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Chapter 06: Second believer, Demon King Shrouza‎


Why do humans and demons fight It was an eternal question for both humans and demons.

Nobody knows how or why it happened, but all know it has been going on for a long time.

Amid such neverending conflicts, the Demon King, the ruler of the demon race, was also worried about its history.

“Why do we fight Why can’t we hold hands together”

Such a question certainly arose in their mind.

It felt as if something was telling him to be that way as if the world was telling them to stop questioning and become a puppet.

It is as if they got barred from proposing a cease-fire, negotiating for anything, or any other action that might lead them to that point.

“… All we have done is fight, and we were rightful to do so.”

But that didn’t change anything.

They continued what they had been doing until now because of the predecessors’ wisdom the Demon King, the demons and humans inherited.

However, it was like a shackle to their thoughts.

They didn’t question why it was so.

They just moved under the fixed belief that it must be so― but that’s when he came in.

“Hmm Haishin Who is that”

A subordinate who was familiar with the trends of the human world informed the Demon King of the existence of Haishin.

The Demon King heard that a human being named Haishin broadcasted his voice over a vast audience, speaking whatever was on their mind and was apparently popular despite it.

“He talks about some interesting things.

I wonder if there are people who share this feeling.

It would be fun to have him as a friend.”

Since there were no portable terminals like in the human world, and the subordinates were strangely impressed with Haishin, the Demon King ordered them to prepare a stationary terminal for them to use.

“Now, what kind of a person are you”

Then the very first day the Demon King heard Haishin’s voice, they knew that the man called Haishin was a completely different individual from anyone they had ever seen before, in more ways than one.

And there was something about the way he spoke and what he said that attracted others.

[What’d you guys eat today I had eggs on toast.]

“I had meat.

Which was a bit spicy for the morning.”

Even though there was no way that Haishin could have returned the words, the Demon King naturally replied.

She began listening to Haishin’s voice as a way to kill time, but before she knew it, it had become a part of her daily routine.

“Well, I don’t know what kind of content we have today… but how much power does this Haishin have”

The Demon King knows, of course, that the method of spreading the voice to reach all directions consumes a lot of magic power.

That is why the Demon King was also wary of his magic power.


It is common knowledge that SSS is the highest magic rank among humans, but the great Demon King surpasses even that as her magic power was extraordinarily high.

However, having learned about Haishin, she noticed that Haishin might possess even greater magic power than them, the Demon King itself.

“Interesting, really interesting, Haishin.”

He was not a man who was obligated to anyone, always saying only what he thought was right.

He never took sides, something very appealing to the Demon King, who had different perceptions from those of human beings.

And it was at this very moment when Haishin became a significant figure for the Demon King.

[You know, I always wonder why humans and demons fight each other.

Honestly, from my point of view, I think it’s pointless to fight because it only leads to more sacrifices, and nobody ever questions it.


The Demon King was so surprised that she spit the drink she was drinking on a nearby subordinate.

It was a question that the Demon King had been struggling with for a long time.

A question no one around them had ever thought of the answer to.

“Well, that being said, here’s my opinion.

If you’re a human, a high-ranking official in your country, and on the demon side, if you’re a Demon King, I guess It would be great if the country leaders could talk to each other at a peace summit… But well, it’s more important to have dinner tonight since I’m getting hungry!]

“… Seriously, this guy.”

The Demon King got taken aback but couldn’t hold her laughter.

For this reason, the Demon King considered Haishin a peer with whom she could exchange opinions of the same viewpoint and ask questions.

“Hou, there’s a button called Support Me.” 

[TLN: It could be anything like Kofi, Paypal, or superchats, so it will change according to how the word gets used.]

“What does that do”


Apparently, Haishin has started a feature where we can provide some support for him.

This thing, called ‘Support Me,’ seems to be able to send currency.”

So from that day onward, the Demon King also started sending him money like crazy.

Because she was a Demon King, she had tremendous wealth, and although it was a small fortune in their terms, a Demon King’s small fortune was a lot of money in the human world.

[I’m glad you are doing this much for me, but… Please put yourself first, okay I know I’m the one who implemented this feature, but I just feel guilty about it.]

“Don’t worry about it, Haishin.

It’s a small fortune from my vault.

I’ve plenty because I am the Demon King, you know!”

Maybe because she had been listening to the stream for so long, she no longer acted like the Demon King but a simp who loves to throw money at him like crazy.

[TLN: I’ve made some adjustments, but it just says they transformed into a crazy Haishin believer.]

The Demon King felt that the time she spent listening to Haishin was the happiest moment of her life, and she began to think of him as a partner she wanted by her side, who had the same perspective as she did.

“Haishin… Haishin, the man without a face.

I desire you.

I am the Demon King, a being who ravages through many things.


Complaining so… the demon king pouted, her cheeks blushed red.

“… If it’s you, I’d like you to ravage this body.”

The Demon King, who had fought a hundred battles, can now also be called one of the hardcore simps in modern history. 

[TLN: The word used is ガチ戀勢, which means people who’re madly in love with the target they’re cheering for.]

This whole ‘streaming(haishin)’ thing was just so new to the Demon King, as she had never seen or heard of something like this before, and it is one of the reasons she was so attracted to him.

He speaks honestly, and when you listen to him daily, you may even think Haishin is with you.

There is nothing strange about thinking that his being was there with you.

“Hah… Haishin, I want to see you.

How can I see you How can I see your face How can I seek you”

In the bathroom, one too large and luxurious for one person to use, the Demon King thinks of Haishin with a melancholy expression on her face.

Her long black hair that almost touches the ground, her blood-red eyes, and her huge wings are proof of her inhumanity, while her balanced, uneven body forms the beauty of a woman.

“… The human world, huh Somewhere you are… But where exactly”

Dark-skinned, she reaches for the void.

She wants to hold him in her hands, embrace him, and give him the entirety of herself.

Yes, that is how much the Demon King― Shrouza, as a woman, is crazy for him.

[Haishin’s side]

“… Good! Now it’s done.”

Unaware of the fact that such a Demon King is in love with him, Haishin had completed something.

It’s the magic device which will capture and show the recording of his hands that he mentioned earlier.

It doesn’t particularly change what he’s going to talk about, but he can’t wait to tell his audience that the next stream is coming with an update like this.

“Should I put on gloves or something No, it’s okay.

There’s no way I’m going to be identified by my hands.

Besides, it looks cramped!”

Incidentally, he didn’t know that this idea would cause him lot’s of trouble.

Kanata has yet to fully realize this is a different world and the unusual insight of those who considered simps.

Well, to begin with, he thinks he’s becoming popular, but he doesn’t realize how heavily he is loved.

“Okay, when do I start then”

Being a pesky geek himself, he knows about such people through social networking sites, but… Well, he never would’ve anticipated becoming a victim of that at all.


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