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In Public—It is I, the Emperor, Who Lost My Mind (1)

The hooves flattened the icy ground covered with dead branches and leaves.

She sat firmly on the saddle, holding the reins in one hand and balancing outward with the other.

The ribbon on her riding suit whipped the air.

Xiao Kezhi chased after her, his deep eyes staring at the sassy and heroic figure in front of him like a wolf chasing its prey in the field.

But the prey being chased did not panic at all.

She immediately turned her head and smiled at him, the hair on her temples fluttering in the wind.

“Now, what does Your Majesty think”

The golden sunlight projected through the branches overhead, engulfing her whole body with a flickering radiance.

This woman was like the stars and moon in the sky.

Every time he looked up, she seemed different, surprising and amazing.

An intriguing smile flashed on his stern face, and the legs that clamped the horse’s belly couldn’t help but urge the horse to speed up even more.

Two horses galloped one after the other by the uninhabited stream, untiringly participating in this game of chase.

Xiao Kezhi seemed to be playing with Chu Ning on purpose.

After she had run enough, he suddenly accelerated again, catching up with her when she was not paying attention.

He suddenly leaned out from the horse and hugged her with one arm, carrying her directly off the mahogany horse onto his.

She couldn’t help but let out a low sigh, subconsciously grasping the saddle in front of her with both hands.

There was a low chuckle behind her.

In the blink of an eye, he had reined in both horses, wrapped his arms around her waist, hugged her back tightly into his arms, lowered his head to her ear, and asked, “Have you had enough Your horsemanship is good, but still not as good as mine.”

The wind was cold, but the embrace behind her was hot.

His hot and humid breath brushed past her ears, making her unable to help straighten her back in his arms, and her wind-cooled cheeks gradually burned.

“This niece’s little tricks naturally dare not compare with Your Majesty’s ability.”

The two were tightly attached, making him easily aware of her subtle changes.

His arms around her waist tightened, and her thin back was plastered to his broad and sturdy chest.

As the horse trotted, the temperature between the two rose little by little.

“It’s always your ‘little tricks’ that attract me.” The friction between the two was so intense that he couldn’t help but grit his teeth and bite the skin behind her ears, as if she had been intentionally seducing him.

Chu Ning couldn’t help shrinking and dodging, but she was amazed by the accusation in his words.

This person was like this every time—he clearly came but always pushed everything on her.

She simply let go, leaned against his chest hard, raised her head and kissed his chin until she couldn’t breathe, then said innocently, “Your Majesty, A‘Ning didn’t manipulate the situation today.”

She raised her blushing cheeks and looked at him aggrievedly with a pair of wet and misty eyes, which made him tremble, and he subconsciously pinched her slender waist.

Yes, she didn’t take the initiative to lead him to her today.

It was he who followed her voluntarily.

He deliberately ignored this fact, but he had to admit it under her reminder.

In fact, as soon as she and Guoer appeared on the racecourse, someone whispered the news to his ear.

He didn’t want to pay attention to her, but for some reason, the hunting that had excited him so much suddenly lost its appeal and became dull.

Even when he saw the deer galloping through the forest, it was her who came to mind several times—it reminded him desperately of one of her sly looks when she hurried away after trying to attract his attention.

He had no choice but to put down his bow angrily and approach the stables where she and Guoer were at.

And now, he appeared here in the empty wilderness, pulling her directly from the horse to his and holding her firmly.

Before, he was able to comfort himself that it was her who seduced him first, but this time, he had no excuses.

He had to admit that he really did take the initiative.

The truth was unavoidable, and the hazy feelings he had for her in his heart began to stir again, followed by an unspeakable sense of loss of control and frustration.

But the woman in his arms was still so beautiful and innocent, it was impossible to pick out the slightest mistake.

The complicated emotions in his heart immediately turned into annoyance.

He couldn’t help grasping her waist and turning her whole body around on the saddle, making her sit sideways in front of him.

“Your Majesty!”

Such a posture made it impossible for her to sit firmly on the saddle, so she could only whisper softly and hug him tightly, daring not to move.

He didn’t give her the slightest chance to breathe and wrapped an arm around her waist, grasping her chin with the other, lowering his head and kissed her lips forcefully.

The scorching breath blew through, kindling an invisible flame.

Her front placket was undone, and a cold wind rushed in quickly, making her tremble all over, and she couldn’t help begging him for mercy.

The next moment, she was swept into his warm and thick cloak.

His hot kisses penetrated the cold wind and fell densely on her neck and chest.

She was still trembling all over, but it was no longer because of the cold wind, but because of the heat burning her from the inside out.

“Yes, I am the one who has lost my mind today.” As if venting his anger, he forced her hands behind her back and tortured her with the fear of falling off with the jolting of the horse, “You seductress…”

She only felt powerless.

Her head was dizzy, and she aguely remembered that day in the dim candlelight of Liangyi Hall, he also scolded her as “seductress” and tried his best to torture her.

It was impossible for a person to make the same mistake twice.

She bit her lower lip hard, resisting the low groan that had reached her throat.

She tried her best to softly press her body against his chest, then raised her head and kissed his Adam’s apple, all the way down his neck.

He was so excited that he loosened his grip and immediately gave her a chance to take advantage.

His robes were quickly torn open, and two slender arms wrapped around him from the front.

Soft fingertips touched the skin behind his neck, and moved down little by little along the distinct joints on the spine.

Sometimes, her touch was light like a feather, while other times, it was as heavy as a cat’s paw, all the way to the very end.


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