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Chapter 05: Another heart Haishin has moved


“That’s him.

He’s the b*****d who scored the top despite being a commoner.”

“Seriously That plain-looking guy” 

“So cheeky.

Let’s bring him somewhere the teacher can’t see.”

“Don’t do it.

Do you want to be hated by Maria-sama”

After school, various voices reached Kanata as he walked down the hallway.

It seemed like the results of the practical exercises with the court magician spread as rumours, both as good and bad ones.

If Kanata had been a noble, this might have changed to admiration, but it couldn’t change the noble students’ attitude of looking down on the commoners no matter how much discrimination wasn’t allowed in the school.

(… Honestly, I’m probably a better asset than you all are right now.)

That’s how rich he had become through donations.

Kanata was going back to his dormitory to stream as usual when a thought struck him.

Although he’s really grateful to his audience, he can’t help but wonder that since a lot of people join him, aren’t maybe many of them actually a NEET

“Anyway, I should hurry… Hmm”

He happened to encounter something behind the scenes.

A guy and a girl were on their way somewhere.

The guy was the one who scoffed at Kanata earlier, and the girl was the third princess of the kingdom, Maria.

“Oi-oi, the princess of this kingdom is dating someone in secret I never expected that.”

Since the girl is a princess, the boy must be her fiancé, or so he thought, but there might be a possibility that this was not the case.

Whatever it may be, Kanata followed the two of them without being noticed.

They headed for the shadow of the building, from where the boys started to speak.

“Maria-sama, I love you!”

“Is this… a confession”

“Yes! I’ve always adored you! I’ve been in love with you ever since I first saw you!”

It seems to be a confession rather than a secret date.

Kanata was impressed that he had a passionate personality, although he did not have a good image of him because of what happened earlier.

However, his feelings will not get fulfilled when the other party is a princess.

“I’m sorry.

I appreciate the sentiment, but I already have…”

“So… it is.”

I knew it.

She’s got a fiancé.

“There is one to whom I have given my heart.

So I can’t answer your feelings.”

“Is that person… your fiancée”

“Fiancé I don’t have a fiancé.

I’m a third princess, so I got told I’m free to fall in love with or marry whomever I want.

I don’t need a partner.

I want to devote myself to a certain one already.”

Maria doesn’t seem to have a fiancé.

Kanata was surprised, not because the boy who confessed his love to her, but because he thought that a princess of her position would have a fiancée or would marry into a neighbouring country.

(… I see.

I can’t believe the princess has someone of that calibre she praises so much.

Even though she is royalty, she doesn’t take her position too seriously, takes care of commoners, and is overflowing with kindness.

In addition, she is beautiful and has big b*****s, which is my favourite.

I envy the person loved by such a beautiful woman.

I wonder what kind of virtues that person has.)

For Kanata, Maria was a favourite.

It’s not so much falling in love as it is simply a longing for a beautiful girl who seems to fit his taste.

Kanata thinks even more so because she has the cuteness and beauty of a character from a manga or anime in his previous life.

“Aah, it doesn’t matter to me! Time for streaming then!”

Turning away from the confession drama, Kanata quickly returned to his dorm.

He entered the room, locked the door securely and switched on the terminal on the desk as usual.

[… Is today a good day to talk I’ll just talk as I go then.]

He said he would stream again today, but he didn’t mention at what time in particular.

He was afraid people wouldn’t gather as usual, but the moment he started streaming, the number of connected terminals bounced immediately, showing that people were waiting for him.

[Hey you guys! It’s still early in the evening, but don’t you have work or something Well, as for me, I’m glad you guys are here!]

That’s an honest feeling, as he has said many times.

Although part of him became a little bit egotistical from being famous, he still wanted this time to be enjoyable for the people who came to see him.

[Today, we’re gonna be chatting as usual… but hey, I’m gonna be updating a few things soon! Specifically, I’m thinking of a camera… Yes, a camera… so that you guys can see me in your terminals.

I’m not going to show my face, of course, just my hand, and that’s about it.]

: Nameless Princess: Haishin-sama’s hands I wonder if my eyes can stand the brilliance of his hands! Ahh, but being torched by Haishin-sama’s hands would be such a pleasure♪.

[I caught a bad one early on, but well.

I’ve got some stuff I want to show you, so I hope you guys are looking forward to it.]

Nameless Princess reacted immediately, but Kanata went through it lightly.

For other audiences, the perception of Nameless Princess as a millionaire and a bad one is the same, so they don’t particularly care about her except for the first time.


You know, I happened to witness a confession drama right in front of me today.

They were both handsome and beautiful, and I was like, what the heck are these guys Well, the pretty girl turned the guy down.]

He immediately brought up the subject of Maria and that male student.

Well, Kanata thought there was no way that Maria would be watching this stream, so I told them, and to his surprise, the comment section was very crowded.

That’s how many people are against good-looking people just like Kanata.

: Haishin-sama, I’d like to go out with you.

: What did you just say Of course, I’d be the one to marry him!

: No, it’s me.

: I feel sorry for all of you because I’m the one who deserves Haishin the most.

: Nameless Princess: Haa, what are these trash talking Of course, I’m the most suitable for Haishin-sama!

[I don’t want any annoying listeners, okay I appreciate the sentiment, but I don’t like people who fight where everyone can see them~]

When Kanata said so, the comments stopped with a snap.

Apparently, no one wants their Haishin-sama to hate them for behaving strangely.

Now, Kanata has hit a taboo in this world in a sense here.

[Anyways, I’m not sure what a Demon King looks like.

Does anyone know]

It was a word out of interest in the Demon King.

A Demon King is the ruler of the demon race that has been enemies with humans for many years and is said to be immensely powerful.

Their appearance is shrouded in mystery, and no human has ever seen the Demon King with their own eyes.

[I can’t wait to see if it’s a big muscular guy or a beautiful woman with a nice body… Well, I’ve said it many times, I don’t care if you’re human or demon.

I’m the kind of guy who thinks that as long as everyone can get along without conflict, that’s all that matters.

Though, some people would think that I am ridiculing the struggles of our ancestors or wouldn’t understand why I would even consider such a thing about the demons in the first place.]

So, cutting off his words for a moment, Kanata took a drink and continued.

[But think about it for a minute.

Humans have things to protect, and so do demons.

Of course, there are those who will follow their desires and do the utmost in tyranny, right But I think it’s the same with everyone.

Some people commit crimes because they like it, and some people get pleasure from assaulting women.]

In the Royal Capital, such stories are limited to people with special tastes, but you can easily hear them if you leave the capital.

It is not unusual for them to raid villages, steal women, burn crops, and kill all the men.

Even among humans, there are those who find pleasure in cruelty.

[Well, I’d like to see humans and demons getting along for the time being.

Maybe it’s impossible, but I’d still like to see it one day.

I think that if we joined hands with each other instead of fighting, we could share the good parts of humans and the good parts of demons with each other and make the world a better place.]

It’s only a dream.

But if it becomes true, this world would become truly peaceful.

: Intriguing.

I knew that you were an interesting fellow, Haishin.

I, too, shall look on the bright side.

[Oh, you’re imitating the Demon King Good lord, please come up with a better idea!]

There was no way the Demon King was watching, so Kanata went through this again quickly.

However, later on, the human side unexpectedly received an offer of a temporary non-aggression pact from the demon side.

It was unexpected, but from the human side, it was a proposal that made them want to nod in agreement.

: Hey everyone, it happened because of Haishin, right

: What happened … Don’t tell me that the Demon King is listening to Haishin too!

: Haishin… He’s such a big man, without a doubt.

: I mean, who in the world is he I bet that he’s the most influential person in the world.

In a place Kanata didn’t know, he became famous for yet another reason.


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