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Chapter 08: The world of the internet is scary


“Can you guys see it properly Actually, I am checking over from my side, and it looks pretty good to me.”

Kanata made a new attempt to stream a video showing his hand for the first time today.

He was checking the video from a second spare terminal, different from the one he was streaming from, and to his surprise, the quality was really something.

(The swelling hasn’t gone down yet, so I’m putting this on, but it doesn’t look cool.

Well, that’s my fault for s******g up this morning.) 

[TLN: Actually, should it be last night]

The poultice he put on the back of his hand to make the swelling go down faster was very noticeable.

Some of the comments he received from the audience were crazy about the fact that he was live streaming his hands, while others were concerned about his injury.

[I messed up a little this morning.

Everyone, be careful with what you put on the shelves and stuff.]

That was enough to let people know what had happened, and many wished him well.

Now that the streaming has started, not much more was mentioned about this matter.

Thus it was time to read the messages. 

[I’ll be introducing some of my favourite and tastiest foods in the near future.

As usual, here goes today’s message.]

Kanata was feeling better than usual, having succeeded in streaming his hand.

The best evidence for this was the liveliness in his voice, which was easily noticeable to the listeners.

: W-wow, so this is Haishin-sama’s hand!

: … Haishin, let me hold it.

: Please wait for me, Haishin-sama.

I will be by your side in the near future!

[You guys are too excited just from seeing my hands.

Oh well, here’s the first message!]

While ignoring the people who reacted as usual in a sickening manner, Kanata read out the first message he got first. 

[Erm, what is it…]

[Haishin-sama! I apologize for the abruptness of this message.

I really wanted to get your advice, so I sent this. 

I am from the Principality of Randall, and I fear that my friend may get executed in a few days.]

[Oi-oi, that’s a serious matter!]

It was quite a disturbing first message.

The Principality of Randall is a country with a long history, although not as long as Sistol’s.

They also possess quite a large landmass and are advanced in magic equipment manufacturing.

Kanata, of course, has never been there, but Sistol and Randall are considered important countries with close trade relations inseparable from each other.

[To give you some details, that friend of mine is engaged to the son of a rather prestigious family.

My friend is not the type of girl who stands out much and is not that assertive, but she’s a very good girl and always worked hard for her fiancée.]

The text showed how much this sender cared about her friend.

Kanata was serious, but the audience was quieter than usual because of the content.

[However, such a girl got suddenly imprisoned for a crime that never happened.

They said she tried to kill her sister, which is ridiculous, and now she’s…

I protested that it was impossible, that there was some mistake, but no one would listen to me. 

They only seemed to believe her sister’s words and refused to listen to anything I had to say!]

[I see what you mean.]

There was still a bit of writing, but he stopped reading there.


[If I’m not wrong, quite a few people from the Principality watch this stream, right]

The comments section buzzed slightly after he asked. 

He saw a lot of messages from a lot of people saying they lived in the Principality, and some knew about the commotion.

[If there are any higher-ups in the Principality listening, hold off on that execution for now.


I’m an outsider, and I don’t really know what’s going on, but I’d like you to stop and think for a minute and try what I’m about to tell you.]

In all honesty, this situation was unravelling similarly to a story Kanata had read in a web novel in his previous life.

It’s a story about someone with some mysterious power that makes up a story to humiliate someone in particular and then has them executed for their crimes.

[The first thing I want you to do is to find out if anyone on her side is under some enchantment spell or something else.

Then, thoroughly check the sister to see if she has any special abilities.]

Kanata guessed that she was probably using some sort of charm-type magic.

If it’s not magic, although rare, there is a possibility that it could be a case involving a demon eye.

[Though many of you do not know, there are things like demon eyes in this world! If you think my words are ridiculous, then, by all means, try to look into it.


I mean, you can approach Sistol for that sort of thing If you can, by all means, let me know.

Maybe we can save an innocent life.]

: I’ll take care of it, Haishin-sama!

: I’ll send the instructions right away!

He saw something that caught his attention in the comments flowing at high speed but decided to let it pass for now.

He doesn’t know how this case will turn out, but from Kanata’s point of view, there is nothing more he can do for now.

[I hope it all works out for the best.

Let’s move on.]

However, Kanata secretly thought it wasn’t a bad idea to convey something like this in response to a crisis.

Well, the following message was… 

Kanata hesitated for a moment.

[Oh, come on, this isn’t a letter, it’s a threat, you know]

As he said, the contents of the letter he saw were threats against Kanata.

[Yo Haishin, I’m Kamakiri, someone who rules the band of thieves named Guilmes.

I don’t know if you’ll livestream this, but you’re getting too high lately, and that pisses me off.

People like you make me sick.

I swear I will find you and kill you.

Go sleep and shiver to death, you sonovabetch.]

[You are the fukeng sonovabetch.]

It’s probably jealousy, or maybe he was merely abhorred by Kanata’s existence.

Just as Kanata spoke, a huge amount of money was donated to him.

There are still a certain number of people who didn’t like it.

[You shouldn’t send threats like this, you know If this were back in the day, people would identify you and shove you in a pigsty.]

He went through that letter lightly, thinking it would only be words, after all.

But this fool had no idea what would happen to him now that he had said he was planning to kill their beloved Haishin, even if it was supposed to be a prank.

He was about to face a gruesome judgment by the beings who worshiped Haishin as a god.


In a place with noticeable signs of life at the end of a cave, many men were laying down on the floor.

A burly man ran out of the cave as if to escape.

“S**t! Why the h**l are those people even coming to this place! What’s with that, ‘for Haishin-sama’ It’s so creepy!”

The man’s name was Kamakiri, and he was the one who had sent threats to Haishin the previous day.

As usual, he was in the cave with his friends deciding on their next target when they got attacked in what could be called a surprise attack.

It is not unusual for bandits like the Kamakiri to get ambushed, but this time it was completely unexpected, and there were just too many of them.

“F**k! F**k, f**k, f**k, f**k! This is all because of that m**********r!”

The instant he said that Kamakiri felt a sharp pain in his leg and fell down on the spot.

He looked at his foot, which was in great pain, but his foot was nowhere to be found.

“Seriously, don’t make me have to do this again.”


It’s nothing but a hassle.”

There was a handsome man carrying a sword, a tall woman in a white robe, and a winged demon looking down at Kamakiri from the sky.

“Yare-yare, if humans are going to take care of things, I’m glad I don’t have to be involved in this.”

The winged demon had yet to show himself, but Kamakiri knew he was surrounded by three people.

Who were they really The answer is simple.

They were Maria, Alphana, and Shrouza‎’s subordinates, respectively.

It all started when Kamakiri revealed he was planning to kill Haishin in yesterday’s stream, which led to this tragedy.

“Killing Haishin-sama There sure are some irredeemable idiots in this world.”


The saint tried to come in person, but I requested her to leave this matter to me.”

… Well, it was no wonder because they were also the followers of Haishin.

They were lesser simps (soft believers) than Maria, Alphana, and Shrouza‎, but they were mad enough to make immediate judgments like this.

The truth is that Maria, Alphana, and Shrouza‎ were about to purge the bandits in person, but that would have been a bad idea, so they sent their subordinates instead.

From the man’s point of view, it was a self-inflicted and unfortunate incident, but it taught him a lesson that the online world is still a scary place.

He didn’t live to tell the tale, however.


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