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Chapter 04: Women with a keen sense of smell are scary


“… Fuwaa, I slept well~”

When Kanata woke up in the morning, the first thing he did was shout loudly.

It would usually be a nuisance to be so loud so early in the morning, but it is at times like this that having your own room is convenient.

“Let’s get the h**l out of here and eat.”

The school Kanata attends has many facilities.

It may be because it is a royal educational institution, representative of the Royal Capital, or because the princess attends it, but the school received lots of attention.

After getting dressed briefly, he headed to the cafeteria to find a good number of students.

Kanata walks among them as they gather individually to eat breakfast at the table.

(I love to have toast and egg tarts in the morning…)

There are some dishes that are quite similar to the ones from his previous life.

Thanks to this, there is nothing but good feelings of nostalgia and freshness from dishes he has never seen before.

By the way, Kanata usually eats breakfast alone.

There is no one for him to talk to, and nobody ever talks to him either… Kanata doesn’t feel so lonely, to the extent that he doesn’t even think about it.

After breakfast, Kanata returned to his room and looked at his account information on the terminal.

“I’ve accumulated so much, huh… Thank god there’s no tax return in this world.”

During the course of his work as Haishin, he has saved a considerable amount of money by donations.

So much so that it would be enough to build a villa with a great view and still have enough change to pay for it.

There is no advertising now, so the only way to make money when streaming is through donations.

“I never would’ve thought that anyone would donate so much money to me, but…”

He really didn’t expect that much.

Kanata has customized his page so well that people who enjoy watching his streams can express their feelings easily if they wish to support him.

Thanks to that, he often donated a lot of money.

A prime example is Nameless Princess, who can be considered a very wealthy person…

“Well, there’s nothing wrong with having money.

I’m grateful.”

Money doesn’t betray you.

In fact, money is the only thing you can believe in.

There is basically nothing you can’t do with money in any world.

After finishing the preparations to head to the academy, Kanata left the room with his luggage in hand.

He still walks down the road with no one next to him.

It would have been nice to have at least one friend since Kanata has always been alone.


When he entered the classroom attended by S-ranked magicians, he greeted them, though barely anyone heard his voice.

Still, it was better than saying nothing.

By the way, Maria, who helped him yesterday, is SSS rank, and the two noble students who got involved are both S rank.

Those two guys glared at him from within the classroom as if they were still bitter about yesterday’s incident.

“… Sigh.

What a pain.”

Kanata found the piercing gaze bothersome, so he plopped down on his desk.

He was going to do nothing and wait until the teacher in charge came, but the girls gathered next to him started talking.

“Yesterday’s stream was interesting, right”


Though he’s got a bad mouth, his comments are right.

I couldn’t get used to it at first, but recently I’ve become a bigger fan than ever.”

“It’s sort of addictive, no And now he’s become so popular too.

So much that one of his words holds enough power to change an entire nation.”

Kanata’s ears twitched.

The girls wouldn’t have believed that Haishin, Kanata’s persona, was nearby.

But Kanata had no intention of introducing himself to them because, even if he did, they wouldn’t believe him.

(Believe it or not, it feels great.

Being a celebrity is the best!)

It made him wonder for a moment if this is how it felt to be an influencer in his original world.

Kanata is the only person who can stream in this world.

Several people have tried to imitate him, but no one has ever been able to do it because it requires a huge amount of magic power.

So Kanata is the only one dominating this path.

“As they say, a streamer… but I’m a little different.

Though it reads the same way, I’m a Haishin-sha, and I’m gonna run through that road.” 

[TLN: Haishin-sha are also streamers, but they usually hide their identity with a mask or change their voice through editing.

Basically, they want to remain anonymous, just like hackers]

It was his dream.

Even with his limitless magic power, he neither had the interest in becoming a hero nor any desire to conquer the world.

[TLN: 俺tueeeee (I’m OP) expression is somewhat confusing to deal with.]

All he wants to do is to stream.

(… As of now, it’s just voice only, but I hope to be able to do video stream, at least by showing my hands.

Let’s see what I can do to improve.) 

He had no idea how long it would take, but it’d be fun to introduce some of the fascinating items in this world.

Kanata laughed while thinking about it.

The time passed quickly, and the joint class from SSS rank to S rank began.

There were a fair number of people because everyone got told that a court magician, the pride of the kingdom, was coming to give them a lecture on something.

“… How boring.”

Having infinite magical power is a cheat because there is almost nothing Kanata can’t do regarding magic power.

Even if the court magician can use higher rank magic, the lower rank magic that Kanata can unleash is far greater in terms of strength and range.

“As you can see, magic is your imagination and―”

The people in the classroom listened to him seriously, but from Kanata’s point of view, it was boring.

He yawned in secret, trying not to be obvious, but apparently, someone sitting next to him had seen what he had just done.


“… Hun, S-Class, huh”

The guy who snickered was a handsome guy.

The golden badge on his chest indicates that he belongs to the SSS class, so from his point of view, he was just mocking Kanata, who is a lower rank.


From Kanata’s point of view, everyone is at a lower rank when it comes to magic power, and the provocation of that handsome man meant nothing.

“Well yeah, it’s still boring.”

With that said, Kanata looked forward.


At the same time, Kanata felt extreme hostility from his neighbours.

He wondered if he had provoked them.

Then it became time for practical exercise, and many students gathered around a few individuals, one of whom was Maria and the handsome man from earlier.


It’s an exercise to see if you can accurately hit the target with lower-class fire magic.

Anyone can do it with little effort, but apparently, a boy from the commoner side was struggling even though he was trying his best.

Even if your magic rank is high, casting and accurately releasing your magic is another matter.

“How pathetic, like a commoner.”

“Hey, hey.

Don’t try in the first place if you’re going to show such embarrassment.”

He felt sorry for the boy who was about to cry at the yapping from the nobles.

As a result, the boy didn’t do well and became the laughing stock of the nobility.

“Next, Kanata-san, please.”


Kanata stepped forward as he got called.

He felt the same uncomfortable stares from the noble students as before.

But that still means nothing to Kanata.


He muttered shortly, and a small fireball headed for the target.

The scale looked too small, but it loudly exploded when it hit the target.

“Well done, Kanata-san.

Everyone, this is how a good magic invocation is cast.”

Kanata had no idea what to do as nobles stared at him in frustration, while commoners started with jealousy.

He simply returned back to his position.

It was then Maria walked beside him and said,

“I’ve been watching you for a while now.

You have got some skills.”

“Thank you.”

The other guys would probably cry with joy, but Kanata wanted her to get away from him as soon as possible.

The number of stares directed at him was unbearable.

“… You see.”

“What is it”

“… Nevermind.

I’m just a little concerned about your accent.”


—So are you saying that there is something wrong with my pronunciation

Without a second word, Maria walked away quickly.

Kanata was left wondering why on earth did it bother her if he pronounced something differently.


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