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Persuasion - If the Emotions Were Really That Deep, How Could Husband and Wife Get to That Point (1)

In her room, Chu Ning took the soup that Liu Kang had sent from the Feishuang Palace and drank it in one go.

Cui He took the empty porcelain bowl and immediately put the included candied fruit into the other’s mouth.

The sweet taste spread and gradually suppressed the bitterness.

Chu Ning leaned on her platform seat with her head half-supported.

"Superintendent Liu is very thoughtful." Cui He put away the food tray, and her mood relaxed after seeing the other’s lazy appearance.

"After all, he has been serving the royal family for years without a solid backing, so he naturally has a lot of service experience." Chu Ning folded her arms and lay down on the soft pillow, allowing her waist to stretch for a moment.

"I heard that he had some connections with the Emperor’s biological mother Concubine Wei many years ago, so the Emperor chose him to be the chief eunuch."

It was precisely this kind of person—thoughtful and knowing how to handle things—who could grasp Xiao Kezhi's eccentric temperament.

She closed her eyes slightly, thinking about what happened in the pond just now, and felt that although she was tired, she had also made herself comfortable.

Xiao Kezhi's reaction to this matter was completely opposite to his usual cold face.

While energetic, he was also very enthusiastic and arrogant.

This should be regarded as a good thing - saving her the need of flattering and ingratiating.

As long as he was allowed to control, he would be able to appreciate the beauty.

For some reason, even though she had to work hard to figure out the other person's mind, she felt that being with Xiao Kezhi was more comfortable than when being with Xiao Yu.

Cui He saw that she was lying on the couch and was about to massage her waist when someone announced, "Your Highness, Madame Lu Guo is here."

Chu Ning was stunned for a moment and glanced at the sky.

Although she didn't know what Madame Xu was doing, if she came here so late, there should be something urgent.

She asked Cui He to dress her and wipe her wet hair, then went to the front hall.

"Her Highness!" Although Madame Xu had only waited for a moment, she was already a little uneasy.

When she saw the other person coming out, she rushed up and blurted out, "Her Highness forgive me, I shouldn't have come to disturb you at night, but there is something wrong…"

Chu Ning poured the other a cup of tea with her own hands, motioned for her to sit down, and said slowly, "I know that Madame is not an unreasonable person, and would only come here at this time if there were something important.

Don't worry, just take a sip of tea and speak slowly.”

Madame Xu glanced at Chu Ning's wet hair and blushing cheeks as well as the hastily put-on robe, which made it seem like the other had just gotten out of the bath.

Her face could not help but feel embarrassed and regretful.

But she was anxious, and without being ashamed and embarrassed, she explained what was the matter.

It turned out to be Guoer.

She was a little uncomfortable when they arrived at the Hot Spring Palace because they were on the road during the day.

After dinner, she suddenly vomited and her body temperature rose.

Duke Lu originally wanted to summon Feng Yu to check up on his daughter, but it was already nighttime.

Except for the Emperor, the Crown Prince, and the Empress Dowager, ordinary relatives and nobles were not allowed to invite or summon others.

Madame Xu thought about it.

She was afraid that the Emperor was still busy with other things, and she did not dare to visit the Emperor without authorization, so she came to the Crown Prince’s Consort and begged her to summon the Imperial doctor.

This was a reasonable thing.

Chu Ning immediately took the token of the Crown Prince’s Consort and asked someone to summon Feng Yu.

"I came at an untimely time to disturb Her Highness's soaking in the springs." Madame Xu finally absolved herself of some guilt and shame.

She glanced at the other with a blushing face, as if she was amazed, and muttered, "Your Highness’s beauty is really a gift from God.

She doesn’t even need to groom herself to be so beautiful..."

Chu Ning pursed her lips and smiled.

She didn't hear the second half of the sentence, and only said, "The timing of Madame's arrival is just right, neither too early nor too late."

If she came early, she would have met Xiao Kezhi.

If she came late, Guoer might have been in serious trouble, so this was indeed the best time.

Madame Xu didn't understand the deep meaning of her words, so she only echoed it awkwardly.

After Feng Yu arrived, she thanked her again and hurried back.


Since Qi Mu left the Feishuang Palace, his suppressed anger never subsided.

On one hand, he wanted to find an opportunity to give Xiao Kezhi some warnings about the influence of the Qi family in the court, but on the other hand, he couldn't help but think of Xiao Kezhi's cold and sharp eyes.

He also recalled the gray wolf he had witnessed before, and the memory of it biting people's necks in public shook him to the core.

After thinking about it, he finally went to Yichun Hall after the court meeting on the second day to meet the Empress Dowager Qi.

In the Buddhist hall, Empress Dowager Qi just finished reciting today's scriptures, and she was being led back to her sleeping hall by Qi Chenxiang.

When she saw him coming, she lifted her eyelids and passed the Buddha beads through her hands.

She commanded in a deep voice, "Sit down.

Don’t act so rashly anymore."

She obviously knew about his trespassing into the Feishuang Palace last night.

Qi Mu's face was a little ugly.

Facing his elder sister's slight accusations, he didn't dare to refute them and made his daughter leave with a sullen face.

Qi Chenxiang was always respectful and was about to retreat after saluting, but she was stopped by the Empress Dowager Qi, "Stay, Sixth Niece.

What your father wants to say must be related to the Emperor.

You should also listen."

Qi Chenxiang stopped in her tracks, stood beside her aunt again, and listened quietly with her eyes cast down.

Qi Mu blinked angrily and described how Xiao Kezhi rejected everyone from the list presented by the Ministry of Officials.

He then repeated their previous conversation word for word and summarized angrily, "Your Highness, the Emperor acted as if he did not attribute any importance to our Qi family or the other numerous ministers of Great Liang!"


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