laughed bitterly as he continued.

“Actually, Id have liked to invite you right away, but it seems that my family has been discussing an engagement recently.”

“Youre really popular.”

“Haha. Thats not a good thing. I respect my father deeply, but I wish hed fix the fact that he enjoyed throwing parties sometimes. I dont know how many times Ive heard about engagements.”

As he said this, Peran looked tired.

“This time its with people from the Luanoble Kingdom…”

“The Luanoble Kingdom”

Frey didnt know anything about it but Peran nodded and continued speaking since he didnt realise that.

“It will be the young daughter of the Aquarid Family. Honestly, I dont know if shell like me. Her family is large and has produced countless knights with amazing skills while her fiance will only be a weak mage.”

“Make use of your handsome face. Most women would be distracted when you smile.”

“Im worried it might seem cheap.”

The two of them laughed after sharing a glance.

“Then Ill go now. Frey, I wish you good luck.”


Frey nodded.

Peran left soon after.

A group of four students approached Frey again.

He thought they were coming to pick a fight, but their faces made him think otherwise.

“Frey Blake, thank you for your help. I will make sure to repay this debt.”

“Thank you very much.”

“Thank you.”

They didnt mind lowering their heads in gratitude.

Only then did Frey realise that when he was supposed to screen the students, these few were the ones who didnt humiliate themselves.

Frey shook his head.

“Its not something you need to thank me for.”

“We dont think so.”

“When you have time, stop by my family. I will take care of you to the best of my ability.”

They were no longer treating Frey like the loser from the academy.

Their clear eyes showed their deep respect for him.

Frey nodded at them and made sure to remember their family names. He didnt realise it then, but they were actually the children of some very powerful families.

Next came Mac.

He took off his hat and bowed his head politely.

“I owe you so much Mr Frey.”

“It was nothing.”

“No. What would have happened without Mr. Freys help…I dont even want to imagine it.”

Mac looked at Frey with a sincere expression and Frey could only smile in return.

“I wish the Cortez a safe journey.”

“Thank you. If I have the chance, I will see you again when you return to the academy.”

After saying those words, Mac took his leave.

Frey looked around, but it seemed that no one else had any business with him.

Only then could he finally take a glance at Kausymphony.

As he walked past a group of carriages, Frey muttered quietly to himself.

“The population is clearly larger than it was in the past.”

The population density was very high.

Frey looked around and admired the scenery in the city.

There hasnt been a large amount of changes, but it is definitely different.

There was a large difference in certain details, such as the style of the buildings, the streets and the fashion.

But it still didnt make sense since that kind of change could happen within 10 or so years.

What did he do to stop human development

The most valid explanation was that he suppressed the growth of strong human beings. But didnt that guy usually treat human beings like bugs

It was a little strange.

I will probably need to meet him in person and ask him myself.

In order to do this, the first step was to find out about the past. Something that could only be done a step at a time.

That was it.

When he had been Lucas, Frey had nothing to fear.

Even beings who had supreme confidence in their strength were nothing but bugs in front of his towering might.

But there were others that even he couldnt beat. And they were likely to still be alive even now.

They grew older at a much slower pace when compared to humans.

Even so, 4000 years had passed.

He didnt believe that they all wasted that time.

As he thought about this, Frey suddenly had the feeling that the road ahead of him was filled with uncertainties.

He felt a little helpless but he shook his head soon after.

There was no reason for him to rush his thinking.

No one knew that he was back anyway. He just needed to advance slowly, step by step.

No one knows Im back. That is my biggest advantage.

Frey decided to head to the Warp Stone first.

Because it was at the center of the city, Frey was able to arrive there easily by following one of the main roads.

Then he spoke to one of the guards near the Warp Stone.

“I would like to use the Warp Stone.”

“Do you have anything to prove your identity”

Frey took out an identification certificate.

The guard examined the certificate closely before nodding.

“So you are a student of the Westroad Academy. Please tell me your destination.”


“Please wait a moment.”

After the guard said that, he began taking out some documents before handing them over.

After Frey glanced over it, he realised that it was a kind of timetable/schedule.

I see. So I couldnt go right away if I wanted to, I need to set a time similar to a ship or a wagon.

It was an efficient system.

Frey was in admiration once again.

It was then that the guard looked up at him and said,

“The earliest departure is tomorrow afternoon.”

Frey nodded.

“Id like to join then please.”

“The fee is 15 gold. You need to pay 5 gold in advance.”

It would have been some trouble if he had only had 20 gold coins.

Frey took out a platinum coin.

This was something that most commoners might not see in their entire lifetimes, but the guard wasnt surprised and accepted the platinum coin easily, giving him 95 gold coins in return.

The Warp Stone was something that was often used by the nobles, so it really wasnt a surprise that the guard was used to seeing them.

“Tomorrow when you come make sure to give this to the guard stationed. Please keep in mind that it wont be reissued in the event that you lose it.”

Frey put away the yellow ball that the guard gave him as he walked away from the Warp Stone area.

Tomorrow afternoon.

There was still a lot of time.

Frey looked down at his body. He was wearing the student uniform of the Westroad Academy.

It wasnt uncomfortable, but it also wasnt comfortable either.

Besides, there were some bloodstains on it from the pirates.

Its not suitable for a trip to the mountains.

The search for Schweisers dungeon would only begin after he reached 6 stars. So all Frey needed to do was practice.

After about a month of practice, he should then have all the mana he needed to advance to the 6 star stage.

To stay in the wild, he would need comfortable clothes, tools and food.

Thanks to Peran, he had a lot of money, so it would be better if he bought the things now since he was in a big city.

Frey began searching for a store.


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