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Chapter 19: Gachi-Love Should Be ()


That evening, she immediately went to visit Alphana.


“Ara, what’s the hurry… is it about Kanata-sama”

“… Yeah… yeah, that’s right! That reaction, perhaps… That’s not what I mean… but that is okay, right Is that how it is supposed to be, right Hey, just tell me already, hey!”

“S-stop shaking me so much!”

With a look one could describe as delirious, Maria questioned her.

As she grabbed her by the shoulders and shook her body in a fit of panic, Alphana’s huge b*****s, which were ill-proportioned to her petite body, bounced in tandem with one another.

“Kanata-kun… No, Kanata-sama is Haishin-sama, right”

“T-that’s right! So please calm down!”

“There’s no way I can calm down like this!! Because… because!!!”

“… Oh my god, this princess is so annoying!!!!”

Unable to resist, Alphana pushed Maria’s body with a thud.

Maria also belatedly realized that she had annoyed Alphana.

She inhaled and exhaled deeply to calm herself down.

”Well, I haven’t confirmed it in person, but he’s definitely Haishin-sama.”

“I thought he might be different because his voice changes a little when he streams through the terminal… But the way he spoke reminded me of Haishin-sama.”

It was something that was obvious after a bit of thinking, but even so, for Maria, the Haishin’s presence was more important than anything else.

That’s why she always fantasized about how happy it would be if she could be by his side.

She even wished for everything he says on his streams to be directed only at her.

“… Haishin-sama… Kanata-sama ♪.”

‘Which of the two names is better to call him’ As she was thinking, she felt a current run through her body.

Haishin is a pseudonym he uses, and his real name is Kanata.

In other words, Maria knows Kanata’s real name… ‘Oya, that means we’re now a married couple.’ 

Maria’s thoughts leapt to that point.

“What shall I do, Alphana When shall I arrange the marriage with Kanata-sama”


Don’t be silly.”

By the way, without a doubt, Alphana had this thought that she was the one who was going to marry Kanata.


Maria was tripping over many facts, but if left alone, she might use her privileges as a princess to the fullest and go berserk, so Alphana decided to nail her down before that happened.

“Maria, there is something that you need to know.”

“What is it”

Even though Alphana gave off an air of seriousness, Maria’s mouth was still as loose as ever.

Alphana clucked her tongue, uncharacteristic of her saintly manner, at what was happening before her.

Then pinched both of her loose cheeks.


“He is indeed Haishin-sama, but the one who’s by our side now is not Haishin-sama, but Kanata-sama.

Don’t forget that… If you cause him any trouble, even if it’s you, I won’t forgive you.”


Maria had no choice but to calm down once she got told that much.

What Alphana said was this— Kanata is definitely the person they know as Haishin, but he is actually Kanata, and Haishin is just a name he uses in streaming.

That’s why Alphana thinks that Kanata should not experience any inconvenience by being treated as a Haishin.

“Haishin-sama’s name is quite famous.

We, as well as the leading figures of the Kingdom and other countries, have listened to him.

However, regrettably, it is also true that there are those who are trying to eliminate him.”

“… I know.”

Haishin has indeed become an immensely influential figure.

However, when the influence is so strong that even a single word can move a country, there are forces that consider it an abomination and seek to eliminate it.

Right now, it’s like he is protected because they didn’t know that Kanata is Haishin yet.

“It is only by chance that we noticed him… Fufu, though we should not celebrate as our slightest carelessness may cause Kanata-sama troubles.”

“Ah… I see.

Indeed, it’d be embarrassing if I were the only one to celebrate.”

Alphana nodded, satisfied with Maria’s response.

Then, with a grin, she suggested to Maria —like a demon comforting a troubled little child— putting her face close to Maria’s ear and whispered.

“But since it’s just us who knows about this, I think we are the only ones who can support him.”


Maria looked at Alphana in a huff.

She’s right.

Only a limited number of people knew the truth about Haishin.

Maria, Alphana, and Kanna were about the only ones… at present.

“If anything were to happen, I, as a saint, and Maria, the princess, can be a great help.

Is there no doubt about that”

“Yeah… That’s right.”

That was certainly true.

Maria, the princess, and Alphana, the saint, were influential in the Kingdom and, to some extent, in other countries.

They are in a position to influence people in the face of whatever forces are in front of them.

“… Well, I’d like to talk to him at some point.

By the way, did you notice In all the talks we had until now, when the topic of Haishin-sama came up, Kanata-sama has been a little uptight.”

“Eh Really”

“… Hmm, Maria is not very observant.”

No, it’s usually something you don’t notice, but… Alphana just sees too much of it.

“I’m sure Kanata-sama thinks he wouldn’t get noticed, and maybe that’s what Haishinsha is all about in the first place.

Being exposed to their identities creates a lot of uncertainty… That’s what I mean.”

“… True.

Alphana’s right.”

So Alphana held up a finger.

“Therefore! We have to support Kanata-sama from the shadows so that he will not get exposed as Haishin-sama.

That is how we, as fans of Haishin-sama, should be, now that we have become aware of his identity.”

“That is how a fan should be…”

Maria murmured admiringly at Alphana’s words.

They were troublesome followers before, but it was apparently not going to be the case anymore.

These girls are prime examples of ideal fans, standing by Kanata, the Haishinsha, while clearly understanding what is and isn’t good and trying to support him from behind the scenes.

“Maria, we are comrades.

Let us support Kanata-sama as best as we can.”


I get it, Alphana! We’re comrades!”

Behold a beautiful friendship in plain sight.

As a princess and a saint, two friends who have been helping each other for a long time, they decided to join hands for the sake of one man.

Oh, no, but the friendship of these wonderful ladies is a bit…

(That said, Kanata-sama’s number one is me, Maria.)

(Ufufu ♪, but I’ll become Kanata-kun’s number one, Alphana.)

What a beautiful day… Ah, it was night.

While the two of them were smiling, holding each other’s hands, deep in their hearts, they had similar desires.

Although they said they’ll work together in order to support Kanata, within their minds, they both were aiming for his heart. 

That was a given because these girls were truly in love with him.

“… Anyways, Maria, I just noticed you’re quite something, aren’t you”

“… Though you’re a bit more than that, Alphana.”

They looked at each other and picked up their terminals as if it was about time.

Since both of them were in Alphana’s room, they listened to his voice from her terminal.

[Hey, guys! It’s that time of the day again!]


“Love you, muaaaahhhh!”

No longer needing to hide anything, they relaxed and listened to the podcast as if they were out of restraints.

Thus, in a sense, the movement surrounding Kanata began in earnest.

Only in the future would his immense popularity as Haishin form a small community that will grow so huge that it will become a big swell.


Unknown to the fact that the princess and the saint had joined hands, Kanata continued to stream as he relaxed.

Many things happened in the Royal Capital, such as Kanata’s encounter with Maria, Alphana, and Kanna.

“If you could just give me a minute.”


Until one day, Kanata got called out.

He turned around to find a person, a lady, quite tall for a woman, maybe ten centimetres taller than Kanata.

She dressed in clothes that were neither too flashy nor too plain, but one which still did not lessen her feminine beauty.

Her eyes seemed impatient as she looked at Kanata while fidgeting.

“… Is something wrong”

“No… will, you…”


“… Can you show me the way here”

Kanata nodded at the sudden request for directions, which he thought was unusual.


I actually had doubts that it would not be a good idea to stream in another world, but I’m glad to know that so many people are reading this.

Thank you so much.


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