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Chapter 20: Some people are happy that things are going well for you


The tall, beautiful lady who appeared in front of Kanata to ask for directions didn’t mention where she wanted to go.

If she had told him, he would have been able to tell her how to get there or guided her himself.

“Fumu, this is quite interesting.

So this is what they call the royal capital.”

“Is this your first time here”


First time in human residences… Ahm, I mean, I’ve never been here before.”

Although her long jet-black hair and blood-red eyes made her look like an evil witch, she looked like a belle to Kanata because her beauty was on the same level as Maria, Alphana, Kanna, and the others, even though they were different types of women.

“Sorry for causing you trouble for guiding such a small-town traveller.”

“That’s not it.

Instead, it’s my pleasure to be invited by such a beautiful lady.”

What a thing to say when you have no intention of doing so.

Kanata talked with a stern expression, but the woman didn’t react in particular and just stared back at him with wide eyes.

Kanata felt a massive sense of remorse in his heart that he had missed again because of her no-reaction.

From then on, he showed her around and came to a higher altitude where they could see the entire cityscape.

“… And here I was trying to destroy such a magnificent sight!”

“What did you just say”

“No, it’s nothing.

Just a few things in my mind.”

The woman said and turned to Kanata.

So many people had their eyes stuck to her while they walked, and it was no wonder since she had a really well-defined, beautiful face to make them do so.

Kanata felt nervous getting stared at like this.

However, thanks to being with Maria and Alphana, he had developed some tolerance for beautiful ladies.

(… Such a mysterious person.

But I wonder if she’s really a human)

Kanata was in wonder for a while now.

The woman in front of him looked not much different from a human… It’s just that her looks remained unreal for a human.

She also had an aura that was subtly different from the people he had met so far.

“Are you… really a human”

So he asked out of curiosity, which made her widen her eyes in surprise and she replied,

“Thanks to the magic item my subordinate gave me, I’m supposed to have the exact same looks as a human, but I didn’t think you’d notice so soon.

Perhaps, was it by love”

“… What do you mean”

“Kukuku, by any means, it feels so good.

I see~ it has to be!”

She looked like any woman you’d see blushing because she was happy.

Kanata didn’t know what to say in response, so he could only continue silently watching as she shook her shoulders and giggled.

“I’m sorry.

I was overjoyed.”

“Anyways, that being said… you’re not really a human”

The woman nodded to his question.

After confirming that no one was around and that there were no magical surveillance spells at work, she removed the ring from her finger.

At that moment, the woman unleashed an overwhelming demonic presence.

It was the same presence as the man who had taken Aguila before, proof that the woman in front of him was a demon.

“Let me say my name once again.

My name is Shrouza, a lowly demon.”

“… Umm, and I’m Kanata.”

“Kanata… huh Umu… Is it okay if I call you that”

“Eh Yeah, it’s fine.”

Kanata had no problem whether anyone called him ‘-san,’ ‘-kun,’ or whatever.

Shrouza then snapped her fingers, and the area surrounding them became black.

“We’re now disconnected from the outside world.

As you can see, we’re the only ones here.”

“Heh… Magic like that exists”

Kanata also started studying magic when he came to the academy.

There was a lot of magic in this world he didn’t know about, which made Kanata’s heart beat even faster in excitement.

“… So Kanata, Let me ask you one thing, what do you think of the Demonkind”

“Demons, you say”


Kanata pondered while crossing his arms, as the question was not something he had expected.

When asked what he thought about the demons, he had none in particular, as he didn’t know much about them in the first place.

“I personally don’t think they’re any different.

It seems that humans and demons have been fighting each other for a long time, no idea why, since I don’t know a thing about the past.”


“It’d be better if they can get along, as it is better than fighting and having someone die.

When someone dies, someone will get sad, and I’m sure it’s the same for demons, right”


That’s right.

We cry when our friends die.”

Being able to talk like this proves that the demons, too, have hearts.

The story might have been different if Kanata hadn’t reincarnated and was born in a world with mandatory education that stated demons are evil.

However, Kanata never looked at one side over the other.

“… Kuku, you have a good eye.”

“What about that”

“Still, Kanata, you’ve got some serious magic power in you, don’t you”


Those were the words said with conviction.

Basically, magic power is measured to know an individual’s strength, but maybe demons could gauge the quality of others’ magic power with their intuition.

To back this up, Shoruza explained,

“We demons can see the intensity of magic that an individual has.

And Kanata, you hold far more magical power than I do.

I never thought there was an individual like you.”

“… How much more does it look like”

“I don’t know.

Since I can’t see the limit.”

Apparently, she was aware of the limitless magical power that Kanata held.

She couldn’t see the limit, but she didn’t seem to recognize it as infinite.

She probably couldn’t come up with the idea of infinite magic power.

It was common sense in this world that there was no such thing as infinite magical power.

“I see… that makes sense.”

“… Hey, what have you been mumbling about for a while”

“Don’t worry about it.

Talking to myself is my hobby.”

“I see.”

Shrouza then walked up to Kanata and held out her brown-skinned hand, and Kanata naturally took it.

“Kanata, you think the same, right This is how demons and humans can work hand in hand.”

“Yeah, I know it’s going to be hard.

It may be a tough road, but I know we can do it.”

“Certainly… that’s how it has to be.”

The hand he held was cold, but it was no different from a human’s in any way.

So Kanata decided to mention a name—that of Haishin, whose name he believed must never get revealed.

“You know, even Haishin, who’s currently popular with humans, says that.

I wonder how peaceful it would be if humans and demons could understand each other.

Ah, also, I’m one of those who wish for that.”

As he told her that, she was taken aback for some reason, but soon, she shook her shoulders and burst out laughing.

Kanata was worried that he might have said something strange, but Shrouza excused herself and apologized.

“I’m a follower of Haishin too, you know Surely I had the same thought… no, thanks to him, I began to think like that.”

“… Hey Shrouza, is Haishin famous on the demon’s side”

“Famous He’s as famous as I am, but he’s especially popular with the younger generation.”

“I-is that so…”

“Although not popular with the hard-headed old men, I’ve already started to clean them up.”


He felt like he had heard something he shouldn’t have.

Still, it made him happy to know he was also popular on the demon’s side.


To use an analogy from his previous life, it’s the same as being told that he was popular not only in Japan but also overseas.

“… The Demon Land, huh I wonder what kind of place it is”

“You wanna come”

“Eh You can do that”

“Umu! You’ll get a face pass if I’m here!”

“Hey, so close! You’re too close!”

Kanata’s heart beat loudly when Shrouza approached him close to his face.

Somehow, he managed to put the matter to rest by saying he’ll come the next time he had the chance.

Shrouza then returned to the demon side after promising they would meet again.

And thus, Kanata’s mysterious day came to an end.

It is known that a demon king exists, but nobody knows what their name is.

Knowing a demon didn’t mean they were a demon king, so Kanata was unaware of the obvious fact that Shrouza was the demon king.


A few days had passed since that encounter with Shrouza, and Kanata’s days were still the same.

He was also streaming today.

[Well then, that’s all for today! Everyone get some sleep~!]

He said those words in the terminal, and his time as Haishin was over.

Kanata stretched his arms and leaned back against the chair as hard as he could.

At that moment, he saw it.

“… Eh”

“… Fuhe ♪.”

A woman dressed in black was stuck to the ceiling in a sprawling position, just like G, a terrifying presence that had terrorized people since ancient times in his previous life.

She had a very well-defined face, but the way she looked at Kanata with a twisted smile ruined it all.


“… Ah, drool.”

Drool dripped from the woman’s mouth.

It fell straight down onto Kanata’s forehead.

Kanata couldn’t react much and froze in place, but he gradually regained his composure and managed to open his mouth.

“Who in the world are you”

When he asked that and pointed his finger at her, she landed beautifully on the ground with a move that would even make a gymnast wince.

“Nice to meet you, Haishin-sama.

I am not a suspicious person, but a fan!”

And Kanata retorted with tsukkomi, saying, “Who are you to talk like that”


Who she is and how she knows will be known next time!


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