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Chapter 07: Third Believer, Saint Alphana


It was a holiday that day.

Basically, Kanata’s days off are spent in his dorm room, but sometimes he goes outside for a change.

“Iyaa, it’s nice to take a walk on a sunny day like this.”

Kanata muttered as he ate the special bread in his hand.


Since there was nothing to do today, even if he stayed in the dormitory and the streaming started at night, Kanata went outside for a walk to eat.

The characteristic bread in Kanata’s hand was like a kebab he had eaten in a previous life.

It had a delightful balance of just the right amount of spiciness and vegetables, and he bought it the moment he found it because he was so drawn in by the taste.

“… Iyaa, that’s delicious.

It’s the best.”

He finished the first one with a crunch and was about to eat the second one.

“Hey, hey, missy.

You bumped me on purpose, you know”

“Please forgive me.”

Right in front of Kanata was a man arguing with a petite girl in a white robe.

Apparently, that girl bumped into the guy, and she apologized desperately, but he was not letting her go.

Kanata sighed a little at such a typical situation in the other world.

“… Haah.

There are no guards nearby.

Does this mean I’m the one supposed to save her”

“Could it be a revelation from God” Kanata thought to himself but then laughed, saying, “There’s no way it’d be!”

The Kanata in this world was neither a warrior nor a hero.

He is just a streamer.

Then someone would surely appear with the role of saving her… Well, it was impossible for Kanata to do nothing about the troubled, beautiful girl he could see even from a distance.

“Don’t be so cocky, old man.

It was just a bump.

And don’t tell me that you got broken bones just because this girl ran a little fast”

He intervened between the girl and the man.

“Who the h**l are you, little s**t”


The girl looked at Kanata with a blank stare, regardless of the man’s reaction.

Kanata felt a little uncomfortable as if he had missed something, but he decided to do what he had set out to do; to help her.

“Let’s just get this over with, old man.”


Kanata put magic in his palm and pulled the man’s hand away from the girl.


Kanata wasn’t physically strong, but he could become much stronger just by channelling the magical power into him.

The man, perhaps feeling that he had a disadvantage over Kanata, said a few harsh words and walked away.

“Damn, she could’ve at least apologized… right, young lady”


He didn’t know her name, and her body was quite small, so calling her young lady didn’t seem that far off.


Kanata could not identify her figure due to the draped robe, but he assumed that the slight protrusion around her chest area was a characteristic of her clothing.

Now, although he saved her, she kept staring at Kanata.

Kanata was unsure what to do with her gaze that seemed to hold something mysterious.

“What’s wrong”

“… Ah, nothing… I just found your voice familiar.”


Then Kanata wondered if it was possible.

Kanata had become reasonably well known in this world as Haishin.

So he wondered if his voice as Haishin had overlapped with his own.

(She just found my voice familiar, so there isn’t any problem.

But wait, is romance possible with a girl as cute as her if I were to expose myself a little)

He’s old enough to imagine such things, of course.

Well, that is just a reflection of Haishin’s popularity.

It did not mean that she had feelings for Kanata herself.

Thinking about that, Kanata dropped his smile.

“So, now that this is over, can I go I don’t think he’s coming back.”

“I’m fine! I could have fought him off by myself, but I was afraid that using too much force might injure him!”

“… Ah, so you’re of that type.”

Apparently, he didn’t have to help.

But then Kanata looked at the girl again.

She was wearing a drab robe and a veil of sorts, but her beautiful silver hair sparkled as it reflected the sunlight.

Her sky-blue eyes looked as beautiful as jewels, and such beauty seemed to represent her pure heart.

“What type I am not sure, but I can feel your kindness.

Thank you, the Nameless One.”

“No, no.

I mean, it’s fine because it feels good to help a beautiful girl.”

”Fufu, beautiful girl, you say I think Third Princess Maria is much more beautiful than I am.”

Well, her level is too high for him to begin with.

She is a beauty that Kanata would never have encountered in his previous life… or even existed in that world.

“… As expected of a fantasy world.”


“It’s nothing.”

Kanata scratched his head as if he was fooling around.

At that moment, the girl gasped.

She turned her eyes to the back of Kanata’s hand.

“What’s wrong with that”

“Eh Oh, this.”

On the back of his hand was a magic item used to heal wounds, similar to a poultice.

In fact, when he was rearranging his room last night, something heavy fell on his hand.

So this morning, the swelling hadn’t gone down, so he was wearing this pain-relieving item.

“Well, maybe tomorrow I’ll be better.”

“I see.

I hope you take care of yourself”

“… You’re such a sweet young lady.”

He was almost in tears at the girl’s kindness.

It was over the top, but Kanata stroked the head of a girl he thought was younger than him, but he immediately thought it was a bad idea and withdrew his hand.



“No, it’s fine.

Umm~ Perhaps you think I’m younger than you”

“… Huh Are you not”

“I may indeed be younger than you, but you have the atmosphere of the same age group that I often see.

I actually turned seventeen this year.”

“… We’re the same.”

He didn’t expect such a little girl to be his age.

Kanata’s height is about 170 cm, and the girl is probably less than 150 cm, so there was quite a difference between the two.

[EDN: For imperial system people, 170 cm = 5′ 7″, 150 cm = 4′ 11″]

“… My bad!”

“It’s totally fine.

I’m often told that I’m short compared to my age group.

But my body is mature, you know”


So she puffed up a bit of her chest.

There, Kanata saw an overwhelming bulge that didn’t fit her small figure, and he froze for a moment but quickly looked away.

”Fufu, I can also make adult-like gestures ♪.”

“… I see.”

Apparently, she may have a better personality than Kanata thought.

But then she looked down a little and blurted out something.

It was loud enough to be firmly conveyed to Kanata.

“I cleanse my body every day so that one day I can give it all to the One.”


“… Fufu, it’s nothing.

Well then, kind-hearted person, I’ll see you again when I have the chance.”


See you then.”

So they exchanged words, and Kanata parted with her.

Incidentally, he saw a cross-like accessory dangling from her neck when she shifted her robe off her chest.

Kanata stared at her, thinking that perhaps she was quite special since he knew that people who carry something reminiscent of a cross on their bodies are basically those who stand in a special position.

“Well, it doesn’t matter.

I should go home.”

He returns to the dormitory with a relieved look on his face feeling happy about his encounter with the beautiful girl.

[Saint’s side]

“Welcome home, Saint-sama.”

“I’m back.”

She passed through the door of a building located on a vast site at a corner of the royal city of Sistol.

That girl was the girl Kanata had met in the city, and she was also the one who was now called a saint.

The Saint is an indispensable presence in the kingdom, and with her vast magical powers, she also appears in negotiations with other countries.

However, since she hides her face when she appears in public, only a few people know that this girl is a saint.

“… It was a good encounter.

He seemed kind… and I thought his voice sounded very similar.

I thought it was impossible, but enough to make me wonder if it might be possible.”

Now, he started giving off some suspicious vibes in her mind.

She sat down in her chair, booted up her terminal, and opened a certain file.


Let’s read today’s messages.]

“Kyaaaa, Haishin-samaaaaaa♪!”

… Yes, she was called a saint, but she was also a girl who had been tainted by the secular world.

There were several reasons why she had come to know Haishin and why she had gone so crazy, but the most important was that she was too pure.

She simply liked Haishin’s voice itself.

“You have such a beautiful voice… haa-haa.”

The sight of her snorting, no doubt, is so shocking that those who know her might faint from the sight of it.

“Why do you have such a lovely voice, Haishin-sama That voice that makes my lower abdomen quiver with excitement… You’re making me want to have a baby with your voice!”

Her face was bright red as she twisted and turned, and she looked completely dangerous to both those who knew her and those who did not.

But in such madness, she learned her fate that night.

[Ta-da~ Now you guys can see my hands! Are you guys watching]

“His hands… wait”

She didn’t expect to see Haisin’s hand, and when she dove into the screen, she saw it.

On Haishin’s hand, there was something like a poultice on it.

“… No way… No way, no way, no way!”

Saint Alphana, the very first thing that popped into her mind was the man she met on the street.



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