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Chapter 6: Cannot Afford to Offend (1) (Part 1) Original translation is from tenderflower's blog.

Why did Xiao Lang have so much resentment towards her This problem had plagued Shu Lan for 5 years.

Regarding the matter of reincarnation, Shu Lan thought, you would die sooner or later anyway.

Look at how good Heaven had been to them, making them both have a good birth.

She had a father who loved her mother, an older sister who doted on her older brother, and her father and brother did all the heavy work at home.

If it was light they were handled by her mother and older sister.

She only needed to eat, sleep, sleep and eat.

Her only task was to act coquettishly to make her family happy.

As for Xiao Lang, he was suffering a little bit.

His mother Lan-shi died in childbirth 3 years ago and Uncle Xiao treated him much better.

No matter who proposed marriage to him, he would not want to marry a continuation for fear that he (XL) would be wronged.

Knowing Xiao Lang liked to hunt on the mountain, Second Uncle Xiao also indulged him, and the little life was free and leisure.

But why did he have to hold onto her

Because she hurt him in the previous life But that was also because he wanted to eat her, so she resisted.

Besides, the two of them died together, and neither owed anyone.

She didn't bother to pursue the grudges in her previous lifetime.

Why should he be petty

After thinking for a long time and not getting an answer, Shu Lan simply stopped thinking.

She turned over lazily and got up from the bed.

The sun had already reached her buttocks.

If she continued to sleep, she would only get a beating from her mother.

After so many years, Shu Lan had already mastered the limits of laziness.

Her mother could tolerate her skipping breakfast, but she would not let her miss lunch.

After washing her face with water, Shu Lan took the hair tie to find Shu Wan to help her comb her hair.

Seeing Qin-shi was washing clothes in the courtyard alone, she asked in confusion, “Mother, where is my older sister” Daddy must have gone out to see patients again.

Her older brother stayed at her uncle’s house in the town in spring to prepare for the rural examination in August.

It was normal for them not to be at home.

Qin-shi didn’t lift her head as she said, “Today, your father went to town, I asked your sister to follow him, and sent your older brother the summer clothes made a few days ago.

It’s getting hotter by the day.

I can’t let your uncle and them spend money.” Although they don’t lack this money.

Uncle’s house, Shu Lan sat on the small wooden stool under the eaves and thought silently.

In her impression, she had been to her uncle’s house several times.

Her grandfather was stern and fearful, but her grandmother was very kind.

Every time she went, she would hug her and kiss her a few times.

The two uncles and aunts liked her very much, and the cousins ​​also liked to play with her.

By the way, there were still grapevines in her uncle’s house, green grapes were sour, purple grapes were sweet...

However, no matter how good her uncle’s house was, Shu Lan didn’t like staying at her uncle’s house very much because she couldn’t sleep in there, otherwise, she would be laughed at, and more importantly, her mother would drag her out of the bed on time.

Moreover, since her uncle had a lot of families, she couldn’t take a nap secretly because they always disturbed her.

“Mother, then you tie my hair later.” Shu Lan said delicately, reaching out and yawning.

Qin-shi’s brows jumped.

She couldn’t hold back and threw the clothes into the basin, glared at her daughter, and said, “Look at you, it’s already your 10th birthday, you can’t even comb your hair at the most basic level.

When your older sister was your age, she washed clothes, cooked meals, and did everything for me.

Let me tell you, if you stay so lazy, be careful you can’t get married in the future!”

Shu Lan was accustomed to Qin-shi’s criticism and didn’t care.

She blinked and said, “Mother, why can’t I get married”

Original translation is from willkissonyou, tenderflower.

If you're not reading from tenderflower then it'd been stolen and posted without the consent of tenderflower.


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