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Chapter 03: First Believer, Maria Ataraxis


The influence of the man who calls himself Haishin, who appeared like a comet in Ataraxia, is tremendous.

There are many who have been saved and shown the way by his words.

Haishin’s impartial views and mention of the risks that may arise on the topics, which were unreserved when confronting them, often stuck in the minds of those who listened to him.

(I want to hear your opinion about something like this, I’m having a hard time, and I need help figuring out the answer, or I did something like this…) 

Anyway, many such worries got sent to Haishin every day.

[Let’s start with your messages as usual, shall we By the way, for people who are new to this channel, I say everything without regard for your identity or anything of the sort, as we are all anonymous here.

We are all equals in this network, so be prepared for my words as I think I can abuse you without any reservation.]

Haishin’s words were truly merciless.

If some disagree, verbal abuse and cursing at him are the norms, but there are definitely some that will be annoyed enough to throw the terminal in hand.

However, from the perspective of those who aren’t involved in the matter, what he says is absolutely correct.

What if you were in that position What if the risks he mentioned had actually occurred to you

There are many who have gotten deterred from thinking about it.

[Anyways, it’s common knowledge that demons are the ones to be destroyed… Hmm… But still, I don’t get why.


Humans and demons have been fighting for ages, but why can’t they just get along…]


Haishin said something like this.

It is a common thought for humans that the demon tribe is an existence that ought to get eliminated, but he disagrees with it outright.

People claim that it’s not just young people who listen to his stream, but even the heads of the state, so his words caused a stir among his followers, wondering if he had betrayed humanity.

[The more they fight, the more damage is done to each other.

It may be impossible to get along with everyone, but I’m sure there are some good people among the demons.

Even among humans, there surely are many who want to get along with demons without fighting.

But all I can do is speak here since I’m in no such position.

I’ll just have to leave that to the higher-ups of the human and demon races.]

He is a man of integrity but also a man of equality.

He never takes sides with either humans or demons, and his words are always neutral.

Because of that, he had a certain number of followers from the demon tribe in respectable positions.

They all respect Haishin for his magnificent qualities.

“Ahh, Haishin-sama… you have such a wonderful voice.

I would love to meet you to thank you for saving me from my troubles!”

And now that he’s recognized and famous online, a fan base for him has already been made.

The girl who just now expressed her passionate feelings for Haishin was also a serious believer.

The pretty lady on the clean bed holding the device to her ample bosom is the third princess of the kingdom, Maria Ataraxis.

She had been his fan for a long time now.

She was not interested in his streaming at first.

She had only heard a few words about it, but when her friend recommended Haishin, she got to know him in earnest and got completely hooked on his streams.

“You are truly a wonder, Haishin-sama.

Your gentle voice is so pleasant to my ears that it feels like you were ravishing my brain and dyeing every inch of my body with you.

Ahh, Haishin-sama, I want to devote myself to you.

I want to live my life for you.”

One could tell her mind is already past the line with how she writhes while having an ecstatic smile.

She had turned into a follower of a troublesome level.

She was no longer the princess who’d garnered the hearts of the people in the kingdom, but a stalker-level pesky woman, without a doubt.

”I was able to send my feelings to Haishin-sama today as well.

Fufu, there is nothing to worry about, Haishin-sama.

The money is from in my pocket, and I am compensated properly for my duties as a princess ♪~”

She is just a SIMP who gives all her earnings to a streamer.

[TLN: It says otaku, but I know she’s actually a simp.]

Yes, she is Nameless Princess who donates to Haishin regularly, and she has been doing it ever since the ‘throw-away money’ function (donation button) got implemented in his streams.

She sent a lot of money as the most obvious appeal.

“I’m the one who supports Haishin-sama’s life… Hue… Huhuehehe ♪”

The sight of her sickening delightful smile made her roommate sigh in resignation.

“Maria, you look terrible!”

“Huhe… Ahn Haishin-sama!”

“She’s done for already.”

No one’s voice seems to be able to reach Maria anymore.

There was a reason why Maria worshiped Haishin so much in the first place.

It was him whom she learned how to deal with people and the absurdity of this world.

For Maria, who longs for peace, her greatest wish is that her people can live in peace, but the world’s circumstances cast a shadow over her mind.

There was a time she visited a slave market at a moment’s notice.

Slavery is allowed in Royal Capital, but Maria was shocked to learn about the poor conditions of the slaves.

It is common knowledge in this world that slaves have no such thing as human rights and are to be used and crushed, but Maria got merely taught about it as a passing matter from her textbooks.

“… Who’s there”

“No, I’ll do what you say.

Please don’t hurt me!”

“You royalty will never understand our suffering!”

Maria was heartbroken when she found out there were beings who couldn’t live like normal, even though they were also people.

Although she wondered if there was anything she could do about it, there was no clear answer.

It was a difficult problem to deal with because it involved meddling in the very rules of the country.

Even some ministers made a profit through the slave trade.

That’s when Haishin showed her the way.

[Slavery Ah, it’s true that the hidden part of the system is unbearable to see.

I mean.

That system is the same in Royal Capital, right Seriously, it’s so rotten.

If I were a slave, I’d definitely build up a lot of resentment, enough that one day, I’d plan to beat all of them to death, including the royal family.]

The words reminded Maria of the eyes that had stared at her from the bars.

[Even slaves have a life, you know.

Someone wants them to be born, and… Well, unfortunately, there may be some who don’t.

But since we were born into this world, everyone has the right to live and to decide how they want to live.

Even if we can’t completely abolish slavery, maybe we can create a new system that provides a little better environment for them.]

Maria agreed that it might be possible to create a new system rather than eliminate slavery completely.

[I don’t know where you’re coming from, but for someone like me, it doesn’t matter if I speak.

I know it can be frustrating to take a scalpel to an old rule, but it is also true that you can save many lives if you take action.

You know, they could be the people who got sold because of debt or people that got kidnapped and peddled.

I hope you’ll try something new to make these people see that there’s hope for them in this world.]

He was merely answering a question as Haishin.

But it moved Maria— No, not only Maria but her brothers, sisters and cousins who listened to Haishin’s sayings.

After explaining the situation to her father, the king, and her mother, the queen, Maria led the country into action, accompanied by her ministers.

The age-old practice of slavery had undergone a transformation, and the problem of slaves in inhospitable environments got neatly solved.

There are also regular investigations by the government to prevent a recurrence, and the slaves no longer suffered as they did before.

[Well, the best thing we could do would be to eliminate slavery itself, but we can’t do that.

That’s another deep-rooted problem.]

Maria nodded in approval, saying that was indeed true.

It was a problem that could change if someone had made a move, and it was definitely Haishin who encouraged her to take a step forward on that path.

No, it would have been more meaningful to give all credit to Haishin himself, as he was already quite famous in the Royal Capital in the first place.

“Haishin-sama… I will follow you, Haishin-sama.

Haishin-sama, I will follow you.

From now on and forever, the path you showed me is absolute and never wrong.

Whatever you tell me to do, I will do.

Everything you say is white is white, and when you say black, it is black!” 

[EDN: All you say is right will be correct, and all you say is wrong will be wrong.]

From then on, she kept watching his stream, which resulted in the birth of a pesky affirmative simp.

Incidentally, there are a good number of extreme listeners like Maria, and they appear to be scattered throughout various countries.

Of course, there may be some people in Sistor, but no one would say that it was her who sent the money under that name.

[I don’t see the necessity for the nobility and the commoners to quarrel.

Why don’t they just get along with each other]

‘~Then I will be one to mediate between the commoners and the nobles,’ Maria engraved this in her soul.

Underlying Maria’s frequent intervention in disputes between commoners and nobles at the academy were Haishin’s words.

Honestly, nobles and commoners held no importance in her mind.

She just wants to find pleasure in submitting to Haishin’s words by doing so――she is truly an honorary Haishin devotee.

And just like her, there are many ‘Haishin Devotees’ here in Ataraxia.

Surely, Haishin wouldn’t have thought that such a fearless, monstrous, passionate group of followers had been born.


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