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The Conquerors Path Chapter 1: the beginning

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Chapter 1: the beginning

In the azraeil empire, within the duchesss castle of the human realm there lays a boy within the mansion of the duchesss.The boy appears to be asleep within the bedroom, the room was the exact definition of the word “extravagant”.

The room was decorated with gold on the edges of the room with a wide space for at least 7 people to live.The boy appears to be about 8 years old with silver hair, Cubby cheeks,and a cute face.No doubt the boy would surely grow up to be quite the looker.

It would have been a harmonious scene if it werent for the boy continuously frowning and Turing in the bed as if he was in pain. The boy kept groaning until suddenly he jolts up clutching His head.

“What the hell, why does my head hurt so bad, whats going on”

“Arhhhhh….damn it, it hurts…..”

The “boy” suddenly jolts and starts Turing and tussling as if in great pain….

“Why does it feels like my mind is exploding…whats happening...”

He kept on screaming in pain for at least 10 minutes until the “boy” had gotten better…..

“Wow…uff, must have drunk a lot last night”the boy said currently lying flat on the floor,when he starts to realize that the sealing he is lookin at doesnt belong to him

“What the helll Did I drink so much that I came to the wrong house or am I hallucinating now”

Trying to stand up the boy fails and falls back. “Damn it my, muscles hurt like hell! did I get into a bar fight,no..no thats not important, the question is where the hell am I”

while laying down questing himself the boy notices a certain characteristic that he had failed to notice before, that is…everything looks big

no that cant be right,the truth was he became smaller,feeling a sense of dread coming upon him the “boy” raises his hands and takes a look

small,white and most of all smooth

suddenly a certain thought enters his mind, a concept which was extremly popular among light novels and webnovels

as an avid reader himself he had read his fair share of fantasy transmigaration novels

“no, it cant be real, its not possible” while the boy was having a meltdown and was trying his best to push such thoughts away.

a voice was heard, nailing his fantasies to reality


[scaning the current world…..]

[scaning completed…]

[welcome host!!!…..to your new life]

the system joyfully said not knowing that these words had destroyed the building hope within his host


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